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"Here Comes a Bear" is a song about a bear, a kangaroo, a snake, and a wombat. It first appeared in Here Comes a Song.


Verse 1

Here comes a bear (Stomping, stomping)

A very scary bear (Stomping, stomping)

Paws up in the air (Stomping, stomping)

Stomping everywhere

Verse 2

Kangaroo jumps (Boing, boing)

He jumps so high (Boing, boing)

He almost touches the sky (Boing, boing) The kangaroo jumps so high

Verse 3

Here comes a snake (Ssss, ssss)

Slithering along (Ssss, ssss) His body's very long (Ssss, ssss) Slippery snake slithers along

Verse 4

Wombat crawls (Crawling, crawling)

Nose to the ground (Crawling, crawling) He's making lots of sound (Crawling, crawling) Crawling everywhere

Repeat Verse 1