Home at Last

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Home at Last is the 9th Episode of the 4th Season of Thomas and Friends and the 87th episode overall.


Skarloey returns home after being repaired. He is met by Rusty, whom Skarloey is told has been helping to mend the line and do odd jobs. Rusty then brings Skarloey back home.

Meanwhile, Peter Sam is depressed, as he is still getting over Trucks, and wants to start work again. The Fat Controller tells him to take another day's rest and that he has surprise for him, which turns out to be Skarloey. Peter Sam welcomes Skarloey back home and tells him of a rude, rough, rocking and rolling engine called Duncan who has arrived to the railway. Skarloey's driver then approaches him, as Duncan has just got stuck in Rheneas Tunnel.

Skarloey enjoys the journey and arrives to find a very cross Duncan at the very end of the tunnel. Duncan is complaining about the tunnel to his driver, who is cross of him doing Rock 'n' Roll in the tunnel which got him stuck in it. After Skarloey leaves some workmen behind to fix the tunnel, he helps Duncan back home.

That evening, the Fat Controller reprimands Duncan and explains that the tunnel has never had problems and that he got stuck in it because he was rocking and rolling. He then threatens to cut him down to size should he misbehave again. Despite being a joke, the threat is good enough to make Duncan behave better.

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