Hullabaloo is a Play School album. It was released in 1999 by ABC Music. It was nominated for the 2000 ARIA Music Award for Best Children's Album but lost to Hi-5's Jump and Jive with Hi-5.


  1. Make One Wonderful Song
  2. Everybody Do This
  3. Rock Around the Clock
  4. Wash Your Dirty Hands
  5. Open Shut Them
  6. Two Little Dickie Birds
  7. Here is the Sea/Little Shell
  8. Baby Beluga
  9. Swim Like A Fish
  10. The Elephant Wobbles
  11. Both Boots Stuck in the Mud
  12. Footnotes
  13. Crocodile Hunt
  14. Clap Clap Clap Your Hands
  15. Boogie Woogie
  16. A Squash and a Squeeze
  17. Rhythm
  18. Choo Choo Choo Choo
  19. In The Summertime
  20. Put On Your Hat
  21. The Family Dance
  22. Spaghetti
  23. Cow's In The Kitchen
  24. Washing Machine
  25. Boom Boom
  26. Dino Stomp
  27. Swim Little Duck
  28. Nina Bobok
  29. Two Little Boats
  30. Who Can?
  31. Walking In The Bush
  32. Small Beginnings
  33. Frog Went A Hopping
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