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I'm Hans Christian Andersen was released in 1994 by Australian children's musician, Franciscus Henri, via ABC Music's (ABC for Kids). It received an ARIA Music Award Nomination in 1995 for Best Children's Album.


  1. I'm Hans Christian Andersen
  2. The Ugly Duckling
  3. Sunshine, Rainbows and Umbrellas
  4. An Old Tin Can
  5. Scarecrow
  6. Three Little Sparrows
  7. When the Train Comes Along
  8. Piggy on the Railway
  9. Bessie the Steam Train
  10. Phone Call to Grandma
  11. Old People
  12. My Bag of Lollies
  13. The Green Eyed Dragon
  14. Jellybean Street
  15. Lighthouse
  16. Baby Beluga
  17. The Albatross Song (Pacific Blue)
  18. School Days
  19. Fishes Wishes
  20. Inch Worm
  21. Thumbelina
  22. Tick Tock
  23. Mummy Give Me a Drink of Water



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