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Johnson and Friends is a children's TV Series that ran from 1990-1995.


Johnson and his friends are toys that belong to a boy named Michael, unseen except for when he sleeps in his bed. They reside in his bedroom, but do not move or show any signs of life until he has left the room or has fallen asleep. Each episode involves a story about the toys and it will usually have an educational message to convey to the viewer.


The series is aimed at children less than five years old, and plays upon their fascination with the notion that toys come to life while they are gone. However, the stories often have a deeper message, and sometimes they are very poignant.


  • Johnson: (voiced by Garry Scale) The leader of the toys. A furry pink elephant who loves being an In The Home Coordinator. Johnson is the wisest and oldest of the group, despite a shortcoming of not been able to count past one, and a tendency towards impatience sometimes.
  • McDuff: (voiced by Katrina Sedgwick) A blue and yellow concertina who loves having fun. Although she is a little silly, McDuff is a kind and loyal friend, especially towards the misunderstood Diesel.
  • Diesel: (voiced by Doug Scroope) A red toy truck with a yellow and black hat that spends most of his time going "bruuum, bruuum" around the floor. He speaks with a very pronounced Australian accent. Although brusque, he means well and is obviously fond of his friends.
  • Alfred: (voiced by Peter Browne) A green hot water bottle, which is technically not a toy. He is a real fusspot and lives in the dark, dank area of the bedroom that is under the bed. He is neurotic and anxious and complains constantly. His face wears an aggrieved expression, but it is Alfred that supplies a lot of the humour. He also owns an old "banana skin blanket" which he is very protective of. Although grumpy and sometimes selfish, Alfred is generally good natured and helps Johnson out on his endeavours.
  • Squeaky: (voiced by Emily Lumbers (Series 1), Kristen Lyons (Series 2), Sarah Boddy (Series 3 and 4) and Angela Toohey a singing voice) A black and red robot. She guards the bedroom while Michael is asleep and loves singing to herself. She is childlike and believes that the vacuum cleaner is her mother. She does not appear in every episode.
  • Victoria: (voiced by Deborah Kennedy) A slow-moving orange and purple dinosaur that actually belongs to Michael's elder sister, Melissa; Victoria will often appear at the door of Michael's bedroom with some bad news she has just heard.
  • Alphonse: (voiced by Peter Browne) Alfred's long lost friend from the hot water bottle factory, he mentions that he and Alfred are both very musically talented and were once known as "The Hot Water Rockers".
  • Albert: (voiced by Peter Browne) Another hot water bottle acquaintance of Alfred's, Albert is known for his temper.
  • Alfred's Friends: Aside from Alphonse and Albert, Alfred is shown to have many hot water bottle friends, whom he has invited to the bedroom at least once.
  • Michael: The boy who owns the toys, he is only seen while asleep, but is frequently mentioned throughout the series.
  • Melissa: Michael's sister who is the owner of Victoria. She is never seen on screen, only mentioned.
  • Michael's Mum and Dad: Michael's parents are occasionally mentioned throughout the series, however, they never appear physically.
  • Michael's Aunt and Uncle: Michael's Aunt and Uncle are mentioned very briefly in one of the episodes.
  • Baby: Michael's infant cousin made a non-physical appearance in one of the episodes.


Series 1 (1990)

Screenshot Original title Directed by Original release date Episode number #
TheDieselRap26.png "Beginnings" Ian Munro 3 September 1990 #01
One day Johnson decided to find a friend and so began the best times ever.
TheDieselRap52.png "Under the Bed" Ian Munro 4 September 1990 #02
The toys never knew what they might find - there was no better adventure than going under the bed.
TheDieselRap32.png "Best of Friends" Ian Munro 5 September 1990 #03
Johnson, Diesel, and McDuff were the best of friends - even though they didn't always agree on what to do.
TheThingOutside9.jpg "The Thing Outside" Ian Munro 6 September 1990 #04
McDuff did a very brave thing and got a medal and Squeaky found a home.
TheDieselRap10.png "Helpless" Ian Munro 7 September 1990 #05
Diesel has an accident and is miserable - Diesel's friends help out.
File:MovingHouse.jpeg "Moving House" Ian Munro 10 September 1990 #06
Squeaky didn't want to move house - but when she did she was very pleased.
TheDieselRap30.png "Playing Games" Ian Munro 11 September 1990 #07
McDuff was no good at playing games. She wasn't good at anything - or so she thought!
TheDieselRap28.png "The Birthday Present" Ian Munro 12 September 1990 #08
Toys don't get presents so they all wanted Michael's Birthday present – desperately!
TheDieselRap21.png "Wind Chimes" Ian Munro 13 September 1990 #09
First a heatwave, then a storm. Could the toys shut the window and avert a flood?
TheDieselRap56.png "Sharing" Ian Munro 14 September 1990 #10
All the toys wanted a ride on Michael's skateboard and no one wanted to share - that meant trouble!
TheDieselRap37.png "The Picnic" Ian Munro 17 September 1990 #11
Johnson organised a picnic by the window - what a brilliant idea and what a picnic!
TheDieselRap9.png "Cleaning Day" Ian Munro 18 September 1990 #12
On cleaning day Michael's parents emptied the waste paper basket into the rubbish bin. But where was McDuff?

Series 2 (1991)

Screenshot Original title Directed by Original release date Episode number #
File:CampingTrip.jpeg "Camping Trip" Ian Munro 29 October 1991 #01
Johnson and Friends go camping in the great outdoors indoors!
File:Homeless.jpeg "Homeless" Ian Munro 30 October 1991 #02
Alfred was homeless and had nowhere to go – how could the toys keep him from being thrown away?
File:BattleoftheBed.jpeg "Battle of the Bed" Ian Munro 31 October 1991 #03
On top of the bed Alfred lorded it over the whole room as the toys prepared their battle plans.
TheDieselRap41.png "Secrets" Ian Munro 1 November 1991 #04
McDuff had a secret and the toys were desperate to know what it was. Would she ever tell?
150p "Blast Off" Ian Munro 4 November 1991 #05
Michael had to go to hospital and Johnson wanted to go with him – but how?
TheDieselRap2.png "A Case of Trust" Ian Munro 5 November 1991 #06
McDuff had lost her medal. Who had taken it? All the toys were under suspicion.
TheDieselRap7.png "The Concert" Ian Munro 6 November 1991 #07
There was a show under the bed. It started that night and all the toys had STAGEFRIGHT!
File:BabyoftheFamily.jpeg "Baby of the Family" Ian Munro 7 November 1991 #08
Squeaky was the strongest toy in the bedroom but a real baby – how could the toys keep her safe?
TheDieselRap62.png "Crying Wolf" Ian Munro 8 November 1991 #09
Diesel loved playing nasty tricks and the toys had to teach him a lesson he'd never forget.
File:TheBigFreeze.jpeg "The Big Freeze" Ian Munro 11 November 1991 #10
It was the coldest day in Michael's bedroom ever and the toys just had to get warm… somehow.
File:BeingGood.jpeg "Being Good" Ian Munro 12 November 1991 #11
When Diesel tried to be good, the bedroom was in greater danger than usual.
File:BirthdayParty.jpeg "Birthday Party" Ian Munro 13 November 1991 #12
When the toys organised a surprise birthday party for Johnson, they forgot to tell him – disaster.
Johnson and Friends - Operation Squeaky.jpg "Operation Squeaky" Ian Munro 14 November 1991 #13
Johnson and his friends wanted to fix Squeaky's circuits but they didn't know how.
TheDieselRap6.png "Buried Treasure" Ian Munro 15 November 1991 #14
The toys sail the seven seas of Michael's bedroom in search of buried treasure.

Series 3 (1994)

Screenshot Original title Directed by Original release date Episode number #
File:Diesel Tries to Fly.png "Diesel Tries to Fly" Ian Munro 29 August 1994 #01
When McDuff sticks some wings on Diesel, the toy truck thinks he can fly and all the toys are in danger.
File:Dinosaur Tracks.png "Dinosaur Tracks" Ian Munro 30 August 1994 #02
Squeaky's good at guarding the bedroom, but what are these tracks? Has she let a dinosaur into their room?
File:The Pink Thread.png "The Pink Thread" Ian Munro 31 August 1994 #03
The toys follow the pink thread and discover a real treasure at the end of it - JOHNSON. He's unravelling!
File:Melissa's Dinosaur.png "Melissa's Dinosaur" David Ogilvy 1 September 1994 #04
Michael's older sister, Melissa, has a toy dinosaur, Victoria, who all the toys are very keen to meet.
File:Diesel Who?.png "Diesel Who?" Ian Munro 2 September 1994 #05
After a nasty crash, Diesel loses his memory and the toys must find it fast before he leaves the bedroom forever.
File:The Homecoming.png "The Homecoming" David Ogilvy 5 September 1994 #06
After a visit to the shop with Michael, McDuff feels very superior. How can the toys get her back to her old self again?
File:The Three Little Pigs "The Three Little Pigs" David Ogilvy 6 September 1994 #07
When the toys act out the story of the three little pigs for Squeaky, Alfred gets to play the wicked wolf.
File:Disappearing Act.png "Disappearing Act" Ian Munro 7 September 1994 #08
Johnson has a brand new magic trick but it confuses the toys even more than usual.
File:Growing Up.png "Growing Up" David Ogilvy 8 September 1994 #09
Squeaky finds a bird's egg on the window sill and decideds to hatch it all by herself.
File:The Flood.png "The Flood" Ian Munro 9 September 1994 #10
It's been raining for days and now the toys must save the bedroom from the threatening flood.
File:The Toy Orchestra.png "The Toy Orchestra" David Ogilvy 12 September 1994 #11
When Diesel learns to play the drum, he drives the other toys crazy before he learns how to make music.
File:The Money Box.png "The Money Box" David Ogilvy 13 September 1994 #12
When Michael loses the money he's saved for a Mother's Day present, the toys decide to help him out.
File:The Television Set.png "The Television Set" Ian Munro 14 September 1994 #13
When a television set appears in the bedroom, the toys are hooked in seconds flat and lose all interest in anything else.
File:The Toy Hospital.png "The Toy Hospital" David Ogilvy 15 September 1994 #14
When McDuff gets broken and taken to the hospital, the toys wonder if she'll ever come back.
File:A Trip to the Moon.png "A Trip to the Moon" Ian Munro 16 September 1994 #15
The toys build a space ship for a trip to the moon and enjoy the best adventure they've ever had.
File:The Loose Tooth.png "The Loose Tooth" Ian Munro 19 September 1994 #16
Michael loses his tooth and the toys are worried he'll be thrown away. Can they replace the tooth before he awakes?
File:The Fancy Dress.png "The Fancy Dress" David Ogilvy 20 September 1994 #17
Alfred is having a fancy dress party but Johnson can't find a thing to wear. Will he miss out on the party?
File:The Art Exhibition.png "The Art Exhibition" Ian Munro 21 September 1994 #18
Johnson organises an art exhibition but Diesel doesn't know what to paint.
File:Finders Keepers.png "Finders Keepers" Ian Munro 22 September 1994 #19
The toys love playing with cardboard boxes. This is the best box yet, but who's going to get it?
File:Leaving Home.png "Leaving Home" David Ogilvy 23 September 1994 #20
Michael stops playing with Diesel when he gets a pedal car, so Diesel decides to leave home.
SockSoupHeader.png "Sock Soup" Ian Munro 26 September 1994 #21
When Johnson organises a toy dinner party in the bedroom, the toys enjoy a social occasion they will never forget.
File:The Train Conductor.png "The Train Conductor" Ian Munro 27 September 1994 #22
The toys proudly present Alfred with a real train set for his birthday but now he won't let them travel on it.
File:The Fun Run.png "The Fun Run" David Ogilvy 28 September 1994 #23
The toys organise a fun run around the bedroom but it's such a long course that everyone starts to cheat.
File:The Crying Baby.png "The Crying Baby" Ian Munro 29 September 1994 #24
Michael's Aunt and Uncle have left their new baby in the care of Michael's family for a short time, how will the toys react?
File:Bringing Up Baby.png "Bringing Up Baby" David Ogilvy 29 September 1994 #25
McDuff and Diesel pretend Michael's hammer is their baby, and constantly harass Johnson and Alfred. But Johnson has a trick up his sleeve.
File:Going Away.png "Going Away" David Ogilvy 30 September 1994 #26
Michael's family is going on holiday, and Michael is allowed to bring his toys under one condition - he has to clean his room!

Series 4 (1995)

Screenshot Original title Directed by Original release date Episode number #
LeftBehind.jpeg "Left Behind" Ian Munro 25 September 1995 #01
The toys come back from holiday, but where is Johnson?
File:All at Sea.png "All at Sea" Ian Munro 26 September 1995 #02
The toys have a pirate adventure and sail the seven seas in Michael's bedroom.
File:The Big Surprise.png "The Big Surprise" Ian Munro 27 September 1995 #03
Squeaky is up to something and the toys try to find out what it is.
ABCForKids1998Promo23.jpg "Victoria Gets Swapped" David Ogilvy 28 September 1995 #04
Victoria is swapped by Michael's sister, and it's up to the toys to get her back.
File:The Thinker.png "The Thinker" David Ogilvy 29 September 1995 #05
Johnson loves thinking but it sometimes gets him into trouble.
File:Little Red Riding Hood.png "Little Red Riding Hood" Ian Munro 2 October 1995 #06
The toys love stories and one day when they tell Squeaky all about Little Red Riding Hood, they act out all the parts.
File:The Telephone Exchange.png "The Telephone Exchange" Ian Munro 3 October 1995 #07
McDuff is fascinated by the telephone out in the hallway, so she makes each toy their own phone.
File:Putting Out the Rubbish.png "Putting Out the Rubbish" David Ogilvy 4 October 1995 #08
The bedroom is full of rubbish so the toys decide to tidy up.
File:The Birthday Balloon.png "The Birthday Balloon" Ian Munro 5 October 1995 #09
Diesel and McDuff admire some balloons hanging on the bedroom door, they suggest to Johnson that he should move them into the sunlight, which he reluctantly agrees to do, but disaster strikes when Johnson begins to float away!
File:Traffic Lights.png "Traffic Lights" Ian Munro 6 October 1995 #10
The toys keep crashing into each other so they decide to install some traffic lights.
File:Clowning Around.png "Clowning Around" Ian Munro 9 October 1995 #11
McDuff wants to be an acrobat but finds out she is a versatile and natural clown.
File:The Hypnotist.png "The Hypnotist" David Ogilvy 10 October 1995 #12
Johnson experiments with magic tricks and tries to hypnotise McDuff.
File:The Tin Star.png "The Tin Star" David Ogilvy 11 October 1995 #13
The toys fight over Michael's newest possession - a sheriff's badge.
File:Three Billy Goats Gruff.png "Three Billy Goats Gruff" David Ogilvy 12 October 1995 #14
When Alfred and Diesel decide that everything depends on how big you are, Johnson suggests that being smart is better and the toys embark on a delicious retelling of Three Billy Goats Gruff.
File:Shoelaces.png "Shoelaces" David Ogilvy 13 October 1995 #15
Michael has brand new shoes but he refuses to wear them until he can tie his own shoe laces, so the toys set out to show him just how easily it can be done.
File:Diesel's Taxi.png "Diesel's Taxi" Ian Munro 16 October 1995 #16
Diesel reaches a stage in his life where he wants a job, a steady income and a garage of his own and Johnson suggests that since he likes moving, he should move the toys and become their taxi driver.
File:The Evening News.png "The Evening News" Ian Munro 17 October 1995 #17
McDuff loves watching the news on the TV set so Johnson makes a TV set with Diesel and Johnson acting out the parts.
File:The Toy Bus.png "The Toy Bus" Ian Munro 18 October 1995 #18
Squeaky is going to the toy hospital with Michael, but she is nervous about riding on the bus. The toys devise a plan to show her that bus rides can be fun.
File:Alfred and Alphonse.png "Alfred and Alphonse" Ian Munro 19 October 1995 #19
Alfred and his friend Alphonse, from the hot water bottle factory, decide to form a rock band with the toys.
File:The Ghost Train.png "The Ghost Train" Ian Munro 20 October 1995 #20
Victoria is very upset - Melissa has stopped taking her to the annual fair, so the toys have a fair of their very own in Michael's room.
File:Chicken Pox.png "Chicken Pox" Ian Munro 23 October 1995 #21
When Michael is confined to bed with chicken pox, the toys turn the bedroom into a sick room.
File:The Elf.png "The Elf" David Ogilvy 24 October 1995 #22
Strange things are happening in Michael's bedroom, the toys believe a mysterious elf is to blame, but they soon find out that all is not what it seems.
File:Superbot.png "Superbot" Ian Munro 25 October 1995 #23
Squeaky is pretending to be a superhero and the toys are sick of it. They devise a plan which fails, upsetting Squeaky, but they soon find themselves in trouble. Will Superbot forgive them and save the day?
File:The Christmas Tree.png "The Christmas Tree" Ian Munro 26 October 1995 #24
McDuff isn't satisfied with the toys' homemade Christmas tree, but she soon learns that sometimes it's best to make do with what you've got.
File:Christmas Presents.png "Christmas Presents" Ian Munro 27 October 1995 #25
The toys give each other presents - it only results in disaster. Johnson decides to ask Santa for advice, but when he doesn't show up, Johnson is in a state of desperation. Little does he know that luck is on his side.
File:Happy New Year.png "Happy New Year" David Ogilvy 30 October 1995 #26
When Michael's family heads off to the New Year's Eve fireworks, Alfred hypothesises that time is controlled by the ticking of a clock, Johnson accidentally breaks Michael's alarm clock and the toys panic, until they hear a strange sound coming from the hallway.

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