This is the transcript for Journey Beyond Sodor.


Narrator: The Island of Sodor is the home of the North Western Railway, with engines of all shapes and sizes, working hard to deliver goods and passengers to their destinations. There are branch lines that run along the coast of the island, serving the docks, the fishing villages and the seaside towns. There are branch lines that run to the farms, quarries and ancient castles of the island's heartland. And there is the main line...

Gordon: Express coming through!

Narrator: ..which runs all the way from Knapford on the west coast of the island, to Vicarstown, in the east. The line continues over the Vicarstown Bridge, where it connects to the mainland beyond.

(Henry is then shown pulling a goods train towards Vicarstown.)

Narrator: One day, Henry was pulling a very important goods train on his way to the mainland.

[Henry whistles as he pass Connor on the viaduct of Vicarstown]

Van: Faster! Faster! Hurry up, Henry!

Troublesome Trucks: We haven't got all day! (giggling)

Narrator: A faulty signal should have warned Henry there was another goods train stuck on the track up ahead.

Henry: Oh!

Narrator: Then, everything happened at once!

Troublesome Trucks: Whoa! Argh!

Henry: No!

[Henry rams into the back of Hiro's train as everything plays out in slow motion]

Troublesome Trucks: (groans and yells)

Henry: (yelling) Ahh!

(Henry smashes through the wall and tilts forward but doesn't fall and left dangling above the road. Cars screech to a stop, people gasp and policemen run over to see what's going on.)

Narrator: Poor Henry wouldn't be going to the mainland now.

Henry: Ohh.....

The opening credits play and the title The Irelanders' Adventures of Thomas & Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor appears. The scene changes to the tree where the birds and the squirrels went down from the tree and run and fly with the rabbits as Thomas puffs into view]

Thomas: Whoo-hoo! Whoo! Hello, bunnies! Hello, squirrels! Hello, birds! Hello, trees! Hello, sky!

Toby: Morning, Thomas!

Thomas: Good morning, Toby!

Jem Cole and workman: Hi, Thomas! Thomas!

[Trevor whistles in reply]

Thomas: Ah, what a lovely day! It's bright and sunny and everybody on Sodor seems happy! Don't days like this make you feel like bursting into song?

[He opens his mouth to sing when James cut in, singing Somebody Has To Be The Favourite]

James: Somebody has to be the favourite!

The one that everybody wants to see!

Thomas: James!

Somebody has to be better than the rest!

Somebody has to be so good that they're the best!

Somebody has to be the favourite

Somebody has to be me!

James: Here's James! (chuckling)

Thomas: You're not the favourite, James!

James: Of course I am, Thomas. Ask anybody!

Thomas: No, you're not! And anyway, I was going to sing a song the, not you!

James: Well, go ahead and sing if you want to. I'm not stopping you. Quiet, everybody!

[Everyone stops what they're doing and look at James and Thomas]

People: Huh?

James: Thomas wants to sing a song!

Thomas: Oh, ha-ha. No, James! I'm not.... (sees a girl holding a yellow balloon who smiles at him) Oh, OK.

He opens his mouth again and inhales to sing but James whistles and starts singing again while everyone dances along]

James: Sometimes you have to blow your whistle!

To let the other engines know you're near!

Sometimes you have to make a racket and to shout!

In order to ensure that they're not left in any doubt!

Somebody has to be the favourite!

Say hello! The favourite is here!

Philip: Hello, James!

Thomas: You're not the Fat Controller's favourite engine, James!

James: Really? Then how come I keep getting all the best jobs? Isn't your next job collecting pigs from Farmer Trotter's? (doing pig's grunting)

Thomas: Well, yes, but......

James: Want to know what my next job is?

Thomas: Well....

James: My next job is transporting beautiful music! (whistles)

Thomas: That's not true! You're just making that up! (whistling)

[The scene changes to Thomas picking up pigs at Farmer Trotter's farm, feeling quite glum. Then he  look to see James puffing past with passengers and the brass band on board the open topped carriages, much to their surprise]

James: (humming)


Railway worker: Bring it up.

Henry: Oh....

Railway worker: Keep coming! Nice and easy.


Railway Worker: Turn it around, turn it around.

Henry: Oh.


The Fat Controller: Oh, dear. Well, thank goodness nobody was hurt! That's all I can say. (chuckling) That's right, expect Henry to be arriving at the Steamworks shortly. Edward is already at Vicarstown collecting him with the breakdown train. Oh, I'm used to swapping engines around, it's what I do all the time. I'II find another engine to take James' passenger coaches and he can collect those trucks first thing in the morning.

Thomas: (chuckling) I bet James won't like that job! James doesn't like pulling trucks!


Thomas: Guess what, James? You're going to be pulling a goods train tomorrow morning!

James: (gasps in shock)

Thomas: While I will be working with my faithful coaches again, Annie and Clarabel.

Annie: Naturally!

Clarabel: As usual! (giggling)

James: A Goods train? A goods train? A..... (stop, realizing something) Oh, wait. You must mean that very important goods train that's bound for the mainland. (laughs) That's a great job, Thomas! What an adventure!


James: Somebody has to be the favourite!

That's just the way it is, you must agree!

Some get to see the world and travel far away!

While other engines have a place they always have to stay!

Somebody has to be the favourite!

Somebody has to be me!

Somebody has to be me!

[He puffs away]

Annie: Oof. Don't even listen to him, Thomas. He's only teasing.

Clarabel: Again!

The Fat Controller: Ah, right, thank you.

Thomas: It's not fair! James gets all the important jobs!

The Fat Controller: Important jobs? What important jobs? Are you talking about taking that goods train to Bridlington?

Thomas: Is Bridlington a place on the mainland?

The Fat Controller: Yes, Thomas, it is. But that's hardly the only important job! What about The Flying Kipper? Or the Mail Train? Or delivering the milk? Or collecting passengers from the cruise ships?

Thomas: I know, sir. But James says...

The Fat Controller: Even looking after your branch line is an important jobs, Thomas! Now, if you'II excuse me, I have some important jobs of my own to attend to, what with Henry out of action and James off to the mainland tomorrow! Who can I get to deliver those cheese vats to Vicarstown?


Narrator: That night in the sheds, Thomas was still very cross about James.

Thomas: It's just so annoying, Percy! He keeps saying he's the Fat Controller's favourite engine! And tomorrow he's going off to the mainland to have a big adventure, while I'm stuck here doing the same jobs I always do! (seeing Percy turning on the turntable) Huh? Percy! You're not even listening!

Percy: Oh, I am, Thomas. But I have to take the Mail Train now!


Thomas: Oh, it's not fair.


James: Some get to see the world and travel far away!

While other engines have a place they always have to stay!

Thomas: Hmph! Oh, why can't I go to the mainland?

Narrator: But then, an idea flew into Thomas' funnel.

Thomas: (giggling)


Narrator: The next morning, James went to Vicarstown goods yard to collect his trucks.

James: Rosie, where are my trucks? What have you done with them?

Rosie: Uh, which trucks do you mean, James?

James: The trucks that Henry was pulling when he had his accident! The Fat Controller said it was very important to take them to the mainland today!

Rosie: Oh! Those trucks! Yes. I know those trucks are important. That's why Thomas came so early!

James: (surprised) Thomas? What's Thomas got to do with it?


Thomas: Sometimes you have to get up early!

If there's some place you really want to be!

Sometimes you have to be awake before the dawn!

Sometimes you're up and out before they know you're gone!

Somebody has to be the favourite!

And this time it's going to be me!

This time it's going to be me!

This time it's going to be me!

Van: Are we there yet?

Troublesome Trucks: (giggling)


Narrator: Meanwhile, poor Henry was in the Steamworks, waiting to be repaired.

The Fat Controller: Oh, dear, oh, dear. How long do you expect him to be out of action?


James: He's taken my train, sir! Oh, yes! That's what he's done!

The Fat Controller: Who's taken what train? What on Earth are you talking about, James?

James: Thomas! I'm talking about Thomas! He's taken my goods train, sir. The one that had to go to the mainland!


The Fat Controller: That's excellent! Then you can work on Thomas' branch line toady, James!

James: Thomas' branch line? But you said I was going to the mainland! That was my job!

The Fat Controller: Well, it's my job to swap engines around.

James: Yes, I know.....

The Fat Controller: That's what a railway controller does!

James: Well, of course, but....

The Fat Controller: He keeps all his engines busy.

James: What if.....

The Fat Controller: Being useful.

Victor and Kevin: Huh?


The Fat Controller: Now, who can I get to take all those coconuts back to Arlesburgh?

James: Ohh....


Thomas: (whistling) Whoo-hoo! (laughing) Whoo!

Narrator: Meanwhile on the mainland, Thomas was having an adventure.

Thomas: Wow! Look at that big building over there. Oh, I wonder what that factory makes? Ha-ha! Oh, did you see the colour of those houses? Bright blue! Ha-ha! Nobody on Sodor would paint their house bright blue!

Van: What are you going on about, Thomas?

Thomas: Everything! Just look around you! We're on the mainland now!

Van: (Sarcastically) Ooh! What's so special about the mainland?

Tanker: It's all just grass and trees as far as I can see.

Truck: Lucky you! All I can see is another truck's backside!

Troublesome Trucks: (giggling)

Thomas: There are lots of new things to see here! The buildings are different and the bridges and the..... Oh, look!


Thomas: I wonder what junction that is up ahead?

Van: I'd say it's Lostville!

Tanker: Maybe it's Confusington!

Truck: Castle Who-Knows-Where!

Thomas: I'm not lost, you silly trucks!

Troublesome Trucks: Off the Map Central!

Thomas: I know exactly where I'm going.

Truck 1: But do you know where you are?

Truck 2: He's trying to be important!

Truck 3: Is it important to go the wrong way!

Truck 4: I think you need to go left!

Truck 5: Don't listen to him, he's facing backwards. Turn right!

Thomas: Would you all please be quiet?


Van: Are we there yet?


Van: Use your brain!

Truck: Doesn't have one!

Thomas: Stop trying to confuse me! You're distracting the driver!


Thomas: Whoa!


Thomas: Oh!


Annie and Clarabel: Slow down! Slow down, James, slow down!

James: The faster I go, the sooner I can get back and ask the Fat Controller for a better job!

Annie and Clarabel: (yelling) A better job?


James: Hello, Maithwaite!


Annie and Clarabel: (groaning)

Clarabel: James! You've stopped beyond the platform again!


James: (sighs) Yeah, yeah, yeah....


James: I know, I know. It was an accident. Okay?

Annie: I do hope Thomas gets back soon.

Clarabel: So do I.

James: What are you all muttering about back there? I can hear you, you know.


Narrator: But Thomas was far away on the mainland and he wasn't going to be back anytime soon.

Thomas: (laughs) You know, I still can't believe how I tricked James this morning.

Van: And I still can't believe we haven't reached that goods yard yet.

Truck: I can!


Van: Are we there yet?

Thomas: I know it's taking a bit longer than I thought, but why don't you relax and enjoy the journey? It can't be that much further.

Voice: Halt!


Truck: What's the big idea?

Voice: Who goes there?


Thomas: Hello there. Is this Bridlington Goods Yard?

Beresford: Bridlington? No! Bridlington's miles from here. (chuckles)

Thomas: Oh. But am I at least going the right way?

Beresford: How should I know? Sometimes I go back here. ( ) Whoo-hoo! (chuckles) And sometimes I go up here. (laughs while) And I can spin around and look at the view from every direction.


Beresford: Ow! But I've never been to Bridlington. What's it like, eh?

Van: Don't ask him!

Truck: He hasn't been there, either.

Truck: And at this rate, he's never going to to get there!

Troublesome Trucks: (laughs)

Thomas: Oh, these trucks are very annoying. But they're right. Please, Mr Crane. I really have to keep going.

Beresford: And why exactly should I let you go? You haven't even answered my question yet!

Thomas: Question? What question?

Beresford: Who goes there? Meaning, who are you?

Thomas: Oh... I'm Thomas.

Beresford: Thomas? Who's Thomas? Hmm....


Beresford: Thomas? You're Thomas? Well, I don't know who Thomas is,

So why should I let this Thomas simply hurry on his way?

Thomas? You're Thomas? Speak up now I'm asking you,

Who's Thomas, what's Thomas? What have you got to say?

Thomas: I'm Thomas, I'm a tank engine, I'm from a place called Sodor,

I'm heading for the goods yard where these trucks are meant to go,

I don't know why I've stopped here, apart from the thing you dropped here,

So if you could lift it up again...

Oh, what do you want to know?

Troublesome Trucks: He's lost, he's lost, and Thomas is his name!

He wanted to be important, now he's only himself to blame!

Beresford: Thomas? Who's Thomas? I've never heard of Thomas,

Nor me. I know. You're me. That's true. I'm talking to myself!

Now Thomas, little Thomas. You say that's what your name is,

But I still don't know who you are, so tell me something else!

Thomas: I'm Thomas, I'm a tank engine, and some would say I'm cheeky,

And maybe I am cheeky cause I took these trucks from James.

Troublesome Trucks: Yeah!

Thomas: But I was stuck on Sodor, where it's the same old railway,

So I took them to the Mainland which I thought would make a change.

Troublesome Trucks: He's lost, he's lost. He'll have to tell his boss!

If we don't get a move on, then Sir Topham will be cross!


Beresford: So many places you could go, so many things to see.

And like the birds up in the sky, an engine's life is free...


Beresford: Ahem.

So engines always rush about, they never like to wait.

They always have some reason like they're late, or late, or late...

But if you'd like to travel on, you must do something more,

You'll have to tell me something new I've never heard before!

Thomas: Something new?

Beresford: Something new!

Thomas: Does it have to be true?

Beresford: It has to be true!

Thomas: Ohh...

Troublesome Trucks: He's lost, he's lost, he hasn't got a clue!

He doesn't know what to say at all, he doesn't know what to do.

Beresford: Ha-ha! Is that right!?

Thomas: Could you be quiet back there, I'm trying to think!

Troublesome Trucks: Don't try too hard! You'll burst your boiler! Poor Thomas, on the Mainland, nobody even knows his name!

Thomas: That's it!

I'm Thomas, I'm Thomas, but you've never heard of Thomas?

Beresford: No, I've never heard of Thomas.


Thomas: That's my name, it's true!

I'm Thomas, I'm Thomas,

Beresford: Yes?

Thomas: And if you've never heard of me, then when I said I was Thomas,

I was telling you something new!

Beresford: Something new?

Thomas: And having told you that I think we're through!

Beresford: Wait What did you do? Thomas, come back! My name's Beresford, by the way! (his hook hits him on the nose again) Thanks for asking! Mmm....

Narrator: There was still no sign of Bridlington Goods Yard. And by late afternoon, Thomas's coal bunker was nearly empty!

Thomas: Oh, dear.

Van: Now what?

Truck: We're lost in the woods.

Truck: I told you he didn't have a brain.

Truck 1: Or a map!

Truck 2: Or any coal.

Thomas: Shh! Look! There's a place up ahead. (gasps) Maybe we'II find some coal there.

Tanker: I don't think so.


Thomas: (gasps) Oh....


Truck: This doesn't look like a goods yard.

Van: No. It looks like a bads yard.

Van: A very bads yard.


Van: (nervously) Uh..... Are we there yet?

Thomas: Hello? (echos)

Van: Ha, great job, Thomas!

Van: You are a really useless engine!


Thomas: Hello? Huh?


Lexi: Hi! Hi! Hi! Pleased to meet ya.

Thomas: Huh?

Lexi: Well, hello-o-o there.

Thomas: Hello.

Lexi: Come on out, Theo! It's a visitor! Another engine. We have company!


Lexi: That's Theo. He's shy. Lack of confidence. He thinks he looks awkward and uncoordinated.


Theo: Are you being scrapped?

Thomas: (surprised) Scrapped?

Lexi: Dumped. Dissembled. Taken to pieces.

Theo: Yes. Engines get scrapped when they're not useful and nobody cares about them any more.

Lexi: Don't be preposterous, Theo. This one here is a useful engine! He's pulling trucks.

Van: Not very well.

Thomas: Now, that's not fair. I have had a few problems but... Oh! Maybe you can help me out?

Theo: Us, help you?

Lexi: Huh, I doubt it.

Theo: Oh, sorry, no.

Lexi: I don't think so! Nope. Nope. Nope. You're barking up the wrong branch line there, buddy boy.

Thomas: But I only need a little coal and water.

Lexi: Oh... We can help with that! Back up, Theo! Back up! Coal and water is no problem at all! We're fully stocked in the coal and water department, in case our drivers come to try new parts for make improvements.


Theo: Why isn't he following us, Lexi?

Lexi: Hmm. I'm not sure. (shouting) Why aren't you following us?

Thomas: I can't. I don't have any coal!

Lexi: He doesn't have any coal!

Theo: Ah!

Lexi: Come on! You'II have to tow him to the coal hopper!

Theo: Me? Ohh.....

Lexi: Come on, Theo! Whoo-hoo, all right! Hey! OK, start pulling, Theo!

Theo: (grunts)

Thomas: Maybe you should uncouple my trucks first?

Theo: Ah!

Lexi: Good idea.


Lexi: OK, Theo, give it the old one-two.


Theo: (grunts)

Thomas: Thanks, Theo! My name is Thomas! I'm a tank engine. What kind of engine are you?

Theo: We are experimental engines, Thomas.

Thomas: Experimental engines? Wow! What does that mean?

Lexi: It means we're different! Test models. Trial and error. I'm cab forward! And Theo's... something experimental, too!

Theo: (chuckles)


Theo: Oh, and there's Merlin, too!

Thomas: Merlin?

Lexi: Oh, you won't have seen Merlin! He's a stealth engine.

Thomas: A stealth engine? What's that?

Lexi: (in a French accent) Stealth engines are designed to be hard to see. Out of sight! Invisible!

Thomas: Ah! An invisible engine?

Theo: Well.....

Lexi: (laughing) Let's just say he's always disappearing!


Theo: Uh.... Your water tank is overflowing.

Lexi: Whoa, Nellie! Up to the brim.

Thomas: Thanks for your help! But I still have my very important job to finish.

Theo: Does that means you have to go?

Lexi: He's got trucks, Theo, remember? Trucks needs to be delivered! That's what they're for!

Thomas: Oh, I almost forgot. Do either of you know where Bridlington Goods Yard is?

Lexi: Bridlington? (laughs) No idea.

Theo: Mmm, sorry, no.

Thomas: Oh.


Narrator: So with coal in his coal bunker and his water tank full, Thomas set off once more in search of the goods yard.

Van: Are we there yet?

Van: I don't think so!

Tanker: Thomas still doesn't know where he's going!

Truck: And those other engines didn't know, either!

Thomas: (gasps) But look! There's a light!


Thomas: That's probably the goods yard now.

Van: And if it's not?

Thomas: Well, if it's not, then we can stop and ask for directions again!

Salt Van: Ha-ha. Or get another engine!

Slate Truck: Who knows where he's going!


Thomas: (gasps)

Troublesome Trucks: (gasps)


Van: Thomas, I have a feeling we're not on Sodor any more.


Van: Wow!

Truck: Would you look at that!

Thomas: Ohh.... (he saw a big sign on the building) Wow, I bet James has never been any place like this.

Deep Voice: Hello?

[Thomas stop

Female voice: Who's there?


Frankie: Oh, what's your name, little tank engine?

Thomas: Oh... My name is Thomas.

Hurricane: And my name is Hurricane. You know, like a storm. Whoosh!


Thomas: Wow!

Frankie: And I'm Frankie. But you look like you must be a very important little engine!

Thomas: That's not what my friend James says! He keeps boasting about how he's the Fat Controller's favourite!

Hurricane: Oh, really?

Frankie: And what do you do when he says something like that?

Thomas: I get up extra early and take the trucks he was supposed to deliver to the mainland!

Frankie: (giggling) Well, isn't he a clever little tank engine, Hurricane!

Hurricane: And a cheeky one too, Frankie! (laughs)

Frankie: I'd say he's a keeper, wouldn't you?

Thomas: Do either of you know where Bridlington Goods Yard is? I have to deliver these trucks and it's nearly night-time.

Frankie: Of course we know Bridlington!

Hurricane: I deliver goods there all the time.

Thomas: You do?

Frankie: You mustn't worry about getting to the goods yard tonight. Uncouple those trucks.

Hurricane: Leave them here in the yard. We'II look after them for you, Thomas! No problemo.

Frankie: Yes. Come on inside. We'II keep you nice and warm.

Hurricane: This is the hottest place in town. (laughs) Yeah.

Frankie: I don't know where you thought you were going,

But here you are!

Hurricane: I don't know what you thought you were doing,

But you've come so far!

This is the place you were meant to be being!

Frankie: These are the sights you were meant to be seeing!

Hurricane: We'll lift your thermostat up

A degreeing or two

Hurricane and Frankie: And we're guaranteeing

That you'll be agreeing it's true (Hurricane: Woo!)

This is the hottest place in town

We'll warm you up when you're feeling down

We'll make a smile out of every frown

Hurricane: Just take a look around

At the joy we've found!

Hurricane and Frankie: This is the place you can have some fun!

Where you can feel like a number one!

We've got more sunshine than the sun!

Frankie: There's a light in our eyes

We simply can't disguise

Hurricane and Frankie: This is the hottest place in town!

(Hurricane: Yeah!) Come in and come along for the riding

Shunting lovely ladle trucks up the sidings

Rails so smooth that you'll be gliding along

And before you know it you'll be joining us in our song

This is the hottest place in town (Hurricane: Woo!)

No other like it anywhere around

You'll be king and you'll wear a crown (Hurricane: I say)

What we're trying to say

Is that we hope you'll stay

This is the place you can shine like gold!

Our jobs are cool but we're never cold!

We really think you could fit the mould!

Frankie: You'll be part of the team

You'll be living the dream

Hurricane and Frankie: This is the hottest place in town

Come in and come along for the riding

Shunting lovely ladle trucks up the sidings

Hurricane: Rails so smooth that you'll be gliding along

And before you know it you'll be joining us in our song!

Thomas: This is the hottest place in town (Frankie: Yeah!) (Hurricane: You know it!)

You'll warm me up when I'm feeling down

You'll make a smile out of every frown (Frankie: You've got it!)

Hurricane: You know you're keeping it real

When you're working with steel

Thomas: This is the place I can have some fun! (Hurricane: That's it, Thomas!) (Frankie: Woo!)

Where I can feel like number one

I've got more sunshine than the sun (Hurricane: You're number one!) (Frankie: Yeah!)

Frankie: There's no looking back now!

You're on the right track now!

Frankie, Hurricane, and Thomas: This is the hottest place in town!


Hurricane: Just think how jealous your friend James will be when he hears about your new job, Thomas.

Thomas: New job? I already have a very important job! I'm delivering trucks to the mainland instead of James!

Frankie: Oh, quiet now, little tank engine. We can worry about those trucks of yours in the morning. What you need is a nice comfy shed where you can relax and let that busy boiler of yours cool down.


Narrator: That night in Tidmouth Sheds, the other engines were wondering what had happened to Thomas.

Percy: He really should have been back by now.

Emily: I know. I'm feeling worried.

Edward: So am I. Do you think something's happened?

James: Oh, knowing Thomas, he probably got lost on the mainland or fell down a mine or crashed into a stationmaster's house! (he laughs until he saw Percy and Emily glaring at him) Uh? What?

Emily: It's not funny, James!

Percy: Thomas could be in trouble.

James: Hmph! It serves Thomas right if he's in trouble! It was never his job to go to the mainland at all! He took my trucks without asking!

Percy: Maybe you could go and look for him, James.

James: Me? Why me?

Percy: Because I'd be scared. And, well, I thought you wanted to go to the mainland.

James: Hmm.

[James ponders about

Thomas: Argh! What was that?

Frankie: (giggles) Time to start work, little tank engine!


Thomas: Whoa! Give me a chance to wake up first. Ha-ha.


Thomas: Hey! What happened to my goods trucks?

Hurricane: Oh, I took care of them. I took them to Bridlington in the night.

Thomas: Did you? Thank you. If my trucks have been delivered to Bridlington, then my very important job has been completed so I need to head back to Sodor.

Frankie: But we helped you deliver your goods trucks, little tank engine. Surely you don't mind helping us in return.

Thomas: Well, OK..... I suppose I.... Whoa!


Frankie: You're too kind! (laughs)


Narrator: Thomas was put to work in the Steelworks, shunting ladle trucks and taking molten slags out to the slag heaps.


Thomas: Cinders and ashes!


Hurricane: Good job, Thomas. (laughs)

Frankie: He is good, isn't he? (giggles) In fact, I'd say he might be my favourite new engine!

[Frankie and Hurricane laughs

Thomas: This is the hottest place in town~

You really warm me up when I'm feeling down~

This is the hottest place in.........

Frankie: Whoa! Watch out there!

Thomas: Ow!


Workman: Everybody run! Get out the way!

Hurricane: You need to be careful with that stuff! It's very hot!

Frankie:It can melt your wheels right into the ground!


Thomas: Sorry.


The Fat Controller: Dear, oh dear! What a mess! Oh.... Oh! Gah!


The Fat Controller: Ohh....

Workman: Never mind, sir. It's only tea. We'II soon clear it up again.


The Fat Controller: (sadly) Oh, Thomas.


Percy: Any news about Thomas, sir?

The Fat Controller: No, Percy. Not yet. The trucks have arrived at Bridlington in the middle of the night but nobody knows what's happened to Thomas!


James: I've got an idea, sir! Why don't I go to the mainland and look for Thomas? Wouldn't that be really useful?

The Fat Controller: It's kind of you to volunteer, James, but I need you to work on Thomas' branch line. (looking at his clipboard list) There are still carrots waiting in Ulfstead and trucks full of tweezers in Vicarstown.

James: But I want to go to the mainland, sir! After all, I was the one who was supposed to go, not Thomas!

The Fat Controller: I've already sent Emily off with the Kipper.....

James: What about....

The Fat Controller: ...and Edward is collecting the band.

James: I mean, someone....

The Fat Controller: I simply can't spare another engine.

James: But I want to....

The Fat Controller: Not with Henry at the Steamworks and Thomas delayed.

Percy: Delayed? Oh, no! I only thought he was lost.


Workman: All done, sir. And I've made you a fresh pot of tea.

The Fat Controller: Ah, excellent. Thank you. (to Percy after sipping his tea) Don't worry, Percy. Everything is under control. Just keep clam and carry on.


Percy: At least you tried, James.

James: Hmph. I'II never get to go to the mainland now!


Thomas: (panting) This is thirsty work!

Frankie: That's what we've been trying to tell you, little tank engine. This really is the hottest place in town!

Thomas: My name is Thomas, Frankie.

Frankie: And you're doing a terrific job! Hurricane and I are very impressed. And with you here to help us, we're free to make more deliveries!

Hurricane: It's not easy to keep up with all the work here when it's only Frankie and me. We're both so happy that you came along, Thomas.

Thomas: Oh, thanks...

Frankie: Hurricane! This steel won't deliver itself!

Hurricane: Bye, Thomas. See you later.


Frankie: Put the ingots in the cooling area and make sure you empty all the slag onto the slag heap, little tank engine! And when you've done all of that, you can sort trucks in the yard. I expect them ready when we get back to collect the next delivery!

Thomas: But I need to go home to Sodor now, Frankie!

Frankie: No way, little tank engine! We helped you. So you have to help us.

Thomas: But I have been helping you! I've been working hard all day! The Fat Controller will be wondering where I am.


Thomas: How much longer will I have to stay here?

One more day, or a month, or a year?

Far from everything I've ever known

Far away from the Island called Sodor

Far away from that Island called home


Thomas: Where are you Annie and Clarabel?

Have you been left in the shed?

Or are you out on my branch line

With some other engine instead


Thomas: I miss all of my friends

I miss hearing their names

Percy and Toby and Gordon

It's strange but I even miss James

I'm not joking, I even miss James


I wanted to have an adventure

I wanted to wander and roam

I wanted to see places I'd never seen

But now I just wanna go home

Tell me when do I get to go home


All I wanna do is go back to Sodor

All I wanna do is get back to my friends

I don't wanna be stuck here forever and always

In this hot house where work never ends

I wanted adventure

I wanted to roam

I wanted new places but now I want home

I mean it, I have to go home

So lock up your gates with your skeleton key

You can't make me stay where I don't want to be

It's not right, it's not fair

This is no place for me


I want to, I need to, I have to be free to go home!

I'll find my way home

Workman: Stop! Where are you going?

I'll make my way home

It's time to go home

I'm going home!


Thomas: (sighs)


James: What am I supposed to do, just sit here and do nothing?

Annie: Yes, James, that's what Thomas would do. Wait for the farmer. What else can you do?

James: I can blow my whistle! That'II get these sheep moving!

Annie: No!

Clarabel: That's mean! You'II frighten them and they'II panic! Oh.... Even Thomas is more patient than you are, James.

James: I've had enough. This is boring! (inhales)


Clarabel: See, James? All it takes is a little patience.


Thomas: Oh... Whoa!

Frankie: That was a close call there, little tank engine.

Hurricane: Yeah, you could have done yourself some serious damage, Thomas, going off the rails like that. Ah! That old track hasn't been used in years.

Frankie: And how would we manage without you? You can't expect Hurricane and I to be doing all of that dirty work! We have more important jobs to be doing!

Thomas: Oh... I suppose so.


Narrator: That night on Sodor, James was more grumpy than ever!

James: (sighs) I've had enough of being stuck on Thomas' backwater branch line. I should be the one on the mainland!

Emily: Of course you should, James. Then you could be the one who got lost! (giggles)

Percy: Or even worse, delayed!

James: Hmph! I wouldn't get lost or delayed! And if Thomas isn't back by morning, I'm going to the mainland to find him and bring him back home!

Edward: And who's going to look after all the passengers on Thomas' branch line while you're gone, James?

James: I don't know. Why don't you ask the Fat Controller? It's his jobs to swap engines around. (imitating The Fat Controller) "That's what a railway controller does!"

Percy: Oh, James! You'II be a hero!


James: Ohh!

Gordon: (sarcastically laughs) Only if he manages to find Thomas.


Percy: James! Wait! Where are you going?

James: To the mainland. To find Thomas and become a hero!


Thomas: Huh?


Hurricane: Huh? What was that?

Frankie: What was what?

Hurricane: That big crashing sound.

Frankie: Maybe it was the thunder. There's a storm coming.


Frankie: Thomas?


Frankie: Thomas!


Thomas: (gasps)


Frankie: He's trying to break the gates down!


Hurricane: No, Thomas! Don't do it!

Frankie: Stop, Thomas, stop!

Frankie and Hurricane: Thomas!


Frankie and Hurricane: Come back!


Thomas: Ah! Oh, they're after me!


Thomas: (yelling) Oh, hurry up! They're coming, they're coming!


Thomas: They are chasing after me!


Male Voice: Ooh... Are you hiding?

Thomas: Ah! Ah! Ahh! Who said that?

Male Voice: Oh, don't be frightened. I'm hiding, too. I love hiding.

Thomas: But where are you? I can't see you.

Male Voice: Oh-ho! Of course you can't! That's because I'm such a good hider. (chuckles) In fact, I'm invisible.

Thomas: (gasps) Invisible? How can you be invisible?

Male voice: Because I'm a stealth engine. And stealth engines are designed in a special way to make them.... invisible!

Thomas: A stealth engine? Like Merlin?

Merlin: Not like Merlin. I am Merlin! The experimental prototype King Arthur class stealth engine!

Thomas: Merlin! Wow! Is that really you? I heard all about you from Theo and Lexi and I....

Merlin: Quick, close your eyes!


Hurricane: Come out, come out, wherever you are!


Merlin: Don't worry. You're safe. They won't find you now. You're with the best hider ever. All you have to do is close your eyes and keep really still and nobody will be able to see you!

Thomas: (yawns)


Thomas: (yawns) Hello? Merlin? Are you there? Oh, or are you still asleep? (chuckling) Sorry.


Thomas: Merlin? Merlin?


Narrator: That morning, James had arrived at Bridlington Goods Yard.

James: Thomas? Thomas?


James: Ahem. Excuse me, but have you by any chance seen a cheeky blue tank engine with the number one painted on his side?

Mainland Diesel: We get a lot of engines passing through. You can't expect me to remember every blue tank engine.

James: His name is Thomas, from the Island of Sodor?

Mainland Diesel: Ulli! You seen a cheeky blue tank engine, numbered one?

Ulli: Nope.

Mainland Diesel: (sighs) Like I say, friend. We get a lot of engines coming and going. (grunts) Bridlington is a very busy goods yard.


James: (sighs) Oh, well. Thank you anyway.


Van: Psst. We saw a silly blue tank engine! Didn't know where he was going.

Truck: No sense.

Van: Of direction!


James: Yes! Yes! That sounds like Thomas! Is he the engine that brought you here?

Van: Tee--hee! No!

Van: Don't be silly!

Slate Truck: Thomas got completely lost!

Van: An engine called Hurricane brought us here!

James: Hurricane? Who's Hurricane?

Van: From that big steelworks. You know.... (singing) This is the hottest place in town~

Van: We love an engine in a evening gown~


James: Oh. This is hopeless!

Tanker: Look at me face~

Don't I look like a clown?~

[He burps]

Truck: Well, he was a bit rude!


James: Hello? One more question. Do you know a big steelworks where an engine called Hurricane might be working?


Thomas: Oh! I know where I am! This is the experimental engine....


Lexi: Theo! It's that engine again. Thomas! Well, hello, Thomas! Theo!

Theo: Thomas!


Theo: You came back.

Lexi: Did you get where you were going? Did you find what you were looking for? Bridlingdom? That goods yard? Did ya? Did ya?

Thomas: (sadly) No.

Lexi: Oh! But you did deliver your trucks, didn't you?

Thomas: No.

Lexi: But where are they? I don't see them. Huh? Where'd they go?

Thomas: I don't know.

Theo: He is being scrapped. I told you.

Thomas: No, Theo. I'm not being scrapped. But, oh, I probably should be.


Lexi: Oh, Thomas! What happened?

Thomas: I lost James' trucks and I got trapped in the Steelworks and I want to go home to Sodor but I don't know the way. I'm a useless engine! I just do everything wrong!

Theo: Ha-ha-ha. You sound like one of us.

Lexi: Yep. We have the same problem.

Thomas: No, you don't. You guys are amazing! You're experimental engines! I can't do anything, apart from make mistakes.


Theo: Nobody gets it right the first time.

Lexi: Everybody makes mistakes

Or goofs or gaffes!

Theo: We were put together

In a flurry of excitement

Lexi: But look at us now!

What are we like?

Theo: Ooh.

You simply have to laugh!

We're unusual

We're unique

Theo: In other words, she's saying

That we're freaks!

Lexi: Built by geeks!

Theo: We're experiments gone bad!

Lexi: In other words, whoever designed us

Must be mad!

Theo: Too many funnels

Or too many cogs!

Lexi: We knew a guy who was built

To run on logs!

Theo: Too many wheels

And gears and rods!

Lexi: It's no wonder that we look so odd!

Theo (spoken): Give me a prod!

Theo and Lexi: But what can't we do?

What can't we do?

What can't we do?

ANYTHING! It's true!

Lexi: We're originals!

We're one of a kind!

We're upside down

And forward to behind.

Theo: We're experiments gone wrong!

Lexi: This yard's the only place

that we could ever belong!

We always try to do our best,

Sadly we rarely pass the test!

Theo (spoken): I made a mess!

Lexi: Give us a job!

Give us a task!

Whatever it is, you'll be sorry

That you asked!

Theo and Lexi: But what can't we do?

What can't we do?

What can't we do?

ANYTHING! It's true!

Merlin (spoken): Ooh, ooh, ooh! I can do something!

Thomas (spoken): Merlin?

[Then Merlin

Merlin: Invisibility on!


Merlin: I'm invisible, or can't you see?

"Who said that?"

You ask. It's only me!

You look surprised, but have no fear!

It's just a little trick

To make myself disappear!


Thomas: Um, why does he keep doing that?

Lexi: Have you notice his three funnels? Well, that was an experiment. To make his smoke and steam disperse, so you couldn't see him so easily!

Theo: But it didn't work at all! Only, don't try and tell Merlin.


Thomas: Ah!

Merlin: Hello again!

Lexi and Theo: We're lumpy and bumpy

We haven't got the puff

They tried to make us better

But sometimes enough's enough!

We're wobbly and knobbly

And awkward in reverse!

If practice makes you perfect

we're the ones they never rehearsed!

But what can't we do?

What can't we do?

What can't we do?

ANYTHING! Its true!

Lexi: We can't do ANYTHING!

That's true!

We can't do ANYTHING!

Merlin: But we can try!

We can give anything a try!

We will give anything a try!

Isn't that right?


Thomas: So do you think you can try to help me?

Lexi: Didn't we just explain, Thomas? We can't do anything!

Merlin: Oh, stop saying that! We'II do anything we can to help you, Thomas! Just tell us what the problem is.

Thomas: Oh, Merlin, thank you! I need to go home to the Island of Sodor. Only, I don't know which way to go.

Theo: Merlin can't help you.

Lexi: None of us can. I'm terribly sorry. We don't know anything about any place other than here.

Merlin: Oh, but we can still try to help you, Thomas. Oh! We can go with you! And help you find the way to the Island of Sonar!

Theo: And then we'II all get lost, Merlin.

Merlin: Oh.

Theo: Or you could always stay here with us, Thomas, instead of going home.

Thomas: Thanks, Theo. Thanks all of you, but I'II be all right. I'II find my way home. Somehow. (whistles)


Lexi: Bye, Thomas.

Theo: Good luck. Oh.


Narrator: Thomas headed back along the branch line again, trying to remember the route he'd taken before.

Thomas: Mmm, this looks familiar. Oh, I think I recognize this place. It looks like that canal I saw! Yes, it is! (he saw Beresford) Oh, but there's that silly crane! I really don't want him to stop me again.


Beresford: Oh, no you don't!


Thomas: Hey!

Beresford: You won't get past so easily this time!

Thomas: What are you doing? Stop that! Let go of me!

Beresford: Hello, again, Thomas! Last time we met, you played a cheeky trick on me and ran away, just as we were getting to know each other too! That wasn't a very nice way to end our conversation.

Thomas: Picking up engines with your hook is not a very nice way to start a conversation, either! Put me down! Please?

Beresford: And if I do put you down, then what will you do, hmm? Run away again, no doubt! And I'II be left all on my own again with nobody to talk to. Now, why don't you tell me all about your adventures? My name's Beresford. We could be friends!

Thomas: Look, I'm sorry I tricked you last time, Beresford, but you can't just make somebody be your friend by making them stay with you. You have to be nice to them so they want to be your friend! Now, put me down.


Thomas: Whoa! Oh!


Thomas: Oh! Hurricane! Pick me up, Beresford! You have to hide me!

Beresford: Put you down, pick you up, hide you.... Make your mind up, Thomas!

Thomas: Hide me! Hide me, please! I really need you to. Somewhere I can't be seen from the tracks. Hurry!


Thomas: Whoa....


James: Not to blow my own trumpet, but yes, it's true.

Thomas: James!

James: I am a particularly useful engine.

Frankie: Is that right?

James: In fact, back on Sodor, dare I say, I am the Fat Controller's favourite!


Beresford: OK, Thomas. They're all gone. And I did something nice for you! So we can be friends now. What shall we talk about?

Thomas: James! They've got James!

Beresford: Who's James?

Merlin: Yes. Who's James?


Thomas: Merlin! What are you doing here?

Merlin: I followed you, Thomas! I'm here to look after you and make sure you find your way safely back home. Excellent hiding, by the way. Even I couldn't see you.

Thomas: But I can't go home now! I have to help my friend James!

Beresford: Why didn't you say something? I could have stopped them. Halt, who goes there?


Thomas: Oh, oh! You have to let me go now, Beresford. James is in trouble. If I hadn't taken his trucks in the first place, he wouldn't even be here. And now Hurricane and Frankie are taking him to the Steelworks. I have to rescue him!

Merlin: Don't you we have to rescue him? (whistles)


Frankie and Hurricane: This is the hottest place in town

We'll warm you up when you're feeling down

We'll make a smile out of every frown

Hurricane: Just take a look around

At the joy we've found!


Hurricane and Frankie: This is the place you can have some fun!

Where you can feel like a number one!

Hurricane:(seeing James' number five on his tender) Uh?

We've got more sunshine than the sun!

There's a light in our eyes

We simply can't disguise....


Hurricane: Huh?

James: All right! All right! This is all very entertaining, but where's Thomas?

Hurricane: Uh, Thomas?

Frankie: Who's Thomas?

James: He's a small blue tank engine from the Island of Sodor. But I think you already know that, because one of you delivered his trucks, Hurricane!

Hurricane: (realizing that he's been found out) Uh....

Frankie: Oh, oh! That blue tank engine! He's long gone.

James: But where did he go?

Hurricane: Anywhere.

Frankie: Everywhere. I think he wanted to see the world!

James: Well, I need to find him and bring him back to Sodor!

Frankie Of course, he did say he was coming straight back.

Hurricane: He wasn't going off to see the whole world. Just a bit of it.

Frankie: You might as well wait here for him.


Hurricane: (cackles)

Frankie: And make yourself useful.


Theo: We have to rescue him? What do you mean we have to rescue him? We can't do anything.

Merlin: But we can try!

Thomas: We have to try! I don't know what I can do, either, Theo, but James is my friend!

Lexi: And Thomas is our friend!

Merlin: And friends help each other!

Theo: Yes, yes, but....

Lexi: Indeed we do! I certainly think so. This is the most excitement I've had in.... (ring her bell) forever!


Merlin: So, how are we going to rescue Thomas' friend? We need a plan!

Lexi: Thomas broke the gates open before. That's the ticket! We could do the same thing.

Theo: Yeah. Or, and just hear me out, we could leave the gates, uh, where they are.

Merlin: Oh! I can use the powers of stealth to sneak in and rescue James! Nobody will see me. Invisibility on!


Thomas: Or.... Why don't Theo and Lexi create a diversion? They can pretend to have an accident and call for help and while the gates are open, I can rush in and rescue James!

Merlin: But what am I going to do?

Thomas: You'II have to stay back here and keep watch, Merlin! Keeping watch is the most important job of all!

Merlin: Oh, yes!

Theo: C-Couldn't I stay back here too and just watch?

Merlin: No, Theo. You and Lexi need to create a conversion. I'm the one who's going to keep watch!

Lexi: Come on, Theo.

Theo: Oh...


Merlin: Don't worry, Thomas. Those two are bound to be a little nervous. They're not as used to having adventures as we are!


Theo: I think I can't. I think I can't. I know I can't, I... Whoa!

Lexi: (pushing Theo) Speed up, Theo. Move along, move along. You need to go fast!

Theo: (screaming)


Lexi: Now, Theo! Stop!


Frankie: What was that?

Hurricane: I don't know.


Lexi: Help! Help! There's been a derailment! Engine off the line! Emergency! Emergency!


Thomas: James? James? James? Where are you?


Frankie: Oh, no! What's happened? Has someone fallen to pieces?

Hurricane: Have you had an accident? You look kind of messed up, like your pistons are all in the wrong places.

Frankie: (suspicious of Lexi's claim) Hmm, I'm confused. I thought somebody said there had been a derailment.

Lexi: (laughs) Umm....

[While Frankie and Hurricane questioned Lexi about her claims,

Merlin: This is taking too long. Thomas should have been out by now. I hope nothing's happened to him. (gasps) What if he needs my help? Invisibility on!


Lexi: Ah, oh, well, there was a kind of derailment.

[Theo saw Merlin

Theo: Lexi!

Lexi: Bit of an accident. Came off the rails. Whoopsie, he fell right over. (chuckles)

Theo: Lexi!

Lexi: (spotting Merlin) Merlin?


Frankie: Wait a minute! Where's he going? Whoa! Stop!


Merlin: Ah! Ohhh!


James: Ugh, all this soot, ash and heat will positively ruin my paintwork! This is a horrible job for an engine like....

Thomas: James, James!

James: Oh, so there you are! What have you been playing at?

Thomas: James! Keep your voice down.

James: First you take my trucks to the mainland....

Thomas: I'II explain later, James. We really need to go.

James: Oh, I'm more than ready to go!

Thomas: James.

James: In fact, I'd already decided that I was just going to do this one job....

Thomas: It doesn't work like that, James. Frankie and Hurricane won't let you leave!


Merlin: Thomas! You need to hurry! They're coming back! They're coming back!


Hurricane: Thomas!

Merlin: They're back.

Thomas: Quick, James, we've got to get out of here now! Go!

[James strained

Frankie: Stop! You can't leave us on our own!

Thomas: Ah! No!

Hurricane: Look out! Ugh!

[He crash into the ladle trucks

Thomas: Take the tracks that go around the building, James!

James: Ah! Whoa! Ah!


Hurricane: (laughs)

James: Oh!

Hurricane: We can't just let you leave.

Frankie: You're our favourite new engine.

James: Leave me alone.


Hurricane: Ah! Oh...

James: (gasping)


Frankie: Come out, come out, wherever you are.


Frankie: Found you!

James: Ooh!


James: Whoa! Whoa!


James: Whoa!


James: Oh, no!

Hurricane: (laughs) Yeah.

James: Whoa!


Theo: Oh, no, you don't.

James: What?


Thomas: Go, James, go!


Thomas: Ah!


Thomas: Whoa!


James: Oh...

Lexi: Run away, scram, skedaddle!


Thomas: Help! Help! Whoa! Oh... Whoa!


Thomas: Oh, no!

Theo: Don't worry! I'II get you down, Thomas!

Thomas: No! (He's yelling.) Whoa! (He's yelling.)

Hurricane: Thomas! Look out!

Hurricane: Help! My front wheels! I'm melting! I'm melting!

Frankie: Oh, Hurricane! What should I do?

Merlin: Anything!

Thomas: Whoo-hoo!

Theo & Lexi: (They're cheering.)

Frankie: Ohh! Hurricane can't make deliveries with melted wheels and now you're all going to go away and leave us on our own with no help at all.

James: It serves you right, after all the things you've done to Thomas!

Lexi: Aye, keeping him here when he wanted to go home. And trying to trick his friend!

Frankie: But... But... (She's sobbing, while crying.)

Thomas: Frankie? Uh, are you all right?

Frankie: We only wanted some help! There's too much work for just the two of us!

Thomas: But why didn't you ask for help?

Frankie: Nobody wants to work here! All the other engines are too busy to help us. (She's sobbing, while crying continues.)

Thomas: Don't cry, Frankie. Maybe some engines aren't as busy as you think.

Frankie: What? What do you mean?

(Thomas gestures to Theo & Lexi.)

Theo: Wait, us?

Lexi: I don't think so! Nope! Nope. No siree, bob. We're really useless engines.

Thomas: Useless? You're not useless. No engine is useless! Didn't you just help me rescue James? Think positively, Lexi! Ask yourself, what can you do?

Lexi: You mean....anything?

Theo: No, uh, we can't do anything.

Merlin: But we can try!


Narrator: So Thomas and James headed back to Sodor together.

Thomas: I'm sorry I took your trucks, James. I know you wanted to be the one to bring them to the mainland.

James: And I'm sorry about teasing you. I'm not really anyone's favourite engine. If anyone's the favourite, Thomas, it's probably you.

Thomas: Don't be silly, James.


Thomas: Nobody has to be the favourite

It's not a competition in the end

It doesn't matter if you prove that you're the very best

But what will happen when you put your friendship to the test

Never mind about who is the favourite

The most important thing is being friends!

Thomas and James: The most important thing is being friends!


Theo and Lexi: Everybody can help! Everybody join in! When everybody has a part to play

Hurricane: Then everybody can win!

Theo, Lexi, Merlin and Frankie: Everybody can help!

Red, green, yellow or blue!

When you're ready to try

You'll find out what you can do!

Thomas, James and Beresford: Everybody can help!

What I'm saying is true!

When you give it a try

You'll find out what you can do!


Thomas and James: Nobody has to be the favourite

It's not a competition in the end

It doesn't matter if you prove

That you're the very best

But what will happen when you

Put your friendship to the test

Thomas, James and Trevor: Never mind about

Who is the favourite

The most important thing

is being friends

Thomas and James: Nobody has to be the favourite

(Everybody can help)

It's not a competition in the end

(Everybody join in)

The Steam Team (excluding Henry) and Sir Topham Hatt: It doesn't matter if you prove

That you're the very best

Gordon: Everybody can win!

The Steam Team: But what will happen when you

Put your friendship to the test

Hurricane: Never mind about who is the favourite

Theo, Frankie, Hurricane, Merlin and Lexi: The most important thing

is being friends!

The Steam Team: The most important thing

is being friends!

(Henry arrives.)

Henry: What did I miss?

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