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"Keep On Dancing!" is the fourth Hooley Dooleys video and also the only live in concert video. It was released in 2000. The video was filmed in 1999 or 2000 at Parramatta Riverside Theatre which opened in 1988.

Song List

  1. We Are The Hooley Dooleys
  2. Keep On Dancing
  3. Shake It
  4. Itchy
  5. Police Car
  6. I Don't Think So
  7. Show Me
  8. Tippy Toes
  9. Brush My Teeth
  10. With The Hooley Dooleys
  11. Dance Like Tickle
  12. Sneeze
  13. Fishy
  14. Funny Sounds
  15. Train
  16. Beat
  17. Beach
  18. Come on Everybody
  19. Party Song
  20. We Are The Hooley Dooleys (reprise)
  21. Keep On Dancing! (song) (reprise)


The Hooley Dooleys

Characters Voices


  • The Australian VHS release also includes a trailer for Thomas and the Magic Railroad, The Hooley Dooleys Merchandise advertisement at the beginning and ABC for Kids 1998-2005 promo at the end.
  • This video was filmed at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre, Sydney, Australia
  • This is the last video to feature Murray Bartlett who voiced as Russell the Muscly Kangaroo, this is also the last time Bruce wears his suspenders.
  • This is only Hooley Dooleys to be filmed live in concert instead of on the studio set.
  • This is the first Hooley Dooleys video to have David's short haircut, even though his hair was long back in the 90's.



The Hooley Dooleys - Keep On Dancing (2000)