Here is a list of oddities found in ABC For Kids Episodes

Bananas in Pyjamas

Show Business And Treasure Hunt

  • The theme song has a different backing track

Bob the Builder

Bob Saves the Hedgehogs

  • In the US dub, The hedgehogs are incorrectly called porcupines as they are clearly hedgehogs

Travis Paints the Town

  • The title card has a different header font

Bob's Big Plan

  • Although the UK Version had the original intro, the US Version had the Project Build It intro

Engie Benjy

Jollop Mixtures

  • The Logo at the end of the theme song has no text in the wrench


Multiple Episodes

  • The intro has different variants of clips for the theme song as well as the credits but it's instrumental


Ned's Bicycle

  • Tinky Winky was the Boo Shouter but Po said Goodbye for a final time

Naughty Sock

  • Unlike other episodes that feature Funny Lady, the TV Event is played twice (just like in most episodes)

Making Flowers

  • The Teletubbies say their names a 2nd time before Laa-Laa is chosen for the TV Event

Owl Babies

  • The Teletubbies are silent during the Round and Round Dance

Emily and Jester

  • In the UK Version, The voice trumpet rises up much faster than usual and only announces "Time for Tubby Bye Bye" 2 times instead of 3 (just like in the reboot series)


  • In the US version, Po is chosen for the TV Event instead of Laa-Laa

Numbers - 2 (Version 1)

  • In the Chinese dub, the Lion and Bear's voices are completely out of sync

Swimming with Stephanie

  • The UK version is directed by David Hillier on his own whereas the US Version is also directed with Vic Finch

Arthur Robot Story

  • Unlike other episodes there are 2 versions of the TV event


  • When the windmill stops for Tubby Bye-Bye, the stop spinning sound plays twice

Urban Birds

  • When the Magic Windmill stops spinning, the Magical Event tune is used even though there is no Magical Event in this episode


  • When the Windmill spins for the Lion and Bear magical event, the Magic Event tune plays instead of the scary upbeat intro tune

Naughty Horse Returns

  • The audio for the Magic Tree is off sync

Feeding the Sheep in Winter

  • Even though the episode was released in 1997, it was copyrighted as 1998

Snowy Story

  • The transition from the windmill stopping to the voice trumpet rising to announce "Time for Tubby Bye Bye" is abrupt

Irish Dancing

  • The transition from the windmill stopping to the voice trumpet rising to announce "Time for Tubby Bye Bye" is abrupt

Asian Storyteller (The Fox)

  • The Chinese dub has part of the edited sketch of the Lion and the Bear and the rest being the original instead of the complete edited sketch


  • In the Chinese dub, the original sketch of the Lion and Bear is shown instead of the edited one

Timmy Time

Timmy Says Sorry

  • Some sounds are faintly heard in the theme song
  • The title card has no writer credit

The Wiggles

The Party

  • The Wiggly Trivia has a slightly different font than in other episodes

Funny Greg

  • The music for the sequence of Emma Ryan painting The Wiggles logo at the end of this episode is out of sync

Wiggle Food

  • Dorothy giggles at the beginning of the credits

I Swing My Baton

  • There is no Who's Missing segment at the end
  • The end credits take place in the Dorothy's Dance Class Segment

Thomas and Friends

Thomas and the Rumours

  • The US title retains the UK spelling of Rumours even though it should have been retitled to "Thomas and the Rumors"

Thomas' New Trucks

  • The US title retains the word Trucks even though it should have been retitled to "Thomas' New Cars"


Fizz's Birthday

  • No one pushes the clock for Story Time

Blinky Bill

Blinky Bill and the Earthquake

  • When this episode was released on ABC For Kids Bumper Collection, it was cut down to 5 minutes

Johnson And Friends

Battle Of The Bed

  • At the beginning of the pillow fight game Alfred doesn't have his patch

The Concert

  • The Narrator said it was daytime but in fact it was night-time
  • During Diesel's performance Alfred doesn't have his patch

Baby Of The Family

  • In the middle of the episode Alfred doesn't have his patch but at the end he does

Crying Wolf

  • Alfred doesn't have his patch

Being Good

  • Alfred doesn't have his patch

Diesel Tries To Fly

  • The Season 2 designs of McDuff and Alfred were used when Diesel planenapped them

The Homecoming

  • Squeaky wasn't credited in the end credits

The Three Little Pigs

  • The Season 2 design of McDuff was used when she was being blown away

The Money Box

  • Another McDuff model was seen behind Johnson
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