Murray the Web-Surfing Mouse

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Murray is a CGI animated mouse who was made in Alias Wavefront Maya and he only appears in the video Come on Over to Barney's House.


Murray is Barney's computer mouse. He wears blue glasses and has yellow hair. He also carries around his surf board and wears beach clothes.

As his name implies, Murray loves surfing (web surfing, that is!) When Murray gets plugged in via his tail, he can search for anything on the web.

Murray also has a theme ("Surfin' on the World Wide Web") that first appeared in the same video.


  • Murray also appeared in the book version of the video, Come on Over to Barney's House!.
  • Murray somewhat resembles Chuck E. Cheese the mouse, the mascot of the pizza restaurant chain of the same name. Bob West, who was the voice of Barney at the time, previously worked for the company as well, the another voice of Barney, Duncan Brannan, was also into it as well.
    • In addition to this, Murray may also be based off of one of The Beach Boys.
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