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NCircle Entertainment is a company that owned DVD distribution rights to various Sprout and Nick Jr. shows, as well as older series.

NCircle's distribution of Wiggles videos began in 2011 with It's Always Christmas With You!, and ended with Wiggle House in 2015, when NCircle's DVD distribution rights for Wiggles DVDs expired and they chose to not renew the deal. After the distributied rights expired they switched to Kaboom! Entertainment in 2016 for only one year.

Wiggles Videos Distributed by NCircle

First wave of Wiggles reissues (minus Yummy Yummy) in an early 2012 NCircle insert

Various Wiggles releases in mid 2012 NCircle insert

Second wave of Wiggles reissues in late 2012 NCircle insert

"Meet the New Wiggles" page in 2013 NCircle insert

"The Wiggles and Classic Wiggles" iTunes banner

"Meet the New Wiggles" page in 2015 NCircle insert

NCircle explains the rights for Wiggles DVDs expired in 2015

Reissued by NCircle

Originally by NCircle

Bonus DVDs containing The Wiggles

Videos distributed through iTunes

All videos until It's Always Christmas With You! were first released by Warner Home Video, before the rights transferred over to NCircle. They are no longer available for purchase on iTunes as of late 2016.