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Percy Takes the Plunge is the eleventh episode of the second series. It is based on the story of the same name from the Railway Series book The Eight Famous Engines.


One day at the harbour, a tired Henry is looking to rest in the sheds after a hard day's work, but instead of peace, he finds Percy telling Bill and Ben about the time he braved bad weather to help Thomas' passengers return home. However, Percy is embellishing the tale, as he speaks about how he braved through flood waters using the phrase "Water's nothing to an engine with determination.". The twins shower Percy with praise and Henry angrily sends them away, as the sheds are only for engines belonging to the Fat Controller.

Bill and Ben leave and Percy is angry, having been enjoying himself. However, Henry just tells Percy how silly his line about water and determination is. Percy leaves, but not without quickly reminding Henry of when he refused to leave a tunnel because of the rain.

Later, Percy meets Thomas at the quayside who is looking at a "Danger" board. Thomas tells Percy that they must not go past it and tells him about the time he passed a board and fell down a mine. Percy cannot see a mine, not knowing that the foundations of the quay have sunk and the track now slopes downward into the sea. As a result Percy, who is now feeling very cheeky, remarks that the board is stupid and makes a plan to ignore it.

As he brings some trucks to the harbour, Percy asks them to bump him when they arrive at the quay. The trucks happily agree, having never been asked to bump an engine before. Percy's plan is to pretend to stop at the quay and then have the trucks bump him past the board after which he can make them stop. However, Percy, in his foolishness, has forgotten that trucks are never to be trusted.

At the quay, the trucks bump Percy hard enough that both his crew jerk off the footplate and push him past the board. Percy is frantic and urges the trucks to stop, but it is no use and Percy slides downward into the sea. Later, the Fat Controller scolds Percy for his deliberate disobedience and carelessness. Percy wants to get out, but the Fat Controller explains that they must wait until high tide and hopes that this will teach Percy to obey orders. When night falls, cranes are brought in to pull Percy from the sea, who is now too cold, weak, filthy, grimy and stiff to move.

The next morning, Percy is taken to the works to be cleaned and mended along with Henry's goods train, who finds the incident very amusing after Percy's earlier boasts. Henry teases Percy, telling him he needs more determination and that perhaps he will like it better next time. Percy, however, hopes there will be no next time.


  • Percy
  • Henry
  • Thomas
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Bill and Ben (not named)
  • Diesel (cameo)


  • The first appearance of Bill and Ben in the TV Series.