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"Photo Gallery" is a DVD extra included on many Wiggles releases, beginning with Hoop-Dee-Doo it's a Wiggly Party. In it, multiple production and promotional photos relating to the DVD are shown accompanied by music, sometimes instrumental versions of songs.

In recent years, it has often been the only special feature included on DVDs. It is sometimes listed under different titles such as "Wiggly Photo Gallery" or "Fun Photo Gallery", but simply "Photo Gallery" is the first and most common name for this feature.

Appears in

Dorothy the Dinosaur DVDs

The Kingdom of Paramithi DVDs

Other DVDs


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  • Background songs or music such as Wiggly Party play over the photos.
  • When a video is edited for international release, the Photo Gallery feature is rarely changed. For example, Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba was removed from the North American DVD releases of Pop Go The Wiggles!, but pictures of that music video still appear in the Photo Gallery, and an instrumental version of the song is also used. One notable exception is Wiggle Pop!, which saw the removal of the song Shoulder Pop not just from the DVD itself in North America, but the music as Spotted Cars and almost all photos relating to it were removed from the Photo Gallery as well.