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Pirate Radio is the 8th episode of the 22-minute version of TV Series 5.


It's the Wiggles Show! Jeff and Greg greet everyone.

The Wiggles are here, except for Jeff. Can you help us find Jeff at the Wiggly concert?

Song #1 - Where's Jeff? – concert

Jeff in a life vest says it's time to visit Captain Feathersword and meet Beccy Bluegrass.

Captain hails his crew, but the friendly pirate crew are not their normal selves. Ben says we don't have any music. The pirate radio is broken. Captain offers to use his magic buttons to play the radio. Dapper Dave requests opera and Captain sings a quick song. Cool Clarky wants to hear rock-n-roll. Captain pushes the button and sounds like a DJ announcing. He sings Hot Potato in an Elvis voice. Caterina wants to hear her favorite country music singer Beccy Bluegrass. Captain tries his buttons, but they don't work. Anthony and Jeff appear and offer to bring Beccy with their Big Red Boat. They arrive with Beccy, and she sings Rock-a-Bye Your Bear. Jeff's asleep. 1, 2, 3, Wake up, Jeff! Everyone applauds. Caterina remarks how those pirate magic buttons saved the day.

Song #2 - Captain's Magic Buttons (featuring Beccy)

Murray says hello.

Greg says it's off to the Wiggly Concert.

Song #3 - Hoop Dee Doo – concert

Murray and Anthony introduce Wiggly Animation.

Song #4 - Vegetable Soup – animated

Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet - H is for harmonica, and Alfonso introduces the dance where he plays the harmonica with one hand and does train chugging motions with his other arm.

Jeff asks everyone to do the flap dance together.

Song #5 - Do the Flap

Jeff says how he likes to ride in the big red car, and sleep on the seat. Greg reminds everyone to buckle up when you ride.

Song #6 - Big Red Car

Murray waves goodbye.

Alternate titles

  • Country Music (Playhouse Disney title)


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