Postman Pat and the Barometer


Postman pat and the Barometer is the fourth special of the TV series Postman Pat. The VHS release contains a bonus episode from Season 1.


Postman Pat and the Barometer

Early one morning, Pat goes to check his barometer. It is pointing to snow, however the sun is shining and the skies are clear outside, despite it being very cold. He tells Mrs. Goggins about the barometer however she doesn't believe it could be true especially since Winter hasn't arrived yet.

The uncertainty continues; Miss Hubbard, and Dr. Gilbertson, both explaining how they believe using a barometer is outdated. No one he visits seems to believe him. Granny Dryden did mention that snow would have arrived already at this time of year when she was little however the skies carried on being clear and the sun carried on shining. As Pat reaches the school, Mr. Pringle and the schoolchildren are going to Burkhowl barn on a nature walk, although Mr. Pringle has no fears about the weather since he read in the newspaper the weather was set fine until the weekend.

Continuing with his rounds, the Reverend did mention that he had a slight feeling it would snow although changed his mind earlier in the day as the skies were clear. However, the wind does blow the clouds in and on his visit to Julia Pottage, snowflakes start falling. Mr Pringle is too busy describing the nature scenes to notice the snow, and slips and twists his ankle meaning he and the schoolchildren are now stuck in the snow, thus taking shelter in a nearby barn.

Meanwhile, Pat delivers a parcel to George Lancaster and he is on his way again, but the snow is getting deeper and the road is very slippery. Whilst coming downhil, Pat slides backwards into a field, but luckily the gate is open. Pat manages to get back to the school to pick up Julian. But the schoolchildren aren't back. Pat and Ted Glen then go and try and find the children in Ted's lorry, and despite getting a bit lost and getting stuck in a snow drift and breaking down, they find Mr. Pringle and the children and return them to the school safely.

Back at the school, residents of Greendale praise Pat and his barometer and tell him they will always rely on the barometer in the future; also, Mr. Pringle discovers he thankfully has only sprained his ankle slightly and just needs a bit of rest.

Postman Pat Goes Sledging

Heavy snow has fallen in Greendale and Peter Fogg is clearing the roads with his tractor and bulldozer blade. When Pat calls at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins warns him about the ten foot drifts up at Intake Farm and gives him a parcel to take to George Lancaster at Hill Top Farm. Pat calls at Greendale Farm, where Katy and Tom throw a snowball at him. He throws one back, but it hits Alf by mistake. But Alf doesn't mind at all, as he knows it's only a bit of fun. The road is blocked and the tractor's bulldozer blade is stuck in a snowdrift. Pat offers to help Ted and Alf dig it out. After giving Mrs Pottage her letters, he sets off.

Peter is already digging when the men arrive. They help him dig the snow away. Peter tests the tractor. At first, the snowdrift doesn't move. He reverses the tractor and tries again. This time, he gets through. With the road now clear, Pat says goodbye to the twins and sets off again. He calls at the vicarage with a letter for the Reverend. But Dr Gilbertson is also there, as the Reverend has fallen on the ice and broken his leg. Pat gives him the letter and offers to deliver the Parish Magazines for the Reverend. Pat then goes up the hill to Thompson Ground.

When Pat arrives, he is told by Mrs Thompson that Peter had to go back down the hill because the snow was so bad. Pat plans to walk to Hill Top but Alf offers to take him on the farm sledge as he has to take some food for the sheep. Pat and Alf load up the sledge. Mrs Thompson gives them some groceries to take to George. They set off. The sheep are glad to see them. Pat and Alf notice that George's house is nearly buried! Since George is not in, Pat leaves the parcel and the groceries on the table.

Pat and Alf go back to Thompson Ground. At first, they fall off the sledge and tumble down a hill in the snow, but they get back on it and ride it all the way back. It crashes into the farm shed. Pat and Alf go inside for a cup of tea. Pat thanks Alf for the ride and sets off in his van. The rest of his round is in the valley. The roads have been cleared and gritted. Pat jokes to his cat: "No more digging or sledging today. It takes more than snow to stop us, Jess."

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