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Postman Pat and the Toy Soldiers is a special Postman Pat episode that was broadcast on Christmas Eve 1993. It was possibly the first one produced, followed by Postman Pat Takes The Bus. The VHS release contains a bonus episode from Season 1.


Postman Pat and the Toy Soldiers

Alf Thompson is making his way through the village with his tractor and a trailer full of hay when he runs into a traffic jam outside the village post office: Pat having left his van outside the post office and a mystery driver having left a builder's lorry on the other side of the road, both having been left so there's hardly any room for Alf to pass without hitting them. With Alf blocking the road, this stops Miss Hubbard on her bike and Peter Fogg on his motorbike, leaving them unable to go through either. At the same time, while Pat is on his round with the letters for the village, Sara catches up to him and informs him that during his rush, he'd forgotten to bring his sandwiches, so she's brought them to him, wrapped up like a parcel. Pat then makes light humor that he'd better not mistake Sara's packing job for a regular parcel.

Back at the post office, despite help from PC Selby and everyone else, Alf is still unable to get through until the lorry's drivers arrive: Ted Glen and Major Forbes. The Major apologizes for the traffic jam and explains that he'd borrowed the lorry as Ted is helping him mend the roof at Garner Hall. As soon as Pat returns, the Major informs Pat of an upcoming delivery of toy soldiers for his collection and asks that Pat make sure the parcel is delivered safely. As soon as Ted moves the lorry, everybody else can go on their way again. In the post office, while Pat is helping Mrs. Goggins sort out the letters and parcels for the country, they discover an address label that has fallen off one of two parcels with no address. Pat decides to put the label on one and keep the other parcel.

Upon arrival at Garner Hall, Pat rings the doorbell and knocks on the door, only for the door to open. When Major Forbes doesn't show up, Pat decides to leave the parcel he's brought in on the table. Pat then hears a noise upstairs, but brushes it off as his imagination playing tricks and leaves. Once he's finished the morning half of his round, Pat and Jess go to a hill to have a picnic lunch, but when Pat opens the parcel, he finds toy soldiers in it instead of sandwiches. Pat quickly realizes that the parcel he's got is the one that lost the address label and the one he delivered is the one with the sandwiches, so he decides to go back and clear up the mess with the Major.

When Pat arrives at Garner Hall, he finds the Reverend Timms soothing the Major and PC Selby surveying the ground for clues. The Major explains that sometime between Pat's delivery and his own arrival, a pair of thieves broke into Garner Hall and stole the Major's prized collection of toy soldiers, adding that the funny thing about the break-in is that the robbers left their sandwiches behind in the rush. Pat clears up the misunderstanding and delivers the real parcel of soldiers, to which the Major praises Pat for saving the new soldiers from being stolen as well. With assurance from the Reverend Timms, Pat goes to the doorway to retrieve his sandwiches, but PC Selby blocks the doorway and informs Pat that he can't go in because they need to check for fingerprints and that the sandwiches are evidence (the robbers possibly mistaking them for the new delivery of toy soldiers). Pat has no choice but to go home and have lunch there while explain the morning's events to Sara and promising to pick up Julian after school.

As Pat starts the afternoon half of his round, he comes across Peter Fogg trying to mend his motorbike (Peter explains that the brakes on the front wheel have jammed on) and promises to send for Ted Glen while delivering Peter the latest issue of his motorbike magazine. At Thompson Ground, Pat arrives just in time to have a cup of tea with Ted and the Thompsons (who are supplying Ted with the wood for the roof of Garner Hall). Pat tells Alf and Dorothy about the robbery and Ted that Peter needs help mending his motorbike. When Pat arrives at Intake Farm, he sees PC Selby leaving and asks for the latest news on the Garner Hall Robbery. PC Selby explains that while the robbers were caught on the road to Pencaster, there is no sign of the missing toy soldiers and requests that Pat keep his eyes open for anything suspicious, which Pat promises to do.

Pat then delivers George the latest issue of his farming magazine and George tells Pat about a dream he'd had the previous night involving chickens. Before Pat leaves, he discovers that Jess has escaped the van and gone off to chase rabbits. Pat finds Jess has got himself stuck in a rabbit hole and manages to pull him out, making something fly out as well. George recognizes it as a toy soldier as he used to have a set when he was young, to which Pat remembers PC Selby's instructions and reaches into the rabbit hole to find a blue shopping bag which, sure enough, contains all the missing toy soldiers. Pat surmises the robbers had stashed the loot in the rabbit hole on their way to Pencaster in the hopes of avoiding getting caught with the stolen property and praises Jess for finding them.

On the way back to Garner Hall, Pat picks up Julian from school and tells him about the day's events. When they arrive, Pat announces the recovered toy soldier collection as a "Special Delivery" and the Major praises Pat for finding them and bringing them back safely. After Pat tells the whole story again (and Julian vouches that Jess is the real hero), Ted agrees that a rabbit hole is a good place to hide stolen property and gives Pat the afternoon edition of the Pencaster Gazette, telling him to check out page 3. As Pat and Julian head off for home, Julian discovers that page 3 has an article announcing a reward of 500 pounds to anybody who finds the Major's toy soldiers. Pat decides they should claim the reward and use it to buy a lot of fish for Jess, but first, they'll go home and tell Sara about it (with Julian offering to tell her first).

Postman Pat's Tractor Express

Pat calls at the post office to collect a registered letter to the camp site, and a parcel for Granny Dryden. Pat has to help Peter Fogg get some wandering sheep out of Mr. Jackson's Garden, then he delivers Granny Dryden's parcel and asks her to get a new digital watch, then he deliver some eggs and a registered letter to some campers.

The letter is too valuable to leave and the campers are at the waterfall. Pat's van cannot travel along the bumpy road so Miss Hubbard borrows a tractor and takes him on a rather bumpy ride to the waterfall. When Pat returns to his van, he sees that a hen has somehow got in and laid an egg.


  • 1994 Reprint