Postman Pat and the Tuba is the third special in the TV series Postman Pat. The VHS release includes an episode from the first season as a bonus feature, Pat's Windy Day.


Postman Pat and the Tuba

At the post office, Granny Dryden tells Mrs. Goggins to tell Pat to go to her house. When Pat arrives, he goes into the attic and finds a tuba. He blows into it, giving Granny Dryden a fright. Pat then goes to Ted Glen's workshop. He gives a blow into the tuba and nearly gives Ted Glen a headache. Ted puts rags down the tuba and Pat goes to deliver more letters. But his van won't start. Ted takes Pat in his lorry to the post office so Pat can take the post bus. On the way, Pat blows into his tuba, frightning residents including P.C. Selby, who crashes into a dustbin on his bike.

They reach the post office and Pat takes the bus. He practises his tuba again at Thompson Ground, which frightens Dorothy Thompson so much that she runs out of the farm house carrying a pitch fork. Pat decides it's probably best to practise somewhere where he can't frighten anyone. He stops by a tree to practice, where he naps and has a dream that he is a player in the band. After he wakes up, he blows into his tuba, not knowing that Miss Hubbard's garden is just behind the hedge, causing her to cut her tulips. Pat delivers the letters to Miss Hubbard, who asks about the noise. Pat says he doesn't know and leaves.

Pat's Windy Day

It is a windy day in Greendale and Pat is finding it difficult to steer his van. Alf Thompson is nearly blown off his feet. Suddenly, Pat sees a fallen tree blocking the road; he stops and gets out to look at it. Peter Fogg is on the other side; he walks off to get a chainsaw to cut the tree up. Pat takes the branches away so Peter can lift the tree out of the way.

After the road is unblocked, Pat goes back to his van, but it has gone. He soon finds it safe and sound next to Sam's Mobile Shop. Sam had moved the van to protect it from branches that may be a threat to its paint work. Suddenly as Pat drives on his way, the van's engine starts to splutter and clank. Pat stops and gets out to check the engine and the wind blows his hat off. Pat chases after the hat but he cannot catch it and the wind blows it into a stream. So Pat gives up on it and goes back to the van. He soon spots the trouble with the engine; a cable has snapped, but it is no trouble to fix. Pat puts the problem right and is soon on his way again.

When Pat calls at the school, his letters get blown away. The children help to catch them and Bill Thompson takes them to the Headmaster. Towards the end of his windy round, Pat sees a flying towel belonging to Granny Dryden. He helps her catch her washing and she shows him a scarecrow which is wearing Pat's hat. Pat puts his hat back on his head, thanks the scarecrow for looking after it for him and heads off for home in his van.

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