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"Ready Set... Go!" is the second Hooley Dooleys video. It was released in 1998. The video was filmed in 1997-1998.

Song List

  1. We Are The Hooley Dooleys
  2. Shake Your Body
  3. Russell And Tickle
  4. Fire Truck Song (instrumental)
  5. Aeroplane
  6. Ooga Chuga (In The Jungle)
  7. Pizza
  8. 1,2,3 - A,B,C
  9. Bonjour!
  10. Jump, Jump, Jumping
  11. Train
  12. I'm A Washing Machine
  13. Ready, Set... Go!
  14. In The Sandpit
  15. Walking In The Park (instrumental)
  16. Moonwalk
  17. Swimming In The Pool
  18. Party Song
  19. Walking In The Park (instrumental) (reprise)
  20. We Are The Hooley Dooleys (reprise)
  21. Ooga Chuga (In The Jungle) (reprise)


The Hooley Dooleys

Character Voices


  • Ooga Chuga (In The Jungle) and The Party Song were performed at an ABC Kids Concert from 1998 called "Showtime" along with songs from The Hooley Dooleys and Splash.
  • The songs Train and The Party Song were released on the Keep On Dancing video. However they weren't on the Keep on Dancing album.
  • This is the second out of two Hooley Dooleys videos to end in the Roadshow Entertainment logo.
  • This is the first Hooley Dooleys video in which David, Bruce and Antoine are wearing something on their T-shirts. Bruce is wearing a yellow T-shirt with hat and violin as well as suspenders, David is wearing a blue T-shirt with saxophone and Antoine is wearing a red T-shirt with a special Eiffel Tower from France. This is also the first video in which Bruce is wearing a hat.



The Hooley Dooleys - Ready, Set... Go! (1998)