This is a list of ABC for Kids references being made in other ABC for Kids shows.

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina's Baby Sister


Multiple Episodes

  • Larry the Lemon is a parody of B1 and B2 from Bananas in Pyjamas

Attack of the Turbo Tibbles

  • Two of the shows the Tibble Twins watch is a parody of The Busy World of Richard Scarry where Huckle is a bat instead of a cat and Pumpkins in Pants which is a parody of Bananas in Pyjamas

The Contest

  • The characters in the show Andy and Company are identical to the clothing worn on The Little Lulu Show
  • Muffy's story 'My Life as a TV Show' features her being called the fifth Teletubby due to her dress resembling Dipsy's

D.W.'s Library Card

  • Chippy the Choo-Choo is a reference to Thomas & Friends

Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain

  • The Adventures of Zut Zut is a parody of The Adventures of Tintin with Commander and Waggy being based on Captain Haddock and Snowy respectively

Jenna's Bedtime Blues

  • A parody of Sesame Street can be seen on a television

The Secret Life of Dogs & Babies

  • Vidiboobies is a parody of Teletubbies

The Squirrels

  • In Silly Squirrels, one of the squirrels wears an antenna on its head similar to the Teletubbies

Strangers on a Train

  • Two train whistles are the same sound effects used on Thomas & Friends for Lady, Rainbow Sun, Ferdinand, Millie, Carlos and Lexi

That's a Baby Show

  • Love Ducks is a parody of Teletubbies

Barney & Friends

What's in a Name

  • Hannah teaches Linda the letters of the Alphabet, where the latter knows about the letter C saying that C is for Cookie.

Bob the Builder

Scrambler to the Rescue

  • A toy train resembling Thomas the Tank Engine can be seen in the toy factory, complete with Thomas’ whistle, coaches with a similar colour to the Green Express Coaches and the face being a cutout from The Railway Series illustrated by Clive Spong
  • One of the Fire Engine toys from Pingu and the Toy makes an appearance

The Ferals

Couch Potatoes

  • Bananas in Pyjamas and Blinky Bill are referenced

Exam Fever

  • Blinky Bill is Mentioned.

Feral TV

  • B1 Makes An Appearance.

Feral TV

Mighty Dorky Power Whingers

  • Kerry makes a reference to Bananas in Pyjamas at the end.

Fireman Sam


  • The Pontypandy Flyer's whistle sound is exactly the same one used for Spencer in Thomas & Friends


Spot Stays Overnight

  • Steve has a Babar toy in his bed



  • One of the kids has a Bananas in Pyjamas hat

Rocking Chair

  • A Barney plush is seen in the TV Event

Thomas & Friends


  • Bill and Ben's names a likely a reference to Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men

A Ghost on the Track (book)

  • See Halloween in Anopha

Halloween in Anopha (book)

  • A child dressed as Bob the Builder can be seen

The Wiggles

Big Red Car

  • In Dorothy's Dance Party, Anthony Silvestrini wears a Thomas the Tank Engine T-Shirt


  • One of the kids in the audience wears a Bananas in Pyjamas T-shirt

Jeff the Mechanic

  • In the Kindergarten Segments, one of the kids has a Bob the Builder Shirt

The Wiggly Big Show

  • One of the Kids in the audience wears a Teletubbies T-Shirt

Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!

  • Bananas in Pyjamas is mentioned during a Network Wiggles News segment where Dorothy the Dinosaur & some kids visit a library
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