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Rusty To the Rescue is The 93rd episode of Thomas and Friends.


Every spring, Rusty enjoys visiting far away places, especially the Bluebell Railway where Rusty thinks there is no better place to visit. One morning, while Rusty is being refuelled, Thomas passes by, remarking that Rusty's driver looks worried. Rusty is initially unsure but asks what the problem is, which turns out to be that the Bluebell Railway needs another engine to keep the railway running. Rusty is intrigued by the idea of finding a "Bluebell Engine."

Later, Rusty consults with Douglas about finding another engine on the Other Railway, which is where he found Oliver. Douglas is willing to help, but notes that only diesels travel there. Rusty readily accepts the idea and decides to go there. That evening, the driver comes with news that the manager will make a home for a bluebell engine if they find one. Rusty knows that they can do so the following day.

The next day, their journey takes them an entire day to travel and when they make it to the Other Railway, it is nighttime with cold wind blowing. Creaks of lonely scrap are heard and Rusty pulls up beside the diesels lined up on guard. Rusty escapes the diesels' suspicion by bluffing about being an "inspection diesel" and asks if any engines are in the shed. The diesels note there are none alone in a shed. Not giving up, Rusty asks about the sidings and the diesels state they do have one engine. Rusty plucks up bravery and vows to go check to see the situation.

A tank engine with a tall funnel is feeling sad and lonely in a shadowy siding. His driver is in the cab trying to console him. Rusty comes up beside him and asks him if he likes bluebells. The engine replies puzzledly that he believes bluebells are beautiful and Rusty promises to save him from scrap, so the workmen work fast to revive him. It is initially difficult to light the fire, but it soon burns nicely with plenty of steam. Rusty's engineer promises to be the new fireman. And together, the two engines leave past the line of diesels and head off for the Bluebell Railway. The diesels ask where the engine is going and Rusty replies that he is just going down the line. Rusty is very proud that both engines are back on the border and on the railway as they have finally accomplished the mission.

The next morning, Rusty and the new engine arrive at the valley station where a big welcome awaits. The manager has the new engine mended and given a new coat of paint, much to the delight of his driver as the engine had been saved by the Bluebell Railway and thanks Rusty for everything. The engine is as happy as he can be helping passengers when they visit the Bluebell Railway. The engine is named Stepney, but he is colloquially nicknamed the "Bluebell Engine."


  • Rusty
  • Stepney
  • Thomas
  • Douglas
  • Percy


  • The first appearance is Stepney the Bluebell Engine in the TV series.