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Sing A Song with Blinky Bill is a Blinky Bill video that was released in 1997.


Following the coloured words and sing along with these 22 terrific animated songs featuring all your favourite characters from the movie and television series.

Song list

  1. Hey Hey Blinky Bill
  2. Blinky the Detective
  3. Arithmetic Song
  4. The Fire Brigade
  5. Vote for Me
  6. Ross Higgins - Gribbit (Frog Song)
  7. If A Peli-can, A Cat Should Not
  8. Mystery, Mayhem and Magic
  9. Granny's Glasses
  10. The Magic Flute
  11. Who's on the Menu Tonight
  12. Country Girls
  13. I'm Old Man Wombat
  14. The Ghost of the Cave
  15. How I Hate Koalas
  16. Nutsy's Ballad
  17. Teaching Must Be Easier Than This
  18. Snakes Are So Superior
  19. Don't Try To Sing Underwater
  20. Whistle Song
  21. Robyne Dunn, Geoff Robertson & Kevin Bennett - You and Me
  22. Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man


  • This is the only Blinky Bill video to have the ABC Video Logo on the Bottom Left Corner rather than the bottom right
  • You and Me is taken from the 1997 album “Between You and Me”
  • Working Class Man is taken from the 1985 album “For The Working Class Man”


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