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Steam Roller is the 90th episode of Thomas & Friends.


Sir Handel has recently had some new broad wheels fitted. He is very proud of them, but the other engines tease him due to their unusual shape, calling them "steamroller wheels" to his annoyance. Peter Sam, who is sympathetic, refers to the time when he got a new funnel and was teased about it, until the other engines learned how useful it is. Sir Handel, who believes the other engines are simply jealous, announces that his wheels are just as special as Peter Sam's funnel and claims that he can go faster than the others. Skarloey, attempting to bring Sir Handel down to size, tells him that he would be the perfect engine to deal with George, a grumpy anti-railway steamroller who is working nearby. Sir Handel proudly proclaims that he will send George packing.

Later that day, Sir Handel meets George at the level crossing. The two immediately develop a mutual animosity towards each other, with George accusing Sir Handel of pretending to be as good as him. Sir Handel simply replies that he is better and cheerfully puffs away, leaving George fuming.

Sir Handel is later bringing a special train home when he meets George on the road alongside the railway. George is travelling extremely close to the line, making it very difficult for Sir Handel to pass. Sir Handel whistles to get George's attention, but he ignores the little engine and the two soon start trading insults. As Sir Handel finally passes George, the steamroller deliberately rams into his trucks, derailing them and bringing the train to a stop. Both vehicles and their crews get into a long argument over whose fault it was until a policeman arrives to sort out the situation. Everyone soon gets to work clearing up the mess.

The next day, the workmen put up a fence between the road and the railway. They then leave, taking George with them. Sir Handel claims credit and becomes even more conceited, much to the despair of the other engines. Later, however, some boys arrive and immediately start teasing Sir Handel about his race with George. Sir Handel has never spoken about steamrollers since.