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Super Wiggles is an upcoming Wiggles album that is set to release on April 1, 2022.


  1. Meet The Wiggles
  2. Sing Together
  3. Sunflower Power
  4. The Friendship Song
  5. Bok the Super Puppet
  6. Big Strong John
  7. Hooray for Teachers
  8. Super Soup
  9. Boom, Boom, Boom, You're A Superhero
  10. Lollipop Person
  11. Choppy Checker
  12. Unicorn March
  13. Put Your Life Vest On
  14. Super Ballet Man
  15. Rocket Girl
  16. Super Granny
  17. Hey Tsehay!
  18. The Garbage Truck Song
  19. Mermaid Kisses
  20. The Scrubbing Song
  21. Land of the Missing Socks
  22. Is There A Superhero Around?


  • This is the first album to have Caterina as the new Red Wiggle.
  • This album is the first to properly include the The Fruit Salad TV Wiggles (not including their albums based of the YouTube series).
  • This is the first Wiggles album to be released on April Fools Day.
  • This is the first mainstream album to have Tsehay as the Yellow Wiggle.