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The Best of Thomas and Friends - Volume 1 is an Australian DVD. It contains four first series, four second series, five third series, four fourth series, three fifth series, and five sixth series episodes.


All aboard for trainloads of fun with 25 of your favourite Thomas & Friends episodes.

Join Thomas and his friends as they take you on adventures with ghost stories, dragon encounters, train rescues and a lot of mischievous engine behaviour!

The Best of Thomas & Friends stars all your favourite characters including Thomas, Gordon, James, Edward, Bertie, Percy, Diesel, Duck, Duke, Stepney, Harold the Helicopter and of course The Fat Controller!


  1. Thomas and Gordon
  2. Edward and Gordon
  3. James and the Coaches
  4. Thomas, Terence and the Snow
  5. Bertie's Chase
  6. Percy and the Signal
  7. Dirty Work
  8. Ghost Train
  9. Thomas Gets Bumped
  10. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
  11. Trust Thomas
  12. Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
  13. Buzz, Buzz
  14. Sleeping Beauty
  15. Thomas and Stepney
  16. Paint Pots and Queens
  17. Thomas and the Special Letter
  18. Cranky Bugs
  19. Stepney Gets Lost
  20. Rusty and the Boulder
  21. A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter
  22. Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry
  23. It's Only Snow
  24. Scaredy Engines
  25. James and the Red Balloon


  • Edward and Gordon, Thomas, Terence and the Snow, Bertie's Chase, Percy and the Signal, Thomas Gets Bumped, and Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party use restored footage.
  • Thomas and the Breakdown Train was going to be featured in the DVD, according to the episode list description on various websites. However, it is actually not featured.


  • Because Thomas and the Breakdown Train was not featured, the description says 26 episodes instead of 25.
  • Emily is shown on the cover, but she is not featured in any of the episodes.