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"The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video" is a Wiggles video all about Dorothy and The Wiggly Friends. It features clips from TV Series 2.

The video was a released on May 10, 1999, in between the releases of Toot Toot and The Wiggly Big Show.

The Wiggles don't appear in this video. However, the Wiggle Puppets do appear. However, you can hear The Wiggles themselves when they tell stories, sing in some songs, and are mentioned in parts of the video.

Song list

  1. Hey, It's Dorothy The Dinosaur Show! (Intro)
  2. Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy! (Wiggle Puppets)
  3. Wigglemix (Wiggle Puppets)
  4. Wave to Wags (Wiggle Puppets)
  5. Wake Up Jeff Medley Mix Up
  6. Move Your Arms Like Henry (Wiggle Puppets)
  7. A Frog Went A Walking (from Wake Up Jeff!)
  8. Get Ready To Wiggle (Wiggle Puppets)
  9. Dorothy the Dinosaur (Tell me Who is That Knocking?) (Closing, from Toot Toot)


  1. Dorothy the Dinosaur introduces the video
  2. Dorothy and Wags have Breakfast