The Grand Opening is the 177th episode of Thomas and Friends.


The engines are working on maintenance for a new station and the Fat Controller announces that he will arrive on Harold with Lady Hatt for the grand opening. Skarloey turns up late for the announcement, after doing maintenance work on the new line, and the Fat Controller is cross and worried that he may be late for the grand opening of Rumblin Bridge station.

When they arrive at Dryaw Airfield, they find out that Harold is having engine trouble and is unable to go anywhere. Lady Hatt is upset, but the Fat Controller gets the idea to use the hot air balloon. It takes off and they are on their way.

Skarloey is waiting for workmen to load some branches on his truck and gets impatient. The Fat Controller sees this and worries that Skarloey will be late again, and the other engines at the opening are concerned about Skarloey. Skarloey is finally on his way.

Meanwhile, the balloon's burner runs out of fuel and Lady Hatt panics, saying she wants to get out, but the Fat Controller knows that they cannot. Skarloey sees the balloon falling onto a tree next to him, and sees the Fat Controller. The Fat Controller and Lady Hatt's hats are ruined, but the Fat Controller is delighted to see Skarloey. The driver offers them a ride, and Skarloey safely takes them to the grand opening. 

Although Rusty points out it does not change the fact that Skarloey was still late, Skarloey states that because he was late, the Fat Controller was right on time.


  • Peter Sam
  • Rusty
  • Skarloey
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