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The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop is the 164th episode of Thomas and Friends.


It is summer and the narrow gauge engines are busy as usual. The hot sun makes the passengers very thirsty which keeps the refreshment lady very busy. The Fat Controller gives Peter Sam the job of taking her around the railway to find a suitable spot for a new tea room. Peter Sam is sure that he can find her a beautiful place.

Peter Sam takes the refreshment lady across bridges, through the woods, across the causeway and past Whispering Waterfall. But at the end of the day, the refreshment lady cannot decide which place she likes best, wishing she could build a shop at each place. Peter Sam is disappointed and does not feel useful at all.

That night, a storm rolls across the island. The little engines stay in their sheds talking about the storm, but Peter Sam is still thinking about the refreshment lady's tea room. The next morning, the Fat Controller gives Peter Sam the job of helping Rusty clear up the storm damage. Peter Sam is happy to feel useful again. He finds Rusty next to a shed which has been blown off the tracks. Then Peter Sam realises it is not a shed, but it is a rusty old coach. This gives him an idea.

Peter Sam takes the coach to the Fat Controller and his driver explains how the coach could be turned into a tea room. The Fat Controller is sure it can be repaired, and he is right. In no time, the coach has been turned into a beautiful tea room on wheels. Peter Sam shows it to the refreshment lady who is delighted to see her brand new tea room. The Fat Controller tells Peter Sam to pull the tea room around the railway.

Now the refreshment lady serves tea at all of her favourite places across the railway. Peter Sam is very happy too.


  • Skarloey
  • Rusty
  • Peter Sam