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The Show Must Go On (Also known as Christmas In Mouseland in the USA) is an Angelina Ballerina on the feature length special on video that was first released in 2004.


The Cinderella Mouse Ballet is showing in the Theatre Royal, directed by Ivor Operatski, a rather strict director. Priscilla Pinkpaw gets the main part but not Angelina because she cannot sing very well. Distraught that her rival is Cinderella Mouse while she is the Wicked Stepmouse, Angelina tries to prove to Mr. Operatski that she can do it, but without success, so Angelina storms off in a fit of temper. Meanwhile, Henry is unable to withstand Mr. Operatski's angry demands.


  1. Angelina Mouseling
  2. Miss Lilly
  3. Henry
  4. Alice


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