The Wagettes are Wags' young puppies, first seen in The Wiggles Movie. They are also known as Wags' Little Brothers. Their last appearances together were in Top of the Tots, and only Fluffy was last seen in Live Hot Potatoes!. As such, it is unknown why they are not seen anymore or if they will ever appear in the future. They are major characters in The Wiggles (TV Series 2) and supporting characters in The Wiggly Big Show.


Skally is the leader of the trio. He has darker brown fur than both Cartwhelle and Fluffy. His name is a play on the term "Skallywag".


Cartwhelle is golden brown. He has a tendency to perform cartwheels or handstands. Either Skally or Fluffy hold his legs while he does a handstand.


Fluffy has light brown fur and is, as his name suggests, the fluffiest of the three.


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