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"The Wiggles' Big Ballet Day!" is a Wiggles DVD released on March 27, 2019, guest starring The Australian Ballet.


  1. Hello, We're The Wiggles
  2. The Alphabet Ballet
  3. The Garden Ballet
  4. Dance with Emma Ballerina (from The Emma & Lachy Show)
  5. Shirley Shawn the Unicorn
  6. Brisé in the Breeze
  7. The Magpie Song
  8. The Music of the Ballet Orchestra
  9. Captain Byng with a Y
  10. The Pirouette
  11. Oh, What Shall We Wear to the Ballet Today?
  12. Stop at the Lights
  13. Let's Put the Pop in the Popcorn!
  14. The Toilet Song
  15. Stand Up, Clap, Sit Down
  16. I Am A Dancer
  17. My Ballet Goat
  18. Dorothy Pas De Deux
  19. The Fairy King and Queen from Narrabeen
  20. La Paloma
  21. Picking All the Flowers
  22. Wags is Dancing in the Moonlight
  23. Hello to the Resting Cows
  24. Lachy's Lullaby
  25. Goodbye from the Ballet Today

Release Dates

  • Australia & New Zealand DVD & Digital - March 27, 2019





The Wiggles' Big Ballet Day! - Trailer