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The Wiggles Show: The Pick of TV Series 4 is a collection of the first 9 episodes from The Wiggles' 4th TV series, released in June 2010.

Official Description

The Wiggles Show is jam-packed with fun! Join Dorothy, our favourite dinosaur, for Dorothy's Dance Class and sail around the world with Captain Feathersword. Remember when The Wiggles were young with The Little Wiggles and then learn more about the work people do with Say Aah at the Doctors, The Bricklayers Song and New York Firefighter. So let’s go, go, go, it’s on with The Wiggles Show!



  1. Dorothy's Ballet
    1. Wiggly Party
    2. Sydney Barcarolle
    3. Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! (Live)
    4. Bow Wow Wow
    5. Hot Potato
  2. Making Pies
    1. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car (Live)
    2. Wake Up Jeff! (Little Wiggles)
    3. Central Park New York
    4. Do the Wiggle Groove
    5. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
    6. Hoop Dee Doo (Live)
    7. Wobbly Camel (Wiggly Animation)
    8. Picking Flowers
  3. Friendly Feathersword Crew
    1. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)
    2. Agapame Tin Athena (We Love Athens)
    3. Lettuce Sing (Fresh Fruit And Vegies)
    4. Play Your Guitar With Murray (Live)
  4. When We Were Young
    1. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favourite Dinosaur) (Live)
    2. Play Your Guitar With Murray (Little Wiggles)
    3. Open Wide Look Inside At The Dentist
    4. In The Big Red Car We Like To Ride
    5. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) (Live)
    6. Say Aah at the Doctors (Wiggly Animation)
    7. Knead Some Dough
    8. Elbow To Elbow
  5. Kangaroo Dance
    1. Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?)
    2. London Town
    3. We're Dancing With Wags The Dog (Live)
    4. Fly Through The Sky
    5. The Monkey Dance (Live)
  6. Shiver Me Timbers
    1. Feeling Chirpy
    2. Vegetable Soup (Little Wiggles)
    3. Cowboys And Cowgirls
    4. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
    5. Fruit Salad (Live)
    6. Walking On The Moon (Wiggly Animation)
    7. I Wave My Arms And Swing My Baton
    8. Quack Quack (Live)
  7. I Swing My Baton
    1. San Francisco Trolley Car
    2. I Wave My Arms And Swing My Baton (Live)
    3. New York Firefighter
  8. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock
    1. Where's Jeff? (Live)
    2. Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes (Little Wiggles)
    3. Can You Dig It?
    4. Bow Wow Wow
    5. Let's Make Some Rosy Tea (Wiggly Animation)
    6. Christmas Medley (Live)
    7. Tick Tock (All Night Long)
    8. I Climb Ten Stairs (Wiggly Animation)
  9. A Wiggly Mystery
    1. Wake Up Jeff!
    2. Goldfish
    3. I Climb Ten Stairs (Wiggly Animation)
    4. Here Come The Wiggles (Wiggly Animation)
    5. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear (Live)

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  • The DVD was originally going to contain 11-minute versions of episodes (as The Pick of TV Series 6 would later do), and the change to 22-minute versions was most likely last minute. Supporting this idea, the songs from the second half of Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock (which makes up the 11-minute episode "Rosy Tea") are missing in both the Song Jukebox menu and the booklet's song credits. That means "Rosy Tea" was going to be skipped (likely due to the use of the song Christmas Medley in a non-Christmas DVD). This would bump up the first half of Prehistoric Party (which doesn't appear on the final DVD) as the final episode, as evidenced by the back cover mentioning The Bricklayers Song, a song that appears in that episode but not on the final DVD.
  • This is the first time that it does not released in a DVD box set & it is the first DVD to not use the DVD box set as well.