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Thomas Comes to Breakfast is the 44th episode of Thomas And Friends.


Thomas has run his branch line for many years and knows it very well. After another hard day of work, Thomas' driver jokes that Thomas could almost manage without him. Thomas does not realize the joke and becomes conceited. Later in the shed, Thomas brags to Percy and Toby that he does not need a driver. They both disagree with the suggestion and make it clear they would never even consider running without one, but Thomas shrugs off their concerns and insists he is not scared when his friends tell him that he should not try it.

The next morning, a firelighter comes and starts up the engines' fires. Thomas wakes up first as the warmth spreads through his boiler. When he sees Percy and Toby asleep, he decides to take the opportunity to run by himself and prove them wrong by stopping and wheeshing in front of them. Thomas slowly starts moving along the track, but does not realize he is only moving due to a careless cleaner messing with his controls. Thomas quickly realizes his big mistake and tries vainly to wheesh and stop, but cannot do anything without a driver and keeps moving forwards. At the end of the tracks sits the stationmaster's house, where he and his family are about to have breakfast. Thomas crashes through the front window leaving him peering into the dining room at the family. The house rocks, causing broken plaster and shattered glass to be scattered. Both the stationmaster and his wife are angry at Thomas for crashing into their house and ruining their breakfast in the process. The stationmaster's wife scolds Thomas for what he did and now she will now have to cook some more. She storms out, slamming the dining room door shut, causing more plaster to fall on Thomas, making him feel depressed.

After workmen prop up the house with strong poles and lay rails through the garden, Donald and Douglas arrive and pull Thomas clear of the house. Thomas is freed, but there are pieces of fencing, a bush and a broken window frame hanging from his front, which has been badly twisted by the impact. The twins leave laughing while Thomas, now in disgrace, is left behind miserable.

Back at the sheds, the Fat Controller scolds Thomas for his recklessness and decides to send him to the Works for a long repair. As a result, a diesel railcar is going to be brought in to run his branch line. Thomas is shocked that a diesel will be replacing him, but the Fat Controller informs him that "diesels always stay in their sheds until they are wanted, and never gallivant off to breakfast in stationmasters' houses."


  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Donald and Douglas