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Thomas and Friends (Formerly Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) is a British children's television show that aired on ABC in April 6th 1987 - July 14th 2020. It currently is know as Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go, a reboot to the series.


Based on the children's books The Railway Series follows a steam and diesel engines on the Island of Sodor the little blue tank engine named Thomas is a cheeky little engine with some few friends on Sodor.


Screenshot Episode Title Original AUS release date Episode number #
ThomasandGordon14.png Thomas and Gordon 6 April 1987 #01
Thomas enjoys teasing Gordon. But when his teasing goes too far, Gordon decides to teach him a lesson.
Image (34).png Edward and Gordon 7 April 1987 #02
Edward's crew feel sorry for him and take him out one day. Then he helps Gordon when he gets stuck on a hill.
TheSadStoryOfHenry52.png The Sad Story of Henry 8 April 1987 #03
Henry believes the rain will spoil his paintwork and he runs into a tunnel, in which he is eventually bricked up.
EdwardGordonAndHenry11.png Edward, Gordon and Henry 9 April 1987 #04
Gordon goes too fast and bursts a safety valve right in front of the tunnel. Henry is let out to help Edward pull the train.
Thomas'Train26.png Thomas' Train 10 April 1987 #05
Thomas wishes he could pull a train. When Henry is ill, his chance comes with disastrous results.
ThomasandtheTrucks48.png Thomas and the Trucks 13 April 1987 #06
Thomas and Edward agree to swap jobs. However, Edward's train consists of trucks, which love to play tricks.
ThomasandtheBreakdownTrain32.png Thomas and the Breakdown Train 14 April 1987 #07
When James comes off the rails, Thomas quickly comes to the rescue with the Breakdown Train. He is given a branch line and two coaches as a reward.
JamesandtheCoaches36.png James and the Coaches 15 April 1987 #08
James wets the Fat Controllers new top hat with steam and then bumps his coaches so hard that one of their brakes fail.
TroublesomeTrucks(episode)13.png Troublesome Trucks 16 April 1987 #09
James has been confined to the shed but is released to pull trucks. The trucks misbehave, but James does not give up.
JamesandtheExpress42.png James and the Express 17 April 1987 #10
When Gordon is switched the wrong way and gets lost, James is given the Express.
ThomasandtheGuard37.png Thomas and the Guard 20 April 1987 #11
Thomas' impatience leads to him forgetting his guard.
ThomasGoesFishing41.png Thomas Goes Fishing 21 April 1987 #12
Thomas wants to go fishing but learns the hard way when he takes on river water.
Thomas,TerenceandtheSnow49.png Thomas, Terence and the Snow 22 April 1987 #13
Thomas meets Terence the Tractor and says his wheels are ugly. However, Thomas is shown just how useful they are when he crashes into a snowdrift.
ThomasandBertie47.png Thomas and Bertie 23 April 1987 #14
Thomas meets Bertie the Bus who challenges him to a race.
TendersandTurntables23.png Tenders and Turntables 24 April 1987 #15
Gordon and James have trouble on the turntable.
TroubleintheShed8.png Trouble in the Shed 27 April 1987 #16
The big engines go on strike so the Fat Controller buys a new engine called Percy to help.
PercyRunsAway51.png Percy Runs Away 28 April 1987 #17
Percy forgets Edward's warning about going on the main line and is so startled by Gordon that he runs away.
Coal21.png Coal 29 April 1987 #18
Henry is not feeling well. The Fat Controller comes to a conclusion that Henry needs Welsh coal to preform well.
TheFlyingKipper38.png The Flying Kipper 30 April 1987 #19
Henry is chosen to pull the "Flying Kipper". However, ice jams the points and snow forces down a signal, leading Henry to crash.
WhistlesandSneezes10.png Whistles and Sneezes 1 May 1987 #20
Gordon's whistle jams and he cannot stop whistling while Henry sneezes at some troublemaking boys.
TobyandtheStoutGentleman21.png Toby and the Stout Gentleman 4 May 1987 #21
Toby the Tram Engine and his coach, Henrietta, meet the Fat Controller and his family on their holiday, but Toby's line slowly closes down.
ThomasinTrouble19.png Thomas in Trouble 5 May 1987 #22
Thomas gets in trouble with a policeman. When the Fat Controller hears about it, he buys Toby and Henrietta.
DirtyObjects39.png Dirty Objects 6 May 1987 #23
Toby and Henrietta often get teased by James about their old-fashioned appearance. However, James crashes into some tar tanker wagons.
OfftheRails25.png Off the Rails 7 May 1987 #24
Gordon decides to jam the turntable to prove a point, but his attempt makes him slide into a ditch.
DowntheMine37.png Down the Mine 8 May 1987 #25
Thomas goes to a lead mine to collect some trucks but foolishly passes a danger board and falls down a mine.
Thomas'ChristmasParty41.png Thomas' Christmas Party 28 December 1987 #26
Thomas wants to hold a special Christmas party for Mrs. Kyndley. Unfortunately, Mrs. Kyndley's house is snowed in.
Thomas,PercyandtheCoal13.png Thomas, Percy and the Coal 18 April 1988 #27
Thomas and Percy quarrel about proper colours for an engine, but both engines end up getting in trouble with coal.
Cows30.png Cows 19 April 1988 #28
Gordon and Henry tease Edward after some cows break part of his train away, but in the end, Edward has the last laugh.
Bertie'sChase46.png Bertie's Chase 20 April 1988 #29
Edward is impatient when Thomas' fireman is away and the passengers are angry, but Bertie races to the rescue.
SavedfromScrap12.png Saved from Scrap 21 April 1988 #30
Edward meets Trevor the Traction Engine at the scrapyards and tries to help make him become useful again.
OldIron52.png Old Iron 22 April 1988 #31
James is fed up with Edward for being so slow, but when two boys fiddle with James' controls, Edward comes to his rescue.
ThomasAndTrevor36.png Thomas and Trevor 25 April 1988 #32
Trevor does not have much work to do and proves to Thomas how useful he can be when he is sent to help at the harbour.
PercyandtheSignal36.png Percy and the Signal 26 April 1988 #33
Percy enjoys playing tricks on the big engines, but Gordon and James make a plan to pay him back.
DuckTakesCharge57.png Duck Takes Charge 27 April 1988 #34
Duck arrives on the island to help Percy and stop the big engines from pushing smaller engines around.
PercyandHarold9.png Percy and Harold 28 April 1988 #35
Harold thinks that railways are slow and out of date, but Percy proves him wrong after winning a race.
TheRunaway42.png The Runaway 29 April 1988 #36
After a visit to the works, Thomas' handbrake is very stiff and he soon becomes a runaway on the branch line.
PercyTakesthePlunge39.png Percy Takes the Plunge 2 May 1988 #37
Percy thinks that water is nothing to an engine with determination, but his mood soon changes when he passes a danger sign at the harbour.
PopGoestheDiesel28.png Pop Goes the Diesel 3 May 1988 #38
Diesel arrives on trial and thinks that diesel engines know everything and do not need to learn, until he tries to take some old trucks from a siding.
Image (45).png Dirty Work 4 May 1988 #39
Diesel gets revenge on Duck by telling lies about the big engines to the trucks, causing the Fat Controller to send Duck away.
ACloseShave63.png A Close Shave 5 May 1988 #40
Duck helps Edward with some trucks/cars on Gordon's Hill, but the train breaks away and the trucks chase Duck down the main line, until he ends up in a barber shop.
BetterLateThanNever14.png Better Late Than Never 6 May 1988 #41
The viaduct on the main line is causing delays on the railway making Thomas very cross, but he learns that there are times when being late is not such a bad thing after all.
BreakVan47.png Break Van 9 May 1988 #42
Donald and Douglas are twins whom the Fat Controller had bought from Scotland to help out. Things do not go well for both twins due to a Spiteful Brake Van.
TheDeputation43.png The Deputation 10 May 1988 #43
Donald and Douglas are worried that they will be sent away and be scrapped, but Percy and the other engines try to help the twins out with a Deputation.
ThomasComestoBreakfast30.png Thomas Comes to Breakfast 11 May 1988 #44
Thomas thinks that he can manage without his driver, until he makes an unexpected visit to the stationmaster's house one morning.
Daisy(episode).png Daisy 12 May 1988 #45
Daisy comes to help on Thomas' branch line after Thomas' indisposal and causes trouble with rude remarks toward the coaches and refusing to pull a milk tanker.
Percy'sPredicament30.png Percy's Predicament 13 May 1988 #46
Percy and Toby agree to switch jobs after Daisy refuses to take the milk again, which ends up putting the engines in an awkward predicament.
TheDiseasel46.png The Diseasel 16 May 1988 #47
Bill and Ben think that a Diseasel stole their trucks of china clay and they set off to find him and get their trucks back.
WrongRoad25.png Wrong Road 17 May 1988 #48
A mix-up with Gordon and Edward ends up sending both engines on the wrong lines with their evening trains, with Gordon ending up being teased by Bill and Ben.
Edward'sExploit26.png Edward's Exploit 18 May 1988 #49
Gordon, Henry and James think that Edward should give up and be preserved, but Edward proves how really useful he is when he takes visitors home during a storm.
GhostTrain37.png Ghost Train 19 May 1988 #50
Percy pretends to be a ghost and scare Thomas to teach him a lesson for calling him a silly little engine for his ghost story.
WoollyBear32.png Woolly Bear 20 May 1988 #51
Thomas thinks Percy crawls like a caterpillar due to him being late with collecting hay along the line and when Percy ends up covered in treacle and hay, Thomas and Toby end up making jokes about him.
ThomasandtheMissingChristmasTree57.jpeg Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree 26 December 1988 #52
Thomas is sent to collect a Christmas tree, but when he ends up getting lost along the way home, Donald and Douglas set off to rescue him in time for the Christmas celebrations.
AScarfforPercy54.png A Scarf for Percy 15 February 1993 #53
Percy wishes he could wear scarves, but he gets more than he bargained for when he runs into Sir Topham Hatt's baggage.
Percy'sPromise55.png Percy's Promise 16 February 1993 #54
Percy keeps a promise with Thomas to take the children going to the Vicar's Sunday School home. Along the way, he gets some help from Harold when he gets stuck in a flood.
TimeforTrouble53.png Time for Trouble 17 February 1993 #55
Toby ends up stranded on the main line due to his small water tanks, causing trouble for James and the Express.
GordonandtheFamousVisitor5.png Gordon and the Famous Visitor 18 February 1993 #56
Gordon is jealous when a famous engine comes to visit the railway. He declares domeless engines to not be respectable, but the tables turn when his dome blows off at the viaduct.
Donald'sDuck64.png Donald's Duck 19 February 1993 #57
Duck is given his own branch line for working hard and becomes conceited, which makes Donald cross until Duck and his driver play a joke on him.
ThomasgetsBumped20.PNG Thomas Gets Bumped 22 February 1993 #58
Thomas' branch line is closed due to bent rails on the line. He begins to think he's lost his passengers to Bertie.
Thomas,PercyandtheDragon13.png Thomas, Percy and the Dragon 23 February 1993 #59
Percy teases Thomas about being frightened all the time, but when Thomas is delivering a dragon in the night, Percy ends up getting a fright.
DieselDoesitAgain51.png Diesel Does it Again 24 February 1993 #60
Diesel is sent to help Percy and Duck with goods work at the harbour, but ends up causing more trouble for the two engines.
Henry'sForest15.JPG Henry's Forest 25 February 1993 #61
When a storm comes, Henry's favourite forest experiences severe devastation. His friends soon team together to cheer him up.
TheTroublewithMud13.PNG.png The Trouble with Mud 26 February 1993 #62
Gordon refuses to get a washdown, and winds up having to do goods work instead of pulling the express.
NoJokeforJames79.jpg No Joke for James 1 March 1993 #63
James gets comeuppance for his egotism after he tricks Thomas into pulling some smart new coaches, leaving Gordon to pull some trucks.
Thomas,PercyandthePostTrain63.png Thomas, Percy and the Post Train 2 March 1993 #64
When a mail ship ends up getting delayed, Thomas and Percy worry that Harold will replace the mail train.
TrustThomas15.png Trust Thomas 3 March 1993 #65
Bertie learns that he can trust engines like Thomas when he remembers a missing tanker after having an accident with some trucks.
Mavis43.png Mavis 4 March 1993 #66
The new quarry diesel Mavis reorganizes things to her liking, making Toby cross.
Toby'sTightrope64.png Toby's Tightrope 5 March 1993 #67
Mavis tries to make a plan to go further down the Quarry line, but she ends up putting Toby in danger.
Edward.TrevorandtheReallyUsefulParty84.png Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party 6 March 1993 #68
Edward and Trevor help the Vicar with his garden party to fund a seaside trip for the children.
JamesandtheBees5.jpg Buzz, Buzz 9 March 1993 #69
James thinks that he can easily scare off bees, but is proved wrong when he encounters a horde of wild bees.
All at Sea All at Sea 10 March 1993 #70
Duck wishes that he could travel at sea, but he changes his mind when he learns that engines are happiest on the rails.
OneGoodTurn90.png One Good Turn 11 March 1993 #71
Bill and Ben end up in an argument at the turntable, so Edward and BoCo make a plan to make the twins friends again.
TenderEngines44.jpg Tender Engines 12 March 1993 #72
When a new engine visits Sodor, Henry becomes jealous of his two tenders.
Escape46.png Escape 15 March 1993 #73
Douglas travels to a station where only the diesels work. He meets Oliver and Toad, who are trying to escape from scrap.
OliverOwnsUp65.jpg Oliver Owns Up 16 March 1993 #74
Oliver becomes conceited and thinks that he can manage trucks, but is soon proven wrong.
Bulgy Bulgy 17 March 1993 #75
A new bus named Bulgy wants railways to be scrapped, and attempts to steal Duck's passengers.
Heroes74.png Heroes 18 March 1993 #76
The Troublesome Trucks trick Bill and Ben into causing a big muddle in the yard, making them late to arrange Gordon's evening train.
Percy,JamesandtheFruitfulDay69.png Percy, James and the Fruitful Day 19 March 1993 #77
James and Percy learn their brakes aren't the only thing that get jammed.
ThomasandPercy'sChristmasAdventure33.jpg Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure 20 December 1993 #78
Thomas, Percy, Harold and Terence help some villagers after a severe snow storm.
Granpuff15.png Granpuff 22 April 1996 #79
Thomas tells the story of Duke, a narrow gauge engine who worked with Stuart and Falcon. However, when their railway closed, the young engines were sold and the old engine was left abandoned in a shed.
SleepingBeauty50.png Sleeping Beauty 23 April 1996 #80
After many years had passed, some rescuers began a journey to find Duke and reunite him with his old friends.
Bulldog38.png Bulldog 24 April 1996 #81
Falcon was sent to take the Mountain Road with Duke. However, he was impatient and did not pay attention to Duke's advice. He eventually winded up dangling from a cliff.
YouCan'tWin54.png You Can't Win 25 April 1996 #82
One evening, Duke is too ill to manage by himself. Stuart teases him about this, but Duke gets his own back and he proves that he still has a lot of life left in him.
File:FourLittleEngines56.png Four Little Engines 26 April 1996 #83
Sir Handel is pushed off the rails by some angry coaches. Skarloey is the only engine available and is determined to get his passengers home, even when one of his front springs breaks.
ABadDayforSirHandel45.png A Bad Day for Sir Handel 29 April 1996 #84
Sir Handel and Peter Sam are brought in to help Skarloey and Rheneas. But Sir Handel is in a bad mood and deliberately derails himself to get out of work.
PeterSamandtheRefreshmentLady50.png Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady 30 April 1996 #85
One day, Henry threatens to leave without Peter Sam's passengers. In a haste to meet his connection, he leaves the Refreshment Lady behind.
Trucks52.png Trucks 1 May 1996 #86
Gordon advises Sir Handel to get out of work by pretending to be ill, leaving Peter Sam and Rusty to take over. However, some trucks mistake Peter Sam for Sir Handel and crash into him at the incline.
HomeAtLast49.png Home at Last 2 May 1996 #87
Peter Sam informs Skarloey of the newest arrival, a careless and bad-tempered engine named Duncan. Soon, Skarloey is sent to Duncan's aid when he is stuck under a decrepit tunnel.
Rock'n'Roll37.png Rock 'n' Roll 3 May 1996 #88
Rusty is concerned about Duncan, who ignores his warning about a broken section of track. After Duncan derails, Rusty grudgingly comes to the rescue.
SpecialFunnel48.png Special Funnel 6 May 1996 #89
Peter Sam's funnel is knocked off by an icicle and is temporarily replaced by a drainpipe. However, Peter Sam gives the other engines a run for their money once his new funnel arrives.
SteamRoller32.png Steam Roller 7 May 1996 #90
Skarloey tells Sir Handel of an anti-railway steamroller named George, whom Sir Handel vows to pay out. But George and Sir Handel are too evenly hot-headed.
PassengersandPolish45.png Passengers and Polish 8 May 1996 #91
Duncan complains about not getting polished. His rudeness reaches its peak when he stops on the viaduct and refuses to move.
GallantOldEngine22.png Gallant Old Engine 9 May 1996 #92
Skarloey tells the story of how Rheneas saved the railway from closure, even after suffering a serious breakdown.
RustytotheRescue51.png Rusty to the Rescue 10 May 1996 #93
When Rusty hears that an engine is needed to help run the Bluebell Railway, he ventures out to find one and meets a steam engine named Stepney.
ThomasAndStepney64.png Thomas and Stepney 13 May 1996 #94
Stepney has been invited to visit the Fat Controller's railway. Thomas is jealous when the visiting engine is talked about more than he is and is shunted for Stepney to pass with a special train that night.
BowledOut29.png Bowled Out 14 May 1996 #95
A stuck-up diesel makes a fool of himself when he sucks an inspector's bowler hat through his air-intake vent. Duck and Stepney volunteer in taking his train.
TrainStopsPlay77.png Train Stops Play 15 May 1996 #96
Stepney doesn't realise that a cricket ball has landed in one of his trucks. Caroline the car sets off with the players in pursuit of Stepney along the branch line.
HenryandtheElephant72.png Henry and the Elephant 16 May 1996 #97
A circus comes to Sodor but Henry and some workmen are called to investigate a blockage in a tunnel, where he unhappily comes across an elephant.
PaintPotsandQueens53.jpeg Paint Pots and Queens 17 May 1996 #98
Henry misses the chance of pulling the Queen's royal train after a paint accident, giving Gordon and Thomas a special opportunity.
ABCForKids1998Promo36.jpg Thomas and the Special Letter 20 May 1996 #99
After the Fat Controller reads a letter inviting the engines to visit the mainland, Thomas becomes very conceited and puts his big trip in jeopardy.
BullsEyes44.png Bulls Eyes 21 May 1996 #100
Daisy claims that she would simply have to "toot" to scare animals off. However, when she comes across a bull, she realises that it will need more than a command to move it away.
ToadStandsBy40.png Toad Stands By 22 May 1996 #101
Toad advises Oliver on how to regain the trucks' respect. Oliver struggles to pull a goods train but he is so determined that he accidentally pulls S.C. Ruffey apart.
Fish Fish 23 May 1996 #102
Extra vans are added to the Flying Kipper and as a result, Henry needs a back engine to help him up Gordon's Hill. Duck offers to help but a badly attached tail lamp causes problems.
SpecialAttraction47.png Special Attraction 24 May 1996 #103
Percy is called into the harbour to deal with Bulstrode, a highly disagreeable barge. Bulstrode makes the trucks more troublesome than usual, though he pays dearly for it.
MindthatBike60.png Mind that Bike 27 May 1996 #104
Tom Tipper, a postal-worker, is unhappy when his post van is replaced by a bicycle. Percy manages to help him out, but not in the way he intended.
CrankyBugs91.png Cranky Bugs 23 November 1998 #105
A new crane called Cranky arrives at the docks and causes trouble for Thomas and Percy but eventually needs their help after a storm.
HorridLorry15.png Horrid Lorry 24 November 1998 #106
Three very Horrid Lorries arrive on Sodor and start taking over the engines' jobs. Eventually, the tables are turned and the lorries get their comeuppance.
ABetterViewforGordon55.png A Better View for Gordon 25 November 1998 #107
Gordon complains about the plainness of a new station and longs for a panoramic view, which he gets unexpectedly.
LadyHatt'sBirthdayParty93.png Lady Hatt's Birthday Party 26 November 1998 #108
On his way to his wife's birthday, the Fat Controller runs into a series of problems.
JamesandtheTroublewithTrees59.png James and the Trouble with Trees 27 November 1998 #109
James' bragging prevents him from listening to Henry, Percy and Terence's warnings about trees that are too close to the line.
GordonandtheGremlin76.png Gordon and the Gremlin 30 November 1998 #110
Gordon has problems with his fire and the others joke of gremlins. Later, a special visitor arrives and her dog runs away into Thomas' cab.
ByeGeorge!92.png Bye George! 1 December 1998 #111
George the Steamroller causes a great deal of trouble for the engines.
Baa!55.png Baa! 2 December 1998 #112
A "Best Dressed Station" contest is being held across Sodor. However, as Percy is helping decorate Maithwaite station, a hungry ram is found at the station and the decorations are ruined.
PutUponPercy64.png Put Upon Percy 3 December 1998 #113
Percy complains that he is overworked. While working at the Coal Mine, some trucks escape and they crash inside the mine-shaft, which causes the mine to collapse.
TobyAndTheFlood44.png Toby and the Flood 4 December 1998 #114
Toby is sent to inspect a dam and discovers a few leaks in it. It eventually collapses and causes an unsafe bridge to break, causing him to drift towards a waterfall.
HauntedHenry27.png Haunted Henry 7 December 1998 #115
Henry refuses to believe in ghosts, until he and his crew encounter a series of spooky events during the night.
DoubleTeethingTroubles53.png Double Teething Troubles 8 December 1998 #116
Bill and Ben are worried when they hear that Derek, a malfunctioning diesel, is going to help them work in the clay pits.
StepneyGetsLost66.png Stepney Gets Lost 9 December 1998 #117
The Fat Controller invites Stepney to work with Toby and Mavis at the quarry. Stepney gets lost on the way home, eventually arriving at the Smelter's Yard.
Toby'sDiscovery79.png Toby's Discovery 10 December 1998 #118
Toby takes the Hatts on an expedition, finding a castle and an old mine. The destinations are reopened, but Toby is spooked by Thomas' story about "The Old Warrior".
SomethingInTheAir62.png Something in the Air 11 December 1998 #119
Henry is cross when Thomas delays him and refuses to listen to his warning about a line eroded by high tides.
Thomas,PercyandOldSlowCoach73.png Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach 14 December 1998 #120
Thomas and Percy discover an old coach named Old Slow Coach in the scrapyard and want to save her.
ThomasandtheRumours55.png Thomas and the Rumours 15 December 1998 #121
The engines discover that Harold has been hired to show a special visitor around the island and fear being replaced.
Oliver'sFind82.png Oliver's Find 16 December 1998 #122
Oliver is put on mail duty and ends up going down an old branch line due to a dozing signalman.
HappyEverAfter80.png Happy Ever After 17 December 1998 #123
Mrs. Kyndley asks Percy and his driver to make a "good luck package" for her daughter's wedding.
SirTophamHatt'sHoliday57.png Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday 18 December 1998 #124
The Fat Controller and his family go on holiday, though things start to go wrong.
ASurpriseforPercy56.png A Surprise for Percy 21 December 1998 #125
Percy moans about his work in the mines and wants something exciting to happen. His wish comes true when a line of trucks breaks away from him on the hill.
MakeSomeoneHappy71.png Make Someone Happy 22 December 1998 #126
James sees Mrs. Kyndley, who is upset that her sister cannot come and visit. A "mystery tour" is arranged for her and James is chosen for it.
BusyGoingBackwards93.png Busy Going Backwards 23 December 1998 #127
Toad confesses to Oliver that he wishes to go forwards for a change. On Gordon's Hill, the coupling snaps and Toad goes on a wild ride.
DuncanGetsSpooked58.png Duncan Gets Spooked 24 December 1998 #128
Duncan teases Peter Sam after some trucks fall into a ravine, so Rusty tells Duncan a ghost story to make him eat his own words.
Snow61.png Snow 25 December 1998 #129
Thomas is cross with the snow, so Rusty tells him about Skarloey's own experience in an avalanche.
RustyandtheBoulder59.png Rusty and the Boulder 28 December 1998 #130
Rusty is suspicious of a strange boulder lodged in the mountains.
NoSleepforCranky77.png No Sleep for Cranky 21 October 2002 #131
A story by Salty makes Cranky cranky enough to knock down a shed, forcing him to be stuck with Salty, Bill and Ben for the night.
Salty'sSecret4.PNG Salty's Secret 22 October, 2002 #132
Salty arrives on Sodor and is dismayed when he is sent to work at the quarry.
HarveytotheRescue83.png Harvey to the Rescue 23 October 2002 #133
An engine with a crane on his boiler named Harvey arrives, but the engines think he does not look anything like a normal engine.
ABadDayforHaroldtheHelicopter.JPG.jpg A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter 24 October 2002 #134
When Percy reaches a broken signal, Harold comes to take his mail onwards - with disastrous results.
Hqdefault (15).jpg Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry 25 October 2002 #135
Thomas is hauling a heavy special when his siderods fall off near an old shed. Inside, his crew discovers a disused vintage lorry named Elizabeth.
TheFogman71.png The Fogman 28 October 2002 #136
Cyril, a fogman, puts detonators on the tracks to warn engines of oncoming mist. The Fat Controller replaces him with a fog horn, which turns out to be more trouble than it is worth.
JackJumpsIn61.jpg Jack Jumps In 29 October 2002 #137
Jack the front loader is eager to be really useful but foolishly tries to take a load of rocks up a hill himself, leading to disaster.
AFriendinNeed96.png A Friend in Need 30 October 2002 #138
Ned the steam shovel knocks the keystone out of a bridge. It begins to fall as Thomas approaches it, so Jack tries to hold it up with his bucket.
It'sOnlySnow.JPG It's Only Snow 31 October 2002 #139
Thomas is told to deliver a Christmas tree to the Mountain Village with Toby but becomes cross when he has to use his old snowplough.
TwinTrouble56.jpg Twin Trouble 1 November 2002 #140
Donald and Douglas crash into Trevor's cart and blame the other for the accident. They become so heated that they refuse to work together.
TheWorld'sStrongestEngine74.png The World's Strongest Engine 4 November 2002 #141
Henry has an unfortunate accident, leading to Diesel returning to the railway. Diesel is insistent on proving that he is the strongest engine in the world, much to the trucks' amusement.
ScaredyEngines.jpg Scaredy Engines 5 November 2002 #142
Halloween rolls around and Thomas, Percy and Duck are sent to the Smelters to collect a special load, where Thomas teases Percy when he gets scared.
PercyandtheHauntedMine69.jpg Percy and the Haunted Mine 6 November 2002 #143
While collecting some trucks, Percy is spooked by a mine that sinks into the ground. Donald and Douglas make him even more frightened when they proclaim it is the naughty gnomes.
MiddleEngine.JPG Middle Engine 7 November 2002 #144
'Arry and Bert play a trick on Percy by shunting trucks in front of him. Henry accidentally bumps him onto the coal tipper, so James takes over.
JamesandtheRedBalloon72.png James and the Red Balloon 8 November 2002 #145
Thomas and James become scared a hot air balloon will steal their passengers.
JackFrost14.jpg Jack Frost 11 November 2002 #146
Thomas warns Percy and James of Jack Frost. James is dismissive, but Percy becomes worried. While spending the night in a siding, snow and ice pile around him and James mistakes him for Jack Frost.
GordonTakesaTumble70.png Gordon Takes a Tumble 12 November 2002 #147
Gordon tells Salty it would not be dignified for him to pull trucks. That night, Gordon is sent to collect some from the Docks. He is furious and ends up sent down a rickety, old branch line by mistake.
Percy'sChocolateCrunch73.png Percy's Chocolate Crunch 13 November 2002 #148
Percy gets cross that he has all the dirty jobs. He desperately tries to not get dirty but has an unfortunate run-in with a chocolate factory.
BufferBother60.jpg Buffer Bother 14 November 2002 #149
Ben needs new buffers and Bill becomes jealous. This makes him careless and he ends up damaging his own buffers.
TobyHadaLittleLamb67.PNG Toby Had a Little Lamb 15 November 2002 #150
During a snowstorm, Toby is flagged down by Farmer McColl, whose sheep are due to give birth and urgently need a vet.
Thomas,PercyandtheSqueak22.jpg Thomas, Percy and the Squeak 18 November 2002 #151
The famous singer Allicia Botti is coming for a concert and Thomas is chosen to take her. Along the way, Thomas and his crew hear a consistent squeak but think nothing of it, until they discover what it really is.
ThomasandtheJetEngine.PNG.png Thomas the Jet Engine 19 November 2002 #152
Thomas is given the job of taking a jet engine to Dryaw, but Cranky carelessly turns it on.
EdwardtheReallyUsefulEngine.PNG Edward the Very Useful Engine 20 November 2002 #153
The big engines believe Edward should be retired but he proves himself useful when both Duck and Gordon need help.
DunkinDuncan.JPG.jpg Dunkin Duncan 21 November 2002 #154
Skarloey, Rheneas and Rusty are sent to work with Duncan at the quarry. Duncan gets too impatient at the incline and ends up falling into a muddy ditch.
RustySavestheDay.JPG.jpg Rusty Saves the Day 22 November 2002 #155
The Fat Controller closes Rheneas and Skarloey's line down and sends them to the quarry. But when the quarry will be blasting for two weeks, Rusty decides to use that time to repair the line.
FaultyWhistles44.jpg Faulty Whistles 25 November 2002 #156
Peter Sam's whistle has been knocked off by a branch. Duncan finds this funny and remarks that an engine is not one without a whistle, unaware his own whistle has become loose.
Emily'sNewCoaches14.png Emily's New Coaches 12 October 2004 #157
On her first day, Emily takes Annie and Clarabel, which makes Thomas cross. He eventually forgives her after saving him from hitting a broken down Oliver.
PercyGetsitRight48.png Percy Gets it Right 13 October 2004 #158
Percy is worried over a wobbly line and tries to tell the Fat Controller, but he's too late as Thomas sets off to collect a prize bull.
Bill,BenandFergus18.PNG Bill, Ben and Fergus 14 October 2004 #159
Bill and Ben become fed up with Fergus' orders and decide to rebel, which leads to trouble.
TheOldBridge53.png The Old Bridge 15 October 2004 #160
Skarloey puffs across a damaged bridge and ends up dangling over the river below. He becomes afraid to cross it again until Rheneas runs out of water on the bridge.
Edward'sBrassBand45.png Edward's Brass Band 18 October 2004 #161
Edward is excited when he is to take the brass band to a concert until a huge boiler from a ship knocks him on his side, leaving Bertie to take the brass band.
What's the Matter with Henry39.png What's the Matter with Henry? 19 October 2004 #162
Thomas, Percy and Henry are sent to collect coal trucks and take them to the docks. Henry is feeling ill but Thomas and Percy do not believe him and leave him a long line of trucks.
JamesandtheQueenofSodor63.png James and the Queen of Sodor 20 October 2004 #163
Gordon is irritated with James' boasting so he tricks him into collecting the Queen of Sodor. James does not realise it is actually an old barge until he arrives.
TheRefreshmentLady'sTeaShop21.PNG The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop 21 October 2004 #164
The Refreshment Lady is very busy, so Peter Sam is chosen to take her around the railway to find a spot for her new tea shop.
TheSpotlessRecord25.PNG.png The Spotless Record 22 October 2004 #165
A new tank engine named Arthur has a spotless record, meaning he has never been naughty or had an accident. Thomas gets a cheeky idea and plays a trick on Arthur to spoil his spotless record.
Toby'sWindmill55.png Toby's Windmill 25 October 2004 #166
Toby's favourite place is the old windmill. One night, the windmill is put in danger when it is struck by lightning.
BadDayAtCastleLoch43.png Bad Day at Castle Loch 26 October 2004 #167
Donald and Douglas are instructed to take a special load for Callan Castle's reopening. Disaster strikes when a fallen tree and landslide leave them stranded all night.
RheneasandtheRollerCoaster35.png Rheneas and the Roller Coaster 27 October 2004 #168
Rheneas is concerned he may not be special enough for some schoolchildren until he is diverted onto an old mountain line and has a wild ride.
Salty'sStormyTale41.png Salty's Stormy Tale 28 October 2004 #169
Salty becomes upset when Thomas and Percy make fun of him. On the way home, Salty and Fergus come across a lighthouse with its generator broken down.
SnowEngine59.png Snow Engine 29 October 2004 #170
Oliver hates snow but changes his mind after he slips on some icy rails and he and Toad must spend the night crashed through a giant snowman.
SomethingFishy33.png Something Fishy 1 November 2004 #171
The Fat Controller is looking for engines to run the coastal line. Arthur wishes to, as he's already been there and sees it as his favourite place. Thomas is chosen instead, and he complains about the smell of fish.
TheRunawayElephant29.png The Runaway Elephant 2 November 2004 #172
When Duncan is asked to take an elephant statue to a new park, he carelessly leaves behind the brake van.
PeaceAndQuiet32.png Peace and Quiet 3 November 2004 #173
Murdoch arrives to help with the goods work but gets annoyed when Salty and Harvey continuously ask questions.
FergusBreakstheRules19.png Fergus Breaks the Rules 4 November 2004 #174
Diesel is sent to help Fergus at the Cement Works, where he tricks Fergus into venturing into the scrapyard.
BulgyRidesAgain60.png Bulgy Rides Again 5 November 2004 #175
More summer holidaymakers are flocking to Sodor but Thomas and Emily are under maintenance, so the Fat Controller puts Bulgy back into service.
HaroldAndTheFlyingHorse44.png Harold and the Flying Horse 8 November 2004 #176
The Vicar is organising a Village Fete but Harold feels left out and wishes to help in some way. He gets his chance when Pegasus, the carthorse, gets stuck in a ditch.
TheGrandOpening54.png The Grand Opening 9 November 2004 #177
Harold has engine trouble, so the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt choose to ride the hot air balloon to the opening of a new station instead.
BestDressedEngine48.png Best Dressed Engine 10 November 2004 #178
The engines are celebrating May Day and they are all decorated. James comes up with a "Best Dressed Engine" competition but Gordon sees decorations as undignified.
GordonAndSpencer49.png Gordon and Spencer 11 November 2004 #179
Gordon meets a splendid but arrogant streamliner named Spencer who is taking the Duke and Duchess to a party. Gordon advises Spencer to take on water, but he refuses to listen.
NotSoHastyPuddings52.png Not So Hasty Puddings 12 November 2004 #180
Thomas is cross with Elizabeth for telling him he is not reliable enough when the Fat Controller assigns her to deliver some Christmas puddings to the harbour.
TrustyRusty45.png Trusty Rusty 15 November 2004 #181
Rusty alerts the other engines about damage to The Old Wooden Bridge but Duncan does not trust him, especially when he needs more coal for the journey home and the nearest coal bunker is on the other side of the bridge.
ThreeCheersforThomas61.png Three Cheers for Thomas 16 November 2004 #182
Thomas takes some children to their annual sports day and starts to dream of winning a medal. Percy suggests having a race so Thomas races Bertie again, but he has to stop to help the Fat Controller.
ThomasandtheFireworkDisplay80.png Thomas and the Firework Display 12 November 2006 #183
Thomas is upset that James gets the task of delivering fireworks instead of him.
Percy'sNewWhistle34.png Percy's New Whistle 13 November 2006 #184
Percy blasts his whistle louder and louder, not realising he is causing trouble for Thomas and Bertie.
Fish(Season8)21.png Fish 14 November 2006 #185
Thomas is sent to help Arthur on the coastal branch and is told to take only five trucks at a time, but Thomas wants to get the job over and done with.
Emily'sAdventure56.png Emily's Adventure 15 November 2006 #186
Emily learns to use her manners whilst collecting timber for repairing Farmer McColl's barn roof.
ThomasSavesTheDay75.png Thomas Saves the Day 16 November 2006 #187
Thomas tries to tackle a dangerous bend without Annie and Clarabel's assistance.
SqueakRattleAndRoll47.png Squeak, Rattle and Roll 17 November 2006 #188
Gordon tries to go slowly so his squeaking and rattling will not be heard.
Thomas,EmilyandtheSnowplough55.png Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough 18 November 2006 #189
Thomas ignores Emily's advice to put on his snowplough.
EdwardtheGreat24.png Edward the Great 19 November 2006 #190
Edward races Spencer to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House.
SpicAndSpan79.png Spic and Span 20 November 2006 #191
Thomas and Percy try to beat the big engines in a cleanliness competition.
JamesGoesTooFar53.png James Goes Too Far 21 November 2006 #192
James refuses to help his friends when given an important job.
ThomasGetsItRight60.png Thomas Gets it Right 22 November 2006 #193
Thomas wants to make multiple journeys but is disappointed when he has to deliver eggs for Farmer McColl.
YouCanDoItToby57.png You Can Do it, Toby! 23 November 2006 #194
Toby has to look after Wellsworth while Edward is at Brendam, but is nervous about being Gordon's banker.
PercyandtheMagicCarpet34.png Percy and the Magic Carpet 24 November 2006 #195
Percy is disappointed about delivering a carpet until Salty suggests it could be magic.
ThomasAndTheCircus93.png Thomas and the Circus 25 November 2006 #196
Thomas is told to take the circus train and to share the load due to its weight. Thomas wants all the glory, so he tries to pull the circus train all by himself.
Percy'sBigMistake70.png Percy's Big Mistake 26 November 2006 #197
Percy is frightened he will be sent to the scrapyards.
Don'tTellThomas79.png Don't Tell Thomas 27 November 2006 #198
Thomas feels upset about being left out of a surprise that is being arranged, only to find out the surprise is for him.
Emily'sNewRoute76.png Emily's New Route 28 November 2006 #199
Emily is scared of a monster in Black Loch.
ChickensToSchool59.png Chickens to School 29 November 2006 #200
Lack of sleep gets the better of Thomas as he mixes up his jobs.
GordonTakesCharge29.png Gordon Takes Charge 30 November 2006 #201
Percy is taking passengers for the first time in a long time, so Gordon teaches him how to treat coaches.
ThomasandtheTuba13.png Thomas and the Tuba 1 December 2006 #202
Thomas is so excited to collect the brass band that he leaves the tuba player behind.
HenryAndTheWishingTree19.png Henry and the Wishing Tree 2 December 2006 #203
Henry wishes that he could pull the express, but he soon learns to be careful what to wish for.
TooHotForThomas48.png Too Hot for Thomas 3 December 2006 #204
Thomas is dismayed when he has to get ingredients to make ice cream on a hot day.
JamesGetsANewCoat8.png James Gets a New Coat 4 December 2006 #205
After James gets repainted, he is too busy showing off to help Percy at the coaling plant.
ThomastotheRescue60.png Thomas to the Rescue 5 December 2006 #206
Diesel gives Thomas a hard time at the quarry, but gets his comeuppance after taking on a batch of bad fuel.
AsGoodasGordon27.png As Good as Gordon 6 December 2006 #207
Emily gets a chance to pull the express and tries to do as good of a job as Gordon.
Halloween4.png Halloween 7 December 2006 #208
Emily accidentally scares herself as well as Thomas, 'Arry and Bert.
ThomasandtheRainbow83.png Thomas and the Rainbow 19 February 2007 #209
Thomas is distracted by a rainbow.
RespectforGordon59.png Respect for Gordon 20 February 2007 #210
Gordon begins bossing the others about.
Molly'sSpecialSpecial43.png Molly's Special Special 21 February 2007 #211
Thomas helps the new engine named Molly to make her empty trucks/freight cars look important.
MightyMac84.png Mighty Mac 22 February 2007 #212
Mighty Mac, an engine with two faces, has a problem deciding where to go.
Thomas'MilkshakeMuddle32.png Thomas' Milkshake Muddle 23 February 2007 #213
Thomas is sent to get ingredients for party food, but almost ruins it by rushing around too much.
PercyAndTheOilPainting75.png Percy and the Oil Painting 24 February 2007  #214
Percy takes a fussy painter around Sodor so that he can paint a picture of "The Spirit of Sodor."
ThomasandtheBirthdayPicnic75.png Thomas and the Birthday Picnic 25 February 2007 #215
Thomas tries to find a perfect place for Dowager Hatt's birthday picnic.
TobyFeelsLeftOut16.png Toby Feels Left Out 26 February 2007 #216
A museum is being opened and Toby is worried he will be put in it.
BoldandBrave45.png Bold and Brave 27 February 2007 #217
Diesel tells Thomas about the curse of the cliffs which makes him worried.
TunefulToots57.png Tuneful Toots 28 February 2007 #218
Rusty gets stranded while showing the brass band around and uses his horn to save the day.
FlourPower81.png Flour Power 1 March 2007 #219
Diesel spooks Thomas, but he gets back at him.
RheneasandtheDinosaur45.png Rheneas and the Dinosaur 2 March 2007 #220
Rheneas tries to take a dinosaur skeleton to the Transfer Yards on his own, much to Skarloey's dismay.
HenryandtheFlagpole65.png Henry and the Flagpole 3 March 2007 #221
Henry fears his favourite tree will be cut down to provide a flagpole for Callan Castle.
ThomasAndTheNewEngine70.png Thomas and the New Engine 4 March 2007 #222
Thomas sees 'Arry and Bert talking to Neville and thinks the three are planning a trick.
EmilyKnowsBest59.png Emily Knows Best 5 March 2007 #223
Emily pretends to be a queen, only to cause confusion.
Thomas'NewTrucks29.png Thomas' New Trucks 6 March 2007 #224
Thomas is jealous when James gets new trucks.
TheMagicLamp13.png The Magic Lamp 7 March 2007 #225
Peter Sam goes looking for a magic lamp after Skarloey tells him the story of Proteus.
ThomasandtheToyShop5.png Thomas and the Toy Shop 8 March 2007 #226
Thomas takes some toys to the Knapford toy shop.
SavingEdward58.png Saving Edward 9 March 2007 #227
Edward cannot take his train and fears he will be scrapped.
ThomasTriesHisBest74.png Thomas Tries His Best 10 March 2007 #228
Thomas wants to go to a fair while he has to wait for Farmer McColl with his chickens.
DuncanAndTheOldMine37.png Duncan and the Old Mine 11 March 2007 #229
Duncan, looking for adventure, ventures into a disused mine.
Thomas'DayOff61.png Thomas' Day Off 12 March 2007 #230
Dennis the diesel gets Thomas to do his work.
KeepingUpwithJames80.png Keeping Up with James 13 March 2007 #231
James' impatience proves to be disastrous.
ThomasandtheStatue74.png Thomas and the Statue 14 March 2007 #232
Thomas is chosen to take a statue, which he believes is of him.
SkarloeytheBrave49.png Skarloey the Brave 15 March 2007 #233
Skarloey proves to be a daredevil when he tries to ride up the incline.
ThomasandtheGoldenEagle87.png Thomas and the Golden Eagle 16 March 2007 #234
Thomas tries to see a rare golden eagle.
AVisitFromThomas48.png A Visit from Thomas 3 October 2007 #235
Whilst digging the foundations for a new school, Oliver the Excavator unearths a dinosaur skeleton.
JackOwnsUp23.jpg Jack Owns Up 3 October 2007 #236
Jack knocks over some roofing slate. When Ned is blamed for the accident, will Jack do the right thing and own up to save his friend?
OnSiteWithThomas59.png On Site with Thomas 3 October 2007 #237
The Pack all argue about whose job is more important - including Patrick the Cement Mixer who ends up face-first in his own concrete.
Percy'sScaryTale42.png Percy's Scary Tale 3 October 2007 #238
Kelly tells a scary story about a one-eyed truck to the machines. Max and Monty tease everyone about it, but end up looking silly.
Kelly'sWindyDay14.png Kelly's Windy Day 3 October 2007 #239
Kelly is blown over by strong winds which makes him nervous of working in windy conditions. Can he face up to his fear in order to save Isobella?
AHappyDayforPercy60.png A Happy Day for Percy 3 October 2007 #240
Byron the Bulldozer is tired of being ignored. He is later the centre of attention when he has to save Alfie.
ATaleforThomas12.png A Tale for Thomas 3 October 2007 #241
The Pack are repairing the Lightning Tree in Maithwaite Forest when Max and Monty run into it. The tree is about to collapse, but can Jack, Alfie, Kelly and Oliver save it?
ThomasAndTheMoles52.png Thomas and the Moles 3 October 2007 #242
Buster feels left out when he does not have any jobs to do. However, Miss Jenny discovers mole hills on a field and calls Buster to flatten the mole hills.
PercyHelpsOut48.png Percy Helps Out 3 October 2007 #243
Nelson is tired of his job of always having to carry the other machines and dreams to be carried himself.
TheTortoiseAndTheHare12.png The Tortoise and the Hare 3 October 2007 #244
Max and Monty tease Buster about being slow and challenge him to a race.
Thomas'TrustyFriends72.png Thomas' Trusty Friends 3 October 2007 #245
Ned is disappointed when Oliver is given the chance to demolish buildings.
AlfieHasKittens59.png Alfie Has Kittens 3 October 2007 #246
Alfie is depressed when the other machines tease him for being small. However, he learns that being small can be very useful.
MudGloriousMud49.png Mud Glorious Mud 3 October 2007 #247
The machines run out of fuel, so Isobella is sent to pick up some more. She does not like getting dirty, but is forced to go through muddy paddocks.
ThomasandtheJetPlane13.PNG Thomas and the Jet Plane 3 March 2008 #248
Thomas meets a jet plane named Jeremy.
ASmoothRide8.png A Smooth Ride 4 March 2008 #249
Sir Handel returns from the quarry, but is afraid he will be sent back when he starts bumping.
FollowThatFlour17.png Follow that Flour 5 March 2008 #250
Thomas takes a truck of flour, which James was meant to take.
PercyandtheFunfair.PNG Percy and the Funfair 6 March 2008 #251
Percy wants to help his friends deliver things to a funfair instead of delivering coal.
DuncanDropsaClanger61.png Duncan Drops a Clanger 7 March 2008 #252
Duncan transports a church bell, but due to his carelessness, loses it for a bit.
Toby'sAfternoonOff69.png Toby's Afternoon Off 8 March 2008 #253
Toby wants to visit the farm after finishing his jobs, but is given more work to do.
Thomas'TrickyTree59.png Thomas' Tricky Tree 9 March 2008 #254
Thomas tries to find a Christmas Tree round the wharf but he couldn't find it.
It'sGoodtobeGordon50.png It's Good to be Gordon 10 March 2008 #255
Gordon takes Henry's coal to make him go faster, leaving Henry to break down.
EmilyandtheSpecialCoaches30.png Emily and the Special Coaches 11 March 2008 #256
Gordon is getting new coaches for setting a speed record, but Diesel thinks he is special too and out of spite steals them.
ToppedOffThomas15.png Topped Off Thomas 12 March 2008 #257
While racing Spencer, Thomas blows the Fat Controller's top hat away and is told to find it again.
FearlessFreddie5.PNG.png Fearless Freddie 13 March 2008 #258
Freddie realises he is ageing after resorting to cheating in a race with Skarloey and Rheneas.
StickyToffeeThomas60.png Sticky Toffee Thomas 14 March 2008 #259
Thomas wants to wear a costume for the costume party.
BigStrongHenry75.png Big Strong Henry 15 March 2008 #260
Henry tries to prove he is the strongest engine on the railway.
SeeingtheSights26.png Seeing the Sights 16 March 2008 #261
Thomas races from place to place and leaves passengers behind at each stop.
ThomasandtheShootingStar59.png Thomas and the Shooting Star 17 March 2008 #262
Thomas gets lost while searching for a shooting star.
WhichWayNow25.png Which Way Now? 18 March 2008 #263
Rusty rushes workmen so he can take the Fat Controller around the Skarloey Railway.
Toby'sNewShed74.png Toby's New Shed 19 March 2008 #264
Toby is upset when the birds roosting in his shed are made homeless when his shed is renovated. Thomas puts things right.
EdwardStrikesOut29.png Edward Strikes Out 20 March 2008 #265
Edward prejudices a new crane called Rocky, but eats his words after Rocky helps Gordon after an accident.
Thomas'FrostyFriend76.png Thomas' Frosty Friend 21 March 2008 #266
A snowman-shaped balloon attaches itself to Thomas' rear buffers.
WharfandPeace73.png Wharf and Peace 22 March 2008 #267
Skarloey is startled at the wharf and is too scared to return.
ThomasAndTheColours17.png Thomas and the Colours 23 March 2008 #268
Thomas tries to convince James to give him the job of pulling the Sodor football team.
MissingTrucks41.png Missing Trucks 24 March 2008 #269
Rheneas' good deed of helping Skarloey causes trouble.
ThomasAndTheBirthdayMail52.png Thomas and the Birthday Mail 25 March 2008 #270
Thomas is annoyed when a tank engine, Rosie, harasses and follows him.
Duncan'sBluff61.png Duncan's Bluff 26 March 2008 #271
Duncan cheats in a race with James.
ThomasandtheTreasure75.png Thomas and the Treasure 27 March 2008 #272
Thomas goes looking for treasure, following clues told by Salty.
TheGreenController49.png The Green Controller 28 March 2008 #273
Lady Hatt appoints Percy to give the engines orders as the Fat Controller has lost his voice, but Percy only causes confusion.
JamestheSecondBest64.png James the Second Best 29 March 2008 #274
James is upset when Edward is chosen to appear on a railway poster.
ThomasandSkarloey'sBigDayOut60.png Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out 30 March 2008 #275
Thomas takes Skarloey to the Works, but delays to show him the sights and disaster strikes.
HideandPeeppromo.jpg Hide and Peep 9 September 2011 #276
Thomas cheats at a game of "hide and peep" with Percy at the Docks.
GordonandtheEngineerpromo.jpg Gordon and the Engineer 10 September 2011 #277
A case of mistaken identity almost causes the engines to be stranded.
ThomasSetsSailpromo.jpg Thomas Sets Sail 11 September 2011 #278
Thomas loses control while pulling a yacht.
Emily'sRubbishpromo.jpg Emily's Rubbish 12 September 2011 #279
Emily is teased for working with Whiff, but soon learns how useful Whiff is.
DreamOnpromo.jpg Dream On 13 September 2011 #280
Thomas thinks he can be faster, shiner, and stronger than Spencer.
CoolTruckingspromo.jpg Cool Truckings 14 September 2011 #281
Madge almost has an accident in the snow while transporting Duncan to the Transfer Yards.
ThomasandtheSpaceshippromo.jpg Thomas and the Spaceship 15 September 2011 #282
Thomas and Percy are certain they have seen a spaceship in the sky.
HectortheHorrid!promo.jpg Hector the Horrid 16 September 2011 #283
An aggressive coal hopper scares the engines, but Thomas learns of his secret fear.
ThomasandtheStorytellerpromo.jpg Thomas and the Storyteller 17 September 2011 #284
Thomas shows a famous storyteller around, but keeps making detours to help the others.
SkarloeyStormsThroughpromo.jpg Skarloey Storms Through 18 September 2011 #285
Skarloey faces his fears when he has to rescue some lambs during a storm.
ThomasandtheLighthousepromo.jpg Thomas and the Lighthouse 19 September 2011 #286
Thomas neglects his instructions when the engines become excited about a fair.
SirHandelinChargepromo.jpg Sir Handel in Charge 20 September 2011 #287
Sir Handel tells the others what to do in Mr. Percival's absence, with disastrous results.
SmokeandMirrorspromo.jpg Smoke and Mirrors 21 September 2011 #288
Thomas confuses some deliveries for a magic show.
Henry'sLuckyDaypromo.jpg Henry's Lucky Day 22 September 2011 #289
Edward takes Henry's so-called "lucky trucks" and Henry goes looking for them.
Don'tBeSilly,Billypromo.jpg Don't be Silly Billy 23 September 2011 #290
New engine Billy ignores Thomas' advice and as a result runs out of coal and water.
Toby'sTriumphpromo.jpg Toby's Triumph 24 September 2011 #291
Toby is chosen to take Allicia Botti to a concert, but is worried he will mess up.
ThomasandtheRunawayCarpromo.jpg Thomas and the Runaway Car 25 September 2011 #292
A runaway car causes trouble for Thomas.
EdwardandtheMailpromo.jpg Edward and the Mail 26 September 2011 #293
Edward is chosen to pull the mail, but does not know how to do the job.
ThomasandtheBigBangpromo.jpg Thomas and the Big Bang 27 September 2011 #294
Thomas plays tricks on the narrow gauge engines.
WashBehindYourBufferspromo.jpg Wash Behind Your Buffers 28 September 2011 #295
Madge tells Skarloey and Rheneas to keep clean for a concert, but cannot keep clean herself.
ThomasinTroubleSeason11promo.jpg Thomas in Trouble 29 September 2011 #296
Thomas leaves the fitter's yard to pick up a choir before he is fully maintained.
DirtyWork(Season11)promo.jpg Dirty Work 30 September 2011 #297
James gets ready to be the star of the show.
DuncanDoesitAllpromo.jpg Duncan Does it All 1 October 2011 #298
Duncan does the other engines' jobs for a change, but causes several muddles.
PercyandtheLeftLuggagepromo.jpg Percy and the Left Luggage 2 October 2011 #299
Freddie tries to find a bell for Mr. Percival's bicycle.
Ding-A-Lingpromo.jpg Ding-A-Ling 3 October 2011 #300
Percy neglects his more important job, collecting Dowager Hatt's luggage, in favour of his other more fun jobs.
ThomasandtheStinkyCheesepromo.jpg Thomas and the Stinky Cheese 4 October 2011 #301
Thomas tries to avoid Diesel, 'Arry, and Bert while taking some stinky cheese.
ThomasAndTheBillboard99.png Thomas and the Billboard 29 October 2008 #302
Diesel obscures Thomas in a photograph of the engines.
SteadyEddie17.png Steady Eddie 30 October 2008 #303
Edward takes the Great Waterton water wheel on the scenic route to show off to his friends.
Rosie'sFunfairSpecial87.png Rosie's Funfair Special 31 October 2008 #304
Rosie and Emily are pulling a train for a fair, but Rosie wants to pull it alone.
MountainMarvel74.png Mountain Marvel 3 November 2008 #305
Peter Sam rushes to finish his jobs in order to hear a tale about Proteus from the famous storyteller, Miss Marvel.
HenryGetsItWrong13.png Henry Gets it Wrong 4 November 2008 #306
Henry worries that the workmen are going to cut down the wishing tree.
HeaveHoThomas!36.png Heave Ho Thomas! 5 November 2008 #307
A large new engine called Hank arrives, but Thomas is determined not to need his help.
Toby'sSpecialSurprise69.png Toby's Special Surprise 6 November 2008 #308
Toby wants to make an impression by searching Sodor for something special.
ExcellentEmily50.png Excellent Emily 7 November 2008 #309
Emily becomes arrogant after receiving praise from the Fat Controller.
ThePartySurprise69.png The Party Surprise 10 November 2008 #310
Freddie decides to reorganise a winter party from Mr. Percival's house to the Wharf as a surprise for Colin the crane.
SavedYou!20.png Saved You! 11 November 2008 #311
Thomas wants to prove his heroism when he learns a fireman is to be honoured.
DuncanAndTheHotAirBalloon80.png Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon 12 November 2008 #312
Mr. Percival's twins are getting a ride in the Hot Air Balloon for their birthday, but Duncan wants to take them himself.
JamesWorksItOut47.png James Works it Out 13 November 2008 #313
When James ignores Hector's advice, he gets caught in bad winter weather.
TramTrouble55.png Tram Trouble 14 November 2008 #314
Toby and Flora are heading a parade at Great Waterton; Thomas thinks Toby would rather lead the event on his own and tries to distract Flora.
Don'tGoBack11.png Don't Go Back 16 November 2008 #315
Thomas and Diesel race backwards.
GordonTakesaShortcut12.png Gordon Takes a Shortcut 18 November 2008 #316
Gordon gets lost while taking a shortcut and refuses to ask for help.
TheManintheHills72.png The Man in the Hills 19 November 2008 #317
Thomas and the narrow gauge engines collect presents for Mr. Percival's birthday.
ThomasPutsTheBrakesOn44.png Thomas Puts the Brakes On 20 November 2008 #318
Thomas' brakes malfunction while delivering bricks to repair a bridge.
PercyandtheBandstand62.png Percy and the Bandstand 21 November 2008 #319
Percy is tasked with bringing Lady Hatt to a surprise party, but the unknowing Lady Hatt tells him to go elsewhere.
PushMe.PullYou69.png Push Me, Pull You 24 November 2008 #320
Skarloey refuses Rheneas' help to pull a train for a puppet show and ends up playing the trucks' games.
BestFriends71.png Best Friends 25 November 2008 #321
Thomas tries to avoid telling Percy he has been given a job Percy wants to do.
CreakyCrankypromo.jpg Creaky Cranky 5 February 2010 #322
Cranky teases Thomas about being small, but when he breaks down it is up to Thomas to save him.
TheLionofSodorpromo2.jpg The Lion of Sodor 6 February 2010 #323
Thomas has to deliver the Lion of Sodor to Knapford, but he thinks that the lion is real and tries to feed it, but this only causes confusion and delay.
TickledPinkpromo2.jpg Tickled Pink 7 February 2010 #324
James is sent to the Steamworks to be repainted, but he is repainted into a pink livery to keep the water out of his paintwork and the other engines laugh at him.
DoubleTroublepromo.jpg Double Trouble 8 February 2010 #325
Thomas thinks he is taking the Fat Controller to his birthday party, but it turns out to be his brother.
SlippySodor109.jpeg Slippy Sodor 9 February 2010 #326
Thomas is teased about his "funny funnel" and causes trouble for the Fat Controller and Mr. Bubbles.
TheEarlyBirdPromo2.jpg The Early Bird 10 February 2010 #327
While Percy is at the Steamworks for repairs, Thomas must pull the mail, but he does not want to ask for his advice.
PlayTimepromo.jpg Play Time 11 February 2010 #328
Charlie, the new engine, challenges Thomas to race him around the Island, causing Thomas to neglect his jobs.
ThomasandthePigspromo.jpg Thomas and the Pigs 12 February 2010 #329
Thomas is to bring straw to Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm for the piglets who are soon to be born, but Thomas thinks they will like other things better.
TimeforaStorypromo.jpg Time for a Story 13 February 2010 #330
After ignoring warning signs about track repair, Thomas' trucks of books derail, so he brings the children to the books.
Percy'sParcelpromo2.jpg Percy's Parcel 14 February 2010 #331
After Percy ruins Dowager Hatt's birthday parcel, he hides in a siding. When he overhears Mavis, he gets an idea of how to fix his mistake.
Toby'sNewWhistlepromo.jpg Toby's New Whistle 15 February 2010 #332
Toby's bell needs repairs, so he is given a very loud whistle while it is being mended.
ABloomingMesspromo.jpg A Blooming Mess 16 February 2010 #333
Emily thinks that Mavis needs to be cheered up, so she brings her some flowers but winds up causing confusion and delay.
ThomasandtheRunawayKitepromo.jpg Thomas and the Runaway Kite 17 February 2010 #334
After Stephen and Bridget Hatt's kite flies away and Thomas tries to catch it, but realises that he needs to ask for help.
SteamySodorpromo.jpg Steamy Sodor 18 February 2010 #335
When Thomas is put in charge of the Steamworks, havoc ensues.
SplishSplashSploshpromo.jpg Splish Splash Splosh 19 February 2010 #336
Thomas and Rosie play "Splish, Splash, Splosh", but when Thomas splashes the Fat Controller and Allicia Botti he must put things right.
TheBiggestPresentofAllpromo2.jpg The Biggest Present of All 20 February 2010 #337
Hiro is visiting Sodor and the Fat Controller is planning a welcome party for him. Thomas is told to tell the other engines, but looks for a present for Hiro instead.
SnowTrackspromo.jpg Snow Tracks 21 February 2010 #338
Gordon is told to not go up any hills, but when he does, he creates a giant snowball.
Henry'sGoodDeedspromo2.jpg Henry's Good Deeds 22 February 2010 #339
Henry attempts to help people but ends up scaring away the Sodor Warbler, a very famous bird.
BuzzyBeespromo.jpg Buzzy Bees 23 February 2010 #340
Thomas' special of bees escape when he goes by a flowery meadow. So he takes Hiro's flower truck to try to lure them back to their hive.
HiroHelpsOutpromo.jpg Hiro Helps Out 24 February 2010 #341
Hiro gives the engines orders when he thinks the Fat Controller is too busy to do it himself.
Thomas'TallFriendpromo.jpg Thomas' Tall Friend 5 October 2011 #342
Thomas must deliver a giraffe to the Animal Park, but is too excited to wait for its keeper.
Henry'sMagicBoxpromo.jpg Henry's Magic Box 6 October 2011 #343
Henry helps Sir Topham Hatt prepare a secret holiday surprise.
JamesintheDarkpromo.jpg James in the Dark 7 October 2011 #344
James refuses to wear an old fashioned head lamp at night and picks up Farmer McColl, Farmer Trotter, and their animals instead of Allicia Botti.
PingyPongyPickUppromo.jpg Pingy Pongy Pick Up 8 October 2011 #345
Emily must pick up the Sodor United football team's kits.
CharlieandEddiepromo.jpg Charlie and Eddie 9 October 2011 #346
Edward tries to show Charlie that he is a fun engine instead of delivering Sir Topham Hatt's car to a mechanic.
TobyandtheWhistlingWoodspromo.jpg Toby and the Whistling Woods 10 October 2011 #347
Thomas and James help Toby get through the Whistling Woods.
Henry'sHealthandSafetypromo.jpg Henry's Health and Safety 11 October 2011 #348
Henry becomes so concerned about safety, he interferes with Percy's jobs.
Diesel'sSpecialDeliverypromo.jpg Diesel's Special Delivery 12 October 2011 #349
Diesel swaps his dull load of slate for a haul of shiny red apples and bright flowers in order to please Sodor's schoolchildren.
PopGoesThomaspromo.jpg Pop Goes Thomas 13 October 2011 #350
Thomas is amused by the popping sounds coming from his load of lemonade, but when he delivers the cargo, he discovers that the bottles are empty.
VictorSaysYespromo.jpg Victor Says Yes 14 October 2011 #351
Victor bites off more than he can chew when he agrees to fix many of Sodor's engines on the same day.
ThomasinChargepromo.jpg Thomas in Charge 15 October 2011 #352
The Railway Inspector pays a visit to Sodor, but Thomas' ambitious plans to impress him lead to chaos.
BeingPercypromo.jpg Being Percy 16 October 2011 #353
Percy decides to imitate Gordon in order to get the other engines to take notice of him.
ThomasandtheSnowmanPartypromo.jpg Thomas and the Snowman Party 17 October 2011 #354
Thomas must find a special hat for a snowman before the party can begin.
Thomas'CrazyDaypromo.jpg Thomas' Crazy Day 18 October 2011 #355
The Fat Controller enlists Thomas to teach the silly Logging Locos how to be useful, but he has already promised to play a game with Percy.
JumpingJobiWoodpromo.jpg Jumping Jobi Wood! 19 October 2011 #356
Thomas is ordered to collect some precious Jobi wood from Misty Island, but chaos ensues when Old Wheezy starts throwing the logs around.
ThomasandScruffpromo.jpg Thomas and Scruff 20 October 2011 #357
Thomas tries to clean a new engine named Scruff, but as soon as he knows he is getting a wash, he runs off in terror.
OTheIndignitypromo.jpg O the Indignity 21 October 2011 #358
Gordon is put in charge of Whiff's Waste Dump on "Clean Sodor Day".
JittersandJapespromo.jpg Jitters and Japes 22 October 2011 #359
Thomas takes Dowager Hatt on a slow tour of Misty Island, but the Dowager wants to have a more exciting trip.
GordonandFerdinandpromo.jpg Gordon and Ferdinand 21 November 2011 #360
Gordon is embarrassed to be seen with Ferdinand while delivering the Lion of Sodor.
TobyandBashpromo.jpg Toby and Bash 22 November 2011 #361
Toby tries to find Bash a home on Sodor, but Bash misses his friends on Misty Island.
EmilyandDashpromo.jpg Emily and Dash 23 November 2011 #362
Emily has to escort Dash to a steam fair but thoughtlessly leaves him behind.
Percy'sNewFriendspromo.jpg Percy's New Friends 24 November 2011 #363
After his friends say they are too busy to play, Percy decides to make friends with the animals on Sodor.
EdwardtheHeropromo.jpg Edward the Hero 25 November 2011 #364
Edward wants to be a hero like Harold.
JamestotheRescuepromo.jpg James to the Rescue 26 November 2011 #365
James refuses to work with Toby as the rescue engine, but soon regrets his decision.
HappyHiro.jpg Happy Hiro 27 November 2011 #366
Hiro is feeling homesick, so Thomas tries to cheer him up by taking him to Misty Island.
UpUpandAwaypromo.jpg Up, Up and Away! 28 November 2011 #367
Thomas and Percy deliver Mr. Bubbles' giant balloon.
Henry'sHappyCoalpromo.jpg Henry's Happy Coal 29 November 2011 #368
'Arry and Bert tease Henry about using special coal.
LetitSnow32.jpg Let it Snow 30 November 2011 #369
While collecting logs for an animal shelter, Thomas sings the Misty Island Snow Song in hopes of making it snow.
SurpriseSurprisepromo.jpg Surprise, Surprise 1 December 2011 #370
Thomas tries to hold a Christmas party at the Sodor Steamworks for his friends but does not tell Victor.
SpencertheGrandpromo.jpg Spencer the Grand 2 December 2011 #371
Spencer disobeys orders and tries to puff to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House in the fog.
StopThatBuspromo.jpg Stop That Bus! 3 December 2011 #372
Thomas takes Bertie on a tour, but Bertie has to pick up Dowager Hatt and her friends.
StuckonYoupromo.jpg Stuck on You 4 December 2011 #373
Thomas and Butch do not listen to Victor's instructions, so they do not know how to work Butch's new magnet.
BigBellepromo.jpg Big Belle 5 December 2011 #374
Belle's attempts to be friends with Toby only frighten the steam tram away.
KevintheSteamiepromo.jpg Kevin the Steamie 6 December 2011 #375
Kevin practices shunting so that he can take part in Thomas and Percy's game.
WonkyWhistlepromo.jpg Wonky Whistle 7 December 2011 #376
Thomas rushes off before his whistle can be properly fixed and scares Farmer McColl's animals.
PercytheSnowmanpromo.jpg Percy the Snowman 8 December 2011 #377
Thomas promises to take a depressed Percy to pick up Sir Topham Hatt, but while Thomas is finishing his jobs, he only succeeds in covering Percy in snow.
FieryFlynnpromo.jpg Fiery Flynn 10 December 2011 #378
Flynn tries to impress the diesels with his bravado with potentially disastrous results.
MerryMistyIslandpromo.jpg Merry Misty Island 23 December 2011 #379
Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand prepare for the first ever Misty Island Christmas party.
MerryWinterWishPromo.jpg Merry Winter Wish 24 December 2011 #380
Thomas delivers the Star of Knapford, a festive light that makes wishes come true.
TreeTroublepromo.jpg Tree Trouble 24 December 2011 #380
The diesels and Thomas compete to find the best Christmas tree for the Steamworks and Dieselworks.
RacetotheRescuepromo.jpg Race to the Rescue 16 February 2012 #381
Flynn is able to run on the roads again, but he is nervous because his wheels wobble.
OlWheezyWobblespromo.jpg Ol' Wheezy Wobbles 17 February 2012 #382
Ol' Wheezy has stopped working. The Logging Locos do not know what to do, but Thomas is sure he can help.
ExpressComingThroughpromo.jpg Express Coming Through 18 February 2012 #383
Dowager Hatt is having a party for some very important visitors.
PercyandtheMonsterofBrendampromo.jpg Percy and the Monster of Brendam 19 February 2012 #384
Percy believes one of Salty's tales and looks for "the monster of Brendam."
HoHoSnowmanpromo.jpg Ho Ho Snowman 20 February 2012 #385
Charlie hides behind a snowman and tricks Henry into thinking it is alive.
FlashBangWallopPromo.jpg Flash Bang Wallop! 21 February 2012 #386
A photographer wants to take some pictures of the engines for a book.
ThomasandtheRubbishTrainpromo.jpg Thomas and the Rubbish Train 22 February 2012 #387
Thomas helps Whiff pull a train to the waste dump.
ThomasTootstheCrows84.png Thomas Toots the Crows 23 February 2012 #388
Thomas tries to keep the crows off Farmer McColl's seeds.
BustMyBufferspromo.jpg Bust My Buffers! 24 February 2012 #389
Gordon's bufferbeam is broken and he is given a diesel's bufferbeam.
PercyandtheCalliopepromo.jpg Percy and the Calliope 25 February 2012 #390
Percy tries to save a calliope from the Smelter's Yard.
ThomasandtheSoundsofSodorpromo.jpg Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor 26 February 2012 #391
Thomas helps a great composer look for inspiration.
Salty'sSurprisepromo.jpg Salty's Surprise 27 February 2012 #392
Edward tries to find Salty a Christmas present.
SodorSurpriseDaypromo.jpg Sodor Surprise Day 28 February 2012 #393
Thomas tries to get Gordon to have fun on Sodor Surprise Day but ruins the fireworks.
Emily'sWinterPartySpecialpromo.jpg Emily's Winter Party Special 29 February 2012 #394
Emily thinks she will be chosen to pull the present train if she finds Sir Topham Hatt's hat.
MuddyMatterspromo.jpg Muddy Matters 1 March 2012 #395
James needs to travel on muddy tracks to get Farmer McColl's sheep to the fair but does not want to dirty his paintwork.
Whiff'sWishpromo.jpg Whiff's Wish 2 March 2012 #396
Whiff wishes that he was as grand as Spencer.
WelcomeStaffordpromo.jpg Welcome Stafford 3 March 2012 #397
Spencer shows Stafford, the new electric shunting engine, around Sodor, but ignores Victor's warning that Stafford's batteries could run out.
Don'tBotherVictorpromo.jpg Don't Bother Victor! 5 March 2012 #398
The Thin Controller leaves Peter Sam in charge of the narrow gauge railway.
HappyBirthdaySirpromo.jpg Happy Birthday Sir! 6 March 2012 #399
Thomas and Winston, the new track inspection vehicle, look for an open-top carriage for the Fat Controller's birthday.
TheChristmasTreeExpress.jpeg The Christmas Tree Express 25 December 2012 #400
Toby gets scared when he takes Rheneas to Misty Island to pick out a Christmas tree.
SteamieStafford15.jpeg Steamie Stafford 9 October 2013 #401
Stafford wants to make sounds like a steam engine.
GordonRunsDrypromo.jpg Gordon Runs Dry 10 October 2013 #402
A rock hits Gordon's boiler, causing him to have to refill with water too regularly.
TheLostPuffpromo.jpg The Lost Puff 11 October 2013 #403
Paxton searches the island for Thomas' "lost puff."
Kevin'sCrankyFriendpromo.jpg Kevin's Cranky Friend 12 October 2013 #404
Kevin is sent to the docks to help Cranky, but Cranky believes he doesn't need any help.
Scruff'sMakeoverpromo.jpg Scruff's Makeover 13 October 2013 #405
After being repainted, Scruff refuses to work at Whiff's waste dump and searches for a new job to do.
TooManyFireEnginespromo.jpg Too Many Fire Engines 14 October 2013 #406
The amount of fire engines needed on Sodor is questioned.
CalmDownCaitlin72.jpeg Calm Down Caitlin 15 October 2013 #407
Caitlin spends the night on Sodor volunteering to do the other engines' jobs.
WaywardWinstonpromo.jpg Wayward Winston 16 October 2013 #408
Winston leaves Sir Topham Hatt behind and goes off driver-less.
NoMoreMrNiceEnginepromo.jpg No More Mr. Nice Engine 17 October 1983 #409
Diesel tries to get Hiro to misbehave with the trucks.
AwayFromtheSeapromo.jpg Away From the Sea 18 October 2013 #410
Salty thinks he will be replaced at the docks by a new engine, Porter.
Thomas'Shortcutpromo.jpg Thomas' Shortcut 19 October 2013 #411
Bertie is re-routed, so Thomas tries to find his own shortcut.
TheSmellyKipperpromo.jpg The Smelly Kipper 20 October 2013 #412
Henry challenges James to pull the Flying Kipper.
GoneFishing(episode)promo.jpg Gone Fishing 21 October 2013 #413
Harvey has to take a train to Vicarstown, something he does not normally do.
TheAfternoonTeaExpresspromo.jpg The Afternoon Tea Express 22 October 2013 #414
Stephen is given the job of collecting ingredients for the afternoon tea at Ulfstead Castle.
Henry'sHeropromo.jpg Henry's Hero 23 October 2013 #415
Henry and Hiro take on some bad coal while delivering a heavy goods train.
Luke'sNewFriendpromo.jpg Luke's New Friend 24 October 2013 #416
Luke makes friends with a young deer in the quarry.
TheSwitchpromo.jpg The Switch 25 October 2013 #417
Luke and Millie swap jobs at the castle and the quarry.
NotNowCharliePromo2.jpg Not Now, Charlie! 26 October 2013 #418
Nobody believes Charlie when he spots an elephant on the track.
TheThomasWayPromo2.jpg The Thomas Way 27 October 2013 #419
Duck and Thomas have to take Harold to the Search and Rescue Centre to be repaired.
ThePhantomExpressPromo2.jpg The Phantom Express 28 October 2013 #420
James scares Percy and Stephen with a spooky tale.
TheFrozenTurntablepromo.jpg The Frozen Turntable 29 October 2013 #421
The turntable at the sheds freezes, so the engines have to find other places to sleep.
Percy'sLuckyDay36.png Percy's Lucky Day 30 October 2013 #422
Percy feels unlucky, so Stephen gives him his lucky horseshoe.
NoSnowforThomaspromo.jpg No Snow for Thomas 31 October 2013 #423
Thomas hides his snowplough, but then has to stay in the shed all day.
BillorBenpromo.jpg Bill or Ben? 1 November 2013 #424
Bill and Ben get back at Connor for going too fast.
TheMissingChristmasDecorations.jpeg The Missing Christmas Decorations 24 December 2013 #425
Diesel 10 steals the steam engines' Christmas decorations for the Dieselworks.
Santa'sLittleEngine124.jpeg Santa's Little Engine 24 December 2013 #426
Sir Topham Hatt has to play Santa Claus for the Earl's Christmas Party.
OldReliableEdwardpromo.jpg Old Reliable Edward 1 October 2014 #427
Gordon teases Edward about being old and slow, so Thomas decides to make a plan to pay him out.
NotSoSlowCoachespromo.jpg Not So Slow Coaches 2 October 2014 #428
Annie and Clarabel unexpectedly become part of Caitlin's high-speed train.
FlatbedsofFearpromo.jpg Flatbeds of Fear 3 October 2014 #429
Salty tells Thomas a story of some flatbeds which he called the "Flatbeds of Fear", causing paranoia among him, Henry and Emily.
DisappearingDieselspromo.jpg Disappearing Diesels 4 October 2014 #430
The diesels hide from Paxton as a joke, but Paxton takes the joke too seriously, as he believes that all of them had disappeared.
SignalsCrossedpromo.jpg Signals Crossed 5 October 2014 #431
Toby is nervous of Knapford Junction, as he does not know which signal is his.
Toad'sAdventurepromo.jpg Toad's Adventure 6 October 2014 #432
After Oliver brags about his own adventure from escaping the scrapyard, Toad decides he wants his own and soon gets one while being James' brake van.
DuckintheWater55.png Duck in the Water 7 October 2014 #433
When James collects Rocky to help Duck, he becomes impatient and causes trouble when Rocky's crane arm isn't secured.
DuckandtheSlipCoachespromo.jpg Duck and the Slip Coaches 8 October 2014 #434
James steals Duck's idea of bringing special slip coaches to the railway.
ThomastheQuarryEnginepromo.jpg Thomas the Quarry Engine 9 October 2014 #435
Diesel shows Mavis the sights of Sodor, while Thomas does all the work at the quarry.
ThomasandtheEmergencyCablepromo.jpg Thomas and the Emergency Cable 10 October 2014 #436
One of Thomas' passengers pulls the emergency cable and damages Annie's wheel.
DuncanandtheGrumpyPassengerpromo.jpg Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger 12 October 2014 #437
Duncan gets fed up with a particularly grumpy passenger.
MarionandthePipepromo.jpg Marion and the Pipe 14 October 2014 #438
Marion damages a water pipe and doesn't tell anyone.
MissingGatorpromo.jpg Missing Gator 15 October 2014 #439
Percy misses his friend Gator and struggles to forget about him.
NoSteamWithoutCoalpromo.jpg No Steam Without Coal 16 October 2014 #440
Bill and Ben forget the coal shipment and make fun of Timothy for using oil instead.
Spencer'sVIPpromo.jpg Spencer's VIP 17 October 2014 #441
All the engines compete to get to take a Deputy Minister home to the mainland.
LongLostFriendpromo.jpg Long Lost Friend 18 October 2014 #442
Gator returns to the island for Christmas and is very eager to see Percy.
Toad'sBrightIdeapromo.jpg Toad's Bright Idea 19 October 2014 #443
Oliver breaks down, so Gator is sent to take his train with Toad.
LastTrainforChristmaspromo.jpg Last Train for Christmas 24 December 2014 #444
All the engines have to work hard to clear the snow for Connor's last train.
ThePerfectGiftpromo.jpg The Perfect Gift 24 December 2014 #445
Percy looks to find Reg the crane the perfect Christmas gift.
DuncantheHumbugpromo.jpg Duncan the Humbug 25 December 2014 #446
The Thin Controller makes Duncan promise to be cheerful at Christmas time, which proves to be very difficult for him.
EmilySavestheWorldpromo.jpg Emily Saves the World 14 December 2015 #447
Emily has to take a giant globe to the animal park.
TimothyandtheRainbowTruckpromo.jpg Timothy and the Rainbow Truck 15 December 2015 #448
Bill and Ben send Timothy on a wild goose chase for a rainbow coloured truck.
MarionandtheDinosaurs50.png Marion and the Dinosaurs 16 December 2015 #449
Marion is spooked by some lifelike dinosaur models and thinks they are real dinosaurs.
SamsonatYourServicepromo.jpg Samson at Your Service 17 December 2015 #450
Samson takes the express coaches by mistake but refuses to listen to the other engines.
SamsonSentforScrappromo.jpg Samson Sent for Scrap 18 December 2015 #451
Harvey and Samson have to clean up the island of scrap.
MillieandtheVolcanopromo.jpg Millie and the Volcano 19 December 2015 #452
Samson and Harvey laugh at Millie, and she is determined to get them back.
Who'sGeoffreypromo.jpg Who's Geoffrey? 20 December 2015 #453
Thomas blames an accident on made-up engine Geoffrey.
SnowPlaceLikeHomepromo.jpg Snow Place Like Home 21 December 2015 #454
Kevin gets stuck out in the snow, and Victor goes out looking for him, despite his hatred of snow.
TheTruthAboutToby3.png The Truth About Toby 22 December 2015 #455
Toby accidentally runs out of coal at the scrapyards, leaving the engines to think he's going to be scrapped.
ACrankyChristmaspromo.jpg A Cranky Christmas 24 December 2015 #456
Thomas is sent to take a special crate to the Town Square from the docks, but Cranky accidentally drops the crate.
Diesel'sGhostlyChristmas1.png Diesel's Ghostly Christmas: Part 1 25 December 2015 #457
Diesel starts causing trouble at Christmas time and he gets visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past.
Diesel'sGhostlyChristmaspromo.jpg Diesel's Ghostly Christmas: Part 2 25 December 2015 #458
Diesel now meets up with two other ghostly engines. The Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future and he later finds the Fat Controller still at Knapford during the Earl's Christmas party at Ulfstead Castle.
LostPropertypromo.jpg Lost Property 27 December 2015 #459
The Fat Controller is anxious as two grumpy inspectors have come to inspect the railway, starting with Thomas. To prevent an even worse report, Thomas helps return the lost pocket watch to the railway inspector.
HenrySpotsTroublepromo.jpg Henry Spots Trouble 28 December 2015 #460
After he sees the Fat Controller's grandchildren with chickenpox, Henry worries about catching the disease himself.
ToadandtheWhalepromo.jpg Toad and the Whale 29 December 2015 #461
Toad spots a stranded whale on the beach, but Oliver does not take him seriously.
TheBeastofSodorpromo.jpg The Beast of Sodor 30 December 2015 #462
Henry becomes paranoid of meeting an abominable snowman after Spencer teases him about it.
VeryImportantSheep37.png Very Important Sheep 30 December 2015 #463
Percy doesn't notice sheep jumping out of his cattle truck.
SaltyAllatSeapromo.jpg Salty All at Sea 1 January 2016 #464
Salty's imagination runs away with him as he worries about going to the Mainland by sea.
DenandDartpromo.jpg Den and Dart 2 January 2016 #465
Mavis has an accident at Anopha Quarry and is sent to the Dieselworks. Den is sent to take her place, while Dart has to stay at the Dieselworks. However, the two always work together and they fear to be without the other.
HelpingHiropromo.jpg Helping Hiro 3 January 2016 #466
Thomas feels guilty about causing Hiro to have an accident. To make up for it, Thomas ventures into Hiro's old hideout to see if he can try to salvage some left behind parts.
PhiliptotheRescuepromo.jpg Philip to the Rescue 1 March 2017 #467
James is determined to prove himself stronger than Philip.
SlowStephenpromo3.jpg Slow Stephen 27 March 2017 #468
Stephen is a slow engine, but one day, when the Sodor Suspension Bridge collapses, he tries to stop Gordon from crossing the bridge.
TwoWheelsGoodpromo.jpg Two Wheels Good 28 March 2017 #469
Thomas, Spencer, and Bertie argue over how many wheels are best.
RedsvsBluespromo.jpg Reds vs. Blues 29 March 2017 #470
Thomas and James compete with each other to see who can get to Dryaw first.
BestEngineEverpromo.jpg Best Engine Ever 30 March 2017 #471
Emily idolises Caitlin when she sees how fast Caitlin can go.
TheLittleEngineWhoRacedAheadpromo.jpg The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead 31 March 2017 #472
A new diesel boxcab named Philip arrives. Loving to race, he thinks he's racing Gordon when in actuality Gordon never took part.
SidneySingspromo.jpg Sidney Sings 2 April 2017 #473
Forgetful Sidney makes up a song to help him remember his jobs.
Toby'sNewFriendpromo.jpg Toby's New Friend 3 April 2017 #474
Philip tries to make friends with Toby, much to Toby's dismay.
HenryGetstheExpresspromo.jpg Henry Gets the Express 4 April 2017 #475
Henry takes the express instead of Gordon.
DieselandtheDucklingspromo.jpg Diesel and the Ducklings 5 April 2017 #476
Diesel struggles to keep up his rough and tough demeanor when he makes friends with some ducklings.
BradfordtheBrakeVanPromo.jpg Bradford the Brake Van 6 April 2017 #477
A brake van from the mainland arrives and gets the trucks to behave.
SavingTimepromo.jpg Saving Time 7 April 2017 #478
Samson takes as many trucks as he can of an important stone train to save time getting to the docks.
RyanandDaisypromo.jpg Ryan and Daisy 8 April 2017 #479
Daisy manipulates Ryan to get him to do her extra work, as well as his own.
TheRailcarandtheCoachespromo.jpg The Railcar and the Coaches 9 April 2017 #480
Daisy is rude to Annie and Clarabel.
LoveMeTenderpromo2.jpg Love Me Tender 10 April 2017 #481
Donald and Douglas argue while clearing the snow.
PoutyJamespromo.jpg Pouty James 11 April 2017 #482
James has to learn to change his showy attitude.
BlownAwaypromo.jpg Blown Away 12 April 2017 #483
Skiff is helping prepare for a storm, but he himself is blown away down the track.
TheWaySheDoesIt92.png The Way She Does it 13 April 2017 #484
Daisy boasts about transporting an entertainers group.
MuckingAboutPromo.jpg Mucking About 14 April 2017 #485
Thomas questions his friendship with Max and Monty after they repeatedly pull reckless and dangerous stunts.
CautiousConnorpromo.jpg Cautious Connor 15 April 2017 #486
Connor gets damaged when travelling at high speed and decides that he must go more slowly from now on.
AllinVainpromo.jpg All in Vain 16 April 2017 #487
James has to take the Mayor to Callan Castle, but is mortified when he finds a tiny scratch on his paintwork.
BuckledTracksandBumpyTruckspromo.jpg Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks 17 April 2017 #488
Everyone on Sodor struggles in the hot weather, Belle and Flynn were putting out fires while the Fat Controller was forced to wear a safari hat to keep himself cool.
TitforTatpromo.jpg Tit for Tat 18 April 2017 #489
Bert is splashed by some visitors to the railway and is determined to get back at them.
Mike'sWhistlePromo2.jpg Mike's Whistle 19 April 2017 #490
After teasing Duck about his whistle, Mike boasts about his own.
UsefulRailwaypromo.jpg Useful Railway 20 April 2017 #491
Rex thinks pulling wool trains is an easy job, but he quickly discovers otherwise.
ThomastheBabysitterpromo.jpg Thomas the Babysitter 21 April 2017 #492
A mother and her noisy baby want to have a ride on Thomas' train, but the baby keeps crying which leads to irritation to Thomas and the passengers.
RockyRescuepromo.jpg Rocky Rescue 22 April 2017 #493
Rocky ends up derailing and the Search and Rescue Team have to work together to put him back on the rails again.
TheOtherSideoftheMountainpromo.jpg The Other Side of the Mountain 23 April 2017 #494
Thomas discovers Bertie's been rerouted to behind the other side of the mountain, making Thomas curious as to what's there.
NoHelpatAllpromo.jpg No Help at All 24 April 2017 #495
Bill and Ben say that Timothy is no help at all.
GoodbyeFatControllerpromo.jpg Goodbye Fat Controller 25 April 2017 #496
Percy overhears some workmen talking and thinks the Fat Controller is leaving Sodor, so he and the other engines go on strike at Tidmouth Sheds.
WildWaterRescuepromo.jpg Wild Water Rescue 26 April 2017 #497
Diesel is jealous of Percy's job to collect the Mayor of Sodor, so he directs Percy to an old disused quarry while he takes him himself.
LetterstoSantapromo.jpg Letters to Santa 19 December 2017 #498
Percy thinks Harold is full of himself when he offers to help him with the Christmas mail.
HenryintheDarkpromo.jpg Henry in the Dark 19 February 2018 #499
Henry is accidentally given paint that glows in the dark.
Season20Promo.jpg Three Steam Engines Gruff 20 February 2018 #500
Thomas, Percy and Toby are frightened by a sound from under the bridge.
EngineoftheFuture17.png Engine of the Future 21 February 2018 #501
A different new engine arrives to the island and the other engines think he will replace them.
HugoandtheAirshippromo.jpg Hugo and the Airship 22 February 2018 #502
Hugo wishes he could fly like an airship that has been soaring over Sodor.
TheMissingBreakdownTrainpromo.jpg The Missing Breakdown Train 23 February 2018 #503
Judy and Jerome get their chance to be really useful again.
SkiffandtheMermaidpromo.jpg Skiff and the Mermaid 24 February 2018 #504
Skiff and the Fat Controller go on a wild adventure around Arlesburgh Harbour in search of a mermaid.
OvertheHill.jpg Over the Hill 25 February 2018 #505
Stephen becomes jealous of all the attention received by Glynn at the castle.
SpringtimeforDiesel.jpg Springtime for Diesel 26 February 2018 #506
Daisy's springs need fixing after Diesel bumps her, and when the rumors spread about Daisy not being able to be mended, Diesel begins to worry.
AMostSingularEngine.jpg A Most Singular Engine 27 February 2018 #507
Diesel causes trouble between Daisy and Harvey by spreading rumors.
TerenceBreakstheIce.jpg Terence Breaks the Ice 28 February 2018 #508
Terence takes a shortcut across a frozen lake while collecting Christmas trees.
ConfusedCoachespromo.jpg Confused Coaches 1 March 2018 #509
Spencer and Gordon upset their passengers when their competitive behaviour gets out of hand.
DowagerHatt'sBusyDay.jpg Dowager Hatt's Busy Day 2 March 2018 #510
Dowager Hatt runs the railway while Sir Topham is away, but causes confusion and delay.
EmilyintheMiddle.jpg Emily in the Middle 3 March 2018 #511
Emily gets stuck in the middle while helping Donald and Douglas.
TheBigFreeze.jpg The Big Freeze 4 March 2018 #512
When a big freeze hits Sodor, Diesel finally proves himself to be a hero.
StuckinGear.jpg Stuck in Gear 5 March 2018 #513
A branch gets stuck in the gears of Harvey's crane, but he doesn't want to make a fuss about it.
RunawayEngine.jpg Runaway Engine 6 March 2018 #514
After mocking the way she was speaking up for herself, Stephen thinks that Millie ran away after hurting her feelings.
PAProblems.jpg P.A. Problems 7 March 2018 #515
The Fat Controller's new public address system causes havoc at Knapford station.
HastyHannah.jpg Hasty Hannah 8 March 2018 #516
A new coach temporarily replaces Henrietta while she is at the works.
CrankyattheEndoftheLine.jpg Cranky at the End of the Line 9 March 2018 #517
Cranky thinks he will be replaced by a big, new, fancy crane.
NewCraneontheDock.jpg New Crane on the Dock 10 March 2018 #518
Cranky competes against Carly the new crane when she starts taking all his work.
UnscheduledStops.jpg Unscheduled Stops 11 March 2018 #519
Thomas starts making unscheduled stops for his passengers, which in turn delays others.
Philip'sNumber.jpg Philip's Number 12 March 2018 #520
Philip tries to discover why he has the number 68 painted on his side after being teased about it.
TheFastestRedEngineonSodor.jpg The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor 13 March 2018 #521
After Rosie is repainted red, she and James have a race.
AShedforEdward.jpg A Shed for Edward 14 March 2018 #522
Edward searches for a new shed while his berth at Tidmouth is being repaired.
TheChristmasCoffeepot113.png The Christmas Coffeepot 9 December 2018 #523
Glynn the Coffee Pot Engine is rediscovered, but is afraid he will be scrapped.
Daisy'sPerfectChristmas34.png Daisy's Perfect Christmas 16 December 2018 #524
Daisy is disappointed when her Christmas does not go exactly as planned.
NumberOneEnginepromo2.jpg Number One Engine 3 September 2018 #525
Thomas gets into trouble when racing with Hong-Mei, another blue, number one tank engine.
ForeverandEverpromo.jpg Forever and Ever 4 September 2018 #526
Gordon has a tantrum about all the changes the Fat Controller made to the railway.
ThomasandtheDragonpromo.jpg Thomas and the Dragon 5 September 2018 #527
Thomas is terrified when he is given the honour of bringing a dragon to the Chinese New Year celebrations.
ConfusionWithoutDelaypromo3.jpg Confusion Without Delay 6 September 2018 #528
Rebecca, a big new tender engine, comes to the Island of Sodor, and works so hard not to be late that she keeps leaving stations too early.
TrustyTrunkypromo2.jpg Trusty Trunky 7 September 2018 #529
Thomas is very surprised when an elephant comes to his rescue.
WhatRebeccaDoespromo.jpg What Rebecca Does 8 September 2018 #530
Rebecca is worried that, unlike the other engines, there is nothing special about her.
ThomasGoestoBollywoodpromo.jpg Thomas Goes to Bollywood 9 September 2018 #531
When an action movie is filmed on the Indian railway, Thomas is desperate to be involved.
SamsonandtheFireworkspromo.jpg Samson and the Fireworks 10 September 2018 #532
Samson is terrified of fireworks, and when he mistakes the sound of a warning detonator for fireworks, he is so frightened that he races off into the fog and gets lost.
RunawayTruckpromo.jpg Runaway Truck 11 September 2018 #533
Thomas tries to save an accident-prone truck who is racing down the tracks.
RosieisRedpromo.jpg Rosie is Red 12 September 2018 #534
After the engines tease Thomas that Rosie is his "special friend", he acts rudely towards her.
ThomasintheWild93.png Thomas in the Wild 13 September 2018 #535
Thomas is excited about taking a film crew to a nature reserve, but gets distracted in finding a giant panda in the wild.
Thomas'AnimalArkpromo.jpg Thomas' Animal Ark 14 September 2018 #536
It's Christmas and the boiler at the Animal Park breaks down, so Thomas needs to find a way to keep the animals warm.
ThomasandtheMonkeyPalacepromo.jpg Thomas and the Monkey Palace 15 September 2018 #537
Thomas is pulling a truckload of coconuts when he encounters some cheeky monkeys.
AnEngineofManyColourspromo2.jpg An Engine of Many Colours 16 September 2018 #538
After a crash, James is waiting at the Steamworks to be repaired and gets worried he will be repainted a different colour.
OutbackThomaspromo.jpg Outback Thomas 17 September 2018 #539
Thomas sees Shane taking passengers on an outback adventure and is impressed by Shane's showmanship - and decides to do it himself.
SchoolofDuckpromo2.jpg School of Duck 18 September 2018 #540
When a storm destroys a classroom at Harwick School, Duck tries to find a coach to take the children in.
TigerTroublepromo.jpg Tiger Trouble 19 September 2018 #541
When Thomas learns that tourists come to India to try to see tigers, he wants to see tigers too.
SeeingisBelievingpromo.jpg Seeing is Believing 20 September 2018 #542
Thomas' friend Merlin comes to Sodor from the Mainland for the first time, and Percy wants to see him.
ApologyImpossiblepromo.jpg Apology Impossible 21 September 2018 #543
Philip learns that sometimes even the smallest engine's actions can make them the bigger engine.
TheWaterWheel(episode)promo.jpg The Water Wheel 22 September 2018 #544
Thomas thinks he has been given a very silly cargo until Hong-Mei explains that it is a very important water wheel, made from bamboo.
HuntTheTruckPromo.png Hunt the Truck 23 September 2018 #545
Bill and Ben's latest game consists of hiding trucks and making other engines hunt for them.
CycloneThomasPromo.png Cyclone Thomas 24 September 2018 #546
Thomas wants to be just like Isla, a Flying Doctor's plane, who transports Dr Claire to remote places where it is hard for patients to get to hospitals or doctors for treatment.
TheCaseofthePuzzlingPartspromo.jpg The Case of the Puzzling Parts 25 September 2018 #547
Sidney is shunting a flatbed of engine parts, but he cannot remember what he is supposed to be doing with them. Paxton thinks this sounds like a kind of mystery that can only be solved by a Special Agent.
BanjoandtheBushfire.jpg Banjo and the Bushfire 26 September 2018 #548
Thomas offers a lift to a ranger while working in the Australian Rain Forest. Thomas is excited to learn from her about all the animals that live there, but he is too loud and impatient to be very useful.
CountingonNiapromo.jpg Counting on Nia 27 September 2018 #549
When the Fat Controller asks Nia to take Thomas' coaches, Annie and Clarabel, and pick up passengers from Knapford Station, she has great trouble finding the right platform.
KangarooChristmaspromo.jpg Kangaroo Christmas 2 December 2018 #550
Thomas is in Australia for Christmas, and is disappointed that it is different from Sodor. But in the meantime, he must help a little girl retrieve her toy kangaroo from a real one.
AllTracksLeadtoRomepromo.jpg All Tracks Lead to Rome 5 October 2019 #551
Thomas is keen to prove to his new friend Gina that he is an expert in all things Italian, until he gets lost down an old mine.
MinesofMysterypromo.jpg Mines of Mystery 12 October 2019 #552
Thomas wants to impress his friends by finding an amazing discovery; it's not long before his wish is granted, although not in the way he had expected.
FreetheRoadspromo.png Free the Roads 14 October 2019 #553
Bulgy thinks that people should travel by bus instead of rail, until he learns that having so many passengers is not easy for the buses on their own.
ChucklesomeTrucksPromo.png Chucklesome Trucks 15 October 2019 #554
Rebecca defies expectations when she works with the Troublesome Trucks and has a very amusing day.
HeartofGold87.png Heart of Gold 16 October 2019 #555
Toby doesn't feel useful working at Ulfstead Castle but soon proves some rude passengers wrong when he saves the crown.
PanickyPercyPromo.png Panicky Percy 17 October 2019 #556
Percy causes confusion and delay by panicking over nothing.
CrowningAroundPromo2.png Crowning Around 18 October 2019 #557
Rajiv learns that he can be really useful with or without his crown.
FirstDayonSodorpromo.png First Day on Sodor! 20 October 2019 #558
RangersoftheRailspromo.png Rangers of the Rails 21 October 2019 #559
LorenzosSolopromo.png Lorenzo's Solo 22 October 2019 #560
DeepTroublePromo.png Deep Trouble 23 October 2019 #561
TooLoudThomaspromo.png Too Loud, Thomas! 24 October 2019 #562
OutofSitepromo.png Out of Site 25 October 2019 #563
GordongetstheGiggles1.png Gordon Gets the Giggles 27 October 2019 #564
TheOtherBigEngine66.png The Other Big Engine 28 October 2019 #565
Thomas meets another big blue engine in Brazil that reminds him of Gordon.
Batucadapromo2.png Batucada 29 October 2019 #566
Thomas finds a way to take part in the Brazilian carnival music.
DieselDoRightpromo.png Diesel Do Right 30 October 2019 #567
Diesel plays a trick on Rebecca to try to get the other engines in trouble for a change.
ThomasMakesaMistake36.png Thomas Makes a Mistake 31 October 2019 #568
GrudgeMatch72.png Grudge Match 1 November 2019 #569
DieselGlowsAwaypromo.png Diesel Glows Away 3 November 2019 #570
LaidBackShanepromo.png Laid Back Shane 4 November 2019 #571
WishYouWereHere24.png Wish You Were Here 5 November 2019 #572
SteamTeamtotheRescuePromo.jpg Steam Team to the Rescue! 31 December 2019 #573
ANewArrivalpromo.jpg A New Arrival May 2, 2020 #574
When Thomas finds out that the Earl's Technology Fair will bring new inventions to Sodor, he sets out to prove that steam engines are the best inventions ever.
WorldofTomorrowpromo.jpg World of Tomorrow May 9, 2020 #575
ThomasandtheRoyalEnginepromo.jpg Thomas and the Royal Engine May 16, 2020 #576
Thomas is selected to take Sir Topham Hatt to London for a Royal Appointment, but with no knowledge of how to get there, their journey is filled with confusion and delay.
Emily'sBestFriendpromo.jpg Emily's Best Friend June 22, 2020 #577
Emily worries she doesn't have a best friend, but, when the other engines help her out of a tricky situation, she realises she's been surrounded by best friends all along.
Thomas'FuzzyFriendpromo.jpg Thomas' Fuzzy Friend June 23, 2020 #578
Thomas discovers a missing dog on the railway and tries to find it a new home.
TheGreatLittleRailwayShowpromo.jpg The Great Little Railway Show June 24, 2020 #579
When a Railway Show for little engines comes to Sodor, an overly excited Percy finally sees his chance to shine.
ThomasandtheForestEnginespromo.jpg Thomas and the Forest Engines June 25, 2020 #580
In Brazil, Thomas meets two wood-burning engines who've never travelled beyond their eucalyptus railway. Thomas agrees to swap jobs with them for the day, but this causes more trouble than he expects.
EmilytotheRescuepromo.jpg Emily to the Rescue June 26, 2020 #581
When a pretend emergency turns into a real emergency, there's only one engine who can save the day!
Shankar'sMakeoverpromo.jpg Shankar's Makeover June 28, 2020 #582
Thomas pushes Shankar into entering the Fancy Costume Contest even though Shankar doesn't want the spotlight on him.
NiaandtheUnfriendlyElephantpromo.jpg Nia and the Unfriendly Elephant June 29, 2020 #583
Nia is bringing a new animal to the Sodor Animal Park... but it's an elephant that doesn't like steam engines!
JamestheSuperEnginepromo.jpg James the Super Engine June 30, 2020 #584
When Rebecca tells James he could be a comic-book super-engine, he takes her seriously, and Rail Rocket is born.
File:Thomas'Not-So-LuckyDaypromo.jpg Thomas' Not-So-Lucky Day July 1, 2020 #585
When Thomas has a run of bad luck, he tries everything to get back on track... even if it means following Lorenzo's strange, superstitious advice!
Ace'sBraveJumppromo.jpg Ace's Brave Jump July 2, 2020 #586
Thomas helps his friend Ace overcome his fear of animals so that he can compete in the Super Stunt Rally.
Sonny'sSecondChancepromo.jpg Sonny's Second Chance July 3, 2020 #587
Sonny is trying to prove himself to be a useful engine so that he can stay working on Sodor, but nobody seems to trust him... nobody apart from Diesel, that is! But can Diesel be trusted?
ThomasandtheInventor'sWorkshoppromo.jpg Thomas and the Inventor's Workshop July 5, 2020 #588
Thomas helps Ruth fix up an old windmill into her new, energy-efficient workshop.
TheInventor'sSpectacularBridgepromo.jpg The Inventor's Spectacular Bridge July 6, 2020 #589
When the Rickety Old Bridge collapses, trapping Toby and Henrietta on the other side of the ravine, Inventor Ruth is asked to build a new one.
YongBaoandtheTigerpromo.jpg Yong Bao and the Tiger July 7, 2020 #590
Yong Bao tells Thomas the story of how he came to have a magnificent tiger emblem on his tender.
GordonandRebecca,ComingThrough!promo.jpg Gordon and Rebecca, Coming Through! July 8, 2020 #591
Gordon and Rebecca do the same work - but they go about it differently. When Rebecca tries to be more like Gordon, it doesn't go well... for Gordon!
KenjiontheRailsAgainpromo.jpg Kenji on the Rails Again July 9, 2020 #592
When Kenji hears that he must travel home to Japan alone, he gets scared and tries to hide. So, Thomas sets out to find him.
CleotheRoadEnginepromo.jpg Cleo the Road Engine July 10, 2020 #593
When Ruth's new car, Cleo, takes to the rails to race Thomas, she soon discovers why she is designed to stick to the roads.
Nia'sBrightIdeapromo.jpg Nia's Bright Idea July 12, 2020 #594
Nia uses what she learns about lighthouses to suggest covering a big wheel in Christmas lights, so that Harold can see where he's going in a storm.
Cleo'sFirstSnowpromo.jpg Cleo's First Snow July 13, 2020 #595
Thomas'AnimalFriendspromo.jpg Thomas' Animal Friends July 14, 2020 #596
Thomas is asked to help at the animal park for the day and realises there's more to the job than he first thought.

Cancelled Episodes

Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
TheMissingCoach.jpg The Missing Coach n/a n/a
When worrying about being returned to the Other Railway, Douglas accidentally shunts a special coach into the carriage siding. To evade the angry complaints of the passengers, Donald and Douglas decide to swap tenders so as to fool the Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt.
GordonGoesForeign1.png Gordon Goes Foreign n/a n/a
Based on the story of the same name from "The Eight Famous Engines".

After an argument with a big city engine over what the name of a station on the Other Railway is, Gordon is determined to find out.

[[File:|150px|link=]] No Dozer is an Island n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] All Work, No Play n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] Safety First n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] Treasure Hunt n/a n/a
Image (33).png Jack's Snow Rescue n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] Bossy Byron n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] The Importance of Being Patrick n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] Pop Goes the Diesel n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=Jack and the Quack]] Jack and the Quack n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] Alfie Has a Secret n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] Isobella Gets Steamed n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] Grass is Greener n/a n/a
[[File:|150px|link=]] Kelly's Heroes n/a n/a


Screenshot Title Release date
949DDD07-3546-4D6A-8E2C-14298383BDBA.jpeg Thomas and the Magic Railroad 14 December 2000
Join Thomas the Tank Engine and meet lots of new friends in this enchanting family adventure movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Thomas and his friends live on the Island of Sodor, the land of talking trains which has been a realm of magic and innocence, but Diesel 10 and his sidekicks, Splatter and Dodge, have arrived to cause trouble. Even magical Mr. Conductor, who travels between the train world and the human world of Shining Time, is losing his sparkle. Lily, a resourceful young girl meets him on the way to visit her grandfather and along with Thomas and friends, embarks on an adventure to save the Magic Railroad. Thomas reminds them all that "even little engines can do big things".

Combining live action and innovative animation, packed with songs and adventure and whistles and steam, Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a wonderful journey that can be enjoyed by anyone who is young at heart.

Feature Length Specials

Screenshot UK title Original AUS release date Episode number #
CallingAllEngines!AUSiTunesCover.jpg Calling All Engines! 2 November 2005 #01
Calling All Engines is Thomas' biggest adventure yet! It's a fantastic, never-seen-on TV, feature-length Special, starring Thomas the Tank Engine, Diesel 10, Emily, James, Toby... and all their friends! When Sir Topham Hatt announces the building of a new airport on Sodor, old rivalries between steam engines and diesels rapidly resurface. A trick by Thomas backfires badly and soon the future of the Island and Sir Topham's railway is in jeopardy. Can Thomas persuade the diesels and steam engines to settle their differences and save their Island and their home?
TheGreatDiscoveryAUSiTunesCover.jpg The Great Discovery 6 November 2008 #02
Thomas the Tank Engine stars in an all new movie guest starring Pierce Brosnan as the narrator! Sodor Day is coming and all the engines are busy preparing. When Thomas gets lost in the mountains, he discovers the old town of Great Waterton! Soon the whole island is buzzing with the news of Thomas' discovery and restoring the town in time for the big day. Join the fun and meet a new engine friend named Stanley!
HerooftheRailsAUSiTunesCover.jpg Hero of the Rails 1 October 2009 #03
See and hear Thomas and his friends brought to Life like never before! In a daring race with boastful Spencer, Thomas discovers an abandoned engine called Hiro who comes from a far off place. Fearing he'll be scrapped, Thomas enlists his trusty friends to help rescue him. But will sneaky Spencer foil their plans? Jump on board for adventure and excitement in Thomas' greatest adventure yet - Hero of the Rails!
MistyIslandRescueAUSiTunesCover.jpg Misty Island Rescue 30 September 2010 #04
The engines are hard at work building the new Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. When Thomas helps a friend in need, he is rewarded with an exciting trip to the Mainland. Along the way, he gets lost at sea and finds himself on the mysterious Misty Island, where he meets new friends Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand. Together they try to help Thomas finds his way home. Will Sir Topham Hatt's search party ever find Thomas? Find out in this action-packed movie adventure the whole family will enjoy!
DayoftheDieselsAUSiTunesCover.jpg Day of the Diesels 1st September 2011 #05
The Steamies and the Diesels face off in this action-packed movie adventure! There's a fire on Sodor and two new firefighting engines - Flynn and Belle - arrive to help Thomas and Percy save the day! When Thomas starts spending all of his time with Sodor's newest heroes, Percy is drawn to the Dieselworks, where he is made to feel special by the master of mischief himself, Diesel 10! But Percy doesn't know that he is part of Diesel 10's master plan to take over the Steamworks. The Steam Team rallles for sure-fire excitement in this all-new movie from Thomas & Friends!
BlueMountainMysteryAUSiTunesCover.jpg Blue Mountain Mystery 19 September 2012 #06
When trouble strikes at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas is sent to help his narrow gauge engine friends. While shunting and hauling, he discovers a little green engine hiding in the tunnels. Thomas is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery but discovering the truth is harder than he imagined! Will Thomas be able to help his new friend? Or will the little engine be sent away from Sodor forever? Find out in Thomas' greatest adventure yet!
KingoftheRailwayiTunes.png King of the Railway 2 October 2013 #07
Join Thomas & Friends as they embark on a legendary movie adventure! The steam team's quest begins when a special guest arrives on Sodor with a big surprise and important jobs for Thomas, Percy and James. The engines meet new friends and discover suits of armour; coats of arms and legends of long-ago heroes. Then their bravery is put to the test when their new friend Stephen goes missing. Will Thomas find him in time? Will the engines discover the truth about the Island of Sodor's biggest mystery? It's a crusade of knightly proportions for Thomas & Friends in this epic movie!
TaleoftheBraveAUSiTunesCover.jpg Tale of the Brave 1 October 2014 #08
Thomas and his friends face their fears in their boldest adventure yet! After a monstrous storm on the Island of Sodor, a landslide unearths some very unusual footprints. Thomas and Percy are eager to find out what could have made these marks but obstacles and danger seem to appear around every bend in the track. With the help of new friends, a little digging, and a heap of courage, they discover the surprising answer and, along the way, uncover the true meaning of bravery. Join Thomas and Friends in this exciting and inspiring movie adventure.
TheAdventureBeginsAUSiTunesCover.jpg The Adventure Begins 4 November 2015 #09
All Aboard for Thomas’ Very First Adventure! Based on the first two books of the Reverend W Awdry’s classic railway series, The Adventure Begins tells the story of Thomas’ arrival on the Island of Sodor. Escapades abound as Thomas explores his new home and meets some Really Useful new friends. Finding the true meaning of hard work and friendship, Thomas transforms into the Number 1 engine!
Sodor'sLegendoftheLostTreasureAUSiTunescover.jpg Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure 9 August 2015 (Theatrical)
23 September 2015 (DVD)
Shiver me timbers! Surprises await Thomas and his friends as they dig up their most daring adventure yet. Unearthing an old pirate ship, Thomas is on the hunt for Sodor's lost treasure. When Thomas rocks the boat with some new friends, trouble soon rushes in. Will Thomas track down the treasure in time, or will Sailor John set sail with it? Join Thomas & Friends in this explosive movie adventure!
TheGreatRaceiTunes.png The Great Race 20 August 2016 (Theatrical)
7 September 2016 (DVD)
Get ready, get set, GO! When the best engines from around the world gather to compete in The Great Railway Show, Thomas is determined to find a way to represent Sodor. But he's left disappointed as Gordon is chosen to be the new "Shooting Star" for The Great Race. With Gordon and the other engines making the journey to compete, something suddenly goes terribly wrong...and Gordon is in danger! Will Thomas get to the mainland in time to help him save the day? Join Thomas and his new international friends in this high-speed musical adventure where friendship always wins!
JourneyBeyondSodoriTunes.jpeg Journey Beyond Sodor 31 August 2017 (Theatrical)
17 September 2017 (iTunes)
4 October 2017 (DVD)
Determined to prove his importance on Sodor, Thomas takes James' trucks and sets off on a big adventure to the Mainland. On the way he makes friends with the cheerful and helpful "Experimental Engines" but, after a wrong turn, finds himself lost in the steelworks. There, Thomas encounters two mysterious engines who instantly make him feel welcome but who aren’t what they first seem... After Thomas fails to return, James sets off to the mainland but runs into trouble himself and it is up to Thomas and the Experimental Engines to save the day. Join Thomas in a tale of daring escapes, heroic rescues and discover that true friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.
BigWorld!BigAdventures!iTunes.jpeg Big Worlds! Big Adventures! 2 August 2018 (Theatrical)
5 September 2018 (DVD)
When a mischievous little racing car called Ace passes through Sodor on his way around the world, Thomas is inspired to embark on his own ambitious trip. Travelling full steam ahead across five continents, Thomas discovers magnificent new sights and experiences exciting places and cultures.

Along the way, he makes friends with an inspiring and fun Kenyan engine called Nia. With so much for Thomas to learn about the world, will Nia be successful in teaching him a lesson about the true meaning of friendship? Featuring a world of wonder, curiosity and amazing animal friends, join Thomas on an epic adventure, fulfilling his dream of seeing the world!

Music Videos

  1. Thomas Anthem
  2. Let's Have a Race
  3. Gone Fishing
  4. Toby
  5. Don't Judge a Book By its Cover
  6. The Island Song
  7. Really Useful Engine
  8. Night Train
  9. Accidents Will Happen
  10. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
  11. It's Great to be an Engine
  12. The Snow Song
  13. Donald's Duck
  14. Sir Topham Hatt
  15. Come for the Ride
  16. Harold the Helicopter
  17. Percy's Seaside Trip
  18. James the Really Splendid Engine
  19. Little Engines
  20. Down by the Docks
  21. Winter Wonderland
  22. Boo! Boo! Choo-Choo
  23. Never, Never, Never Give Up
  24. Five New Engines in the Shed
  25. The Red Balloon
  26. There Once Was an Engine Who Ran Away
  27. Troublesome Trucks
  28. Salty
  29. The Whistle Song
  30. Sounds
  31. Emily
  32. Surprises
  33. A World Around You
  34. Determination
  35. Patience
  36. Ode to Gordon
  37. Engine Roll Call

Voice Talents

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