Thomas and Friends (Formerly Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) is a British children's television show that first aired on ABC in 1987.


Based on the children's books The Railway Series follows a steam and diesel engines on the Island of Sodor the little blue tank engine named Thomas is a cheeky little engine with some few friends on Sodor.

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Screenshot Title Release date Episode number #
949DDD07-3546-4D6A-8E2C-14298383BDBA.jpeg Thomas and the Magic Railroad 14 December 2000 #01
Join Thomas the Tank Engine and meet lots of new friends in this enchanting family adventure movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Thomas and his friends live on the Island of Sodor, the land of talking trains which has been a realm of magic and innocence, but Diesel 10 and his sidekicks, Splatter and Dodge, have arrived to cause trouble. Even magical Mr. Conductor, who travels between the train world and the human world of Shining Time, is losing his sparkle. Lily, a resourceful young girl meets him on the way to visit her grandfather and along with Thomas and friends, embarks on an adventure to save the Magic Railroad. Thomas reminds them all that "even little engines can do big things".

Combining live action and innovative animation, packed with songs and adventure and whistles and steam, Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a wonderful journey that can be enjoyed by anyone who is young at heart.

CallingAllEngines!AUSiTunesCover.jpg Calling All Engines! 2 November 2005 #02
Calling All Engines is Thomas' biggest adventure yet! It's a fantastic, never-seen-on TV, feature-length Special, starring Thomas the Tank Engine, Diesel 10, Emily, James, Toby... and all their friends! When Sir Topham Hatt announces the building of a new airport on Sodor, old rivalries between steam engines and diesels rapidly resurface. A trick by Thomas backfires badly and soon the future of the Island and Sir Topham's railway is in jeopardy. Can Thomas persuade the diesels and steam engines to settle their differences and save their Island and their home?
TheGreatDiscoveryAUSiTunesCover.jpg The Great Discovery 6 November 2008 #03
Thomas the Tank Engine stars in an all new movie guest starring Pierce Brosnan as the narrator! Sodor Day is coming and all the engines are busy preparing. When Thomas gets lost in the mountains, he discovers the old town of Great Waterton! Soon the whole island is buzzing with the news of Thomas' discovery and restoring the town in time for the big day. Join the fun and meet a new engine friend named Stanley!
HerooftheRailsAUSiTunesCover.jpg Hero of the Rails 1 October 2009 #04
See and hear Thomas and his friends brought to Life like never before! In a daring race with boastful Spencer, Thomas discovers an abandoned engine called Hiro who comes from a far off place. Fearing he'll be scrapped, Thomas enlists his trusty friends to help rescue him. But will sneaky Spencer foil their plans? Jump on board for adventure and excitement in Thomas' greatest adventure yet - Hero of the Rails!
MistyIslandRescueAUSiTunesCover.jpg Misty Island Rescue 30 September 2010 #05
The engines are hard at work building the new Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. When Thomas helps a friend in need, he is rewarded with an exciting trip to the Mainland. Along the way, he gets lost at sea and finds himself on the mysterious Misty Island, where he meets new friends Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand. Together they try to help Thomas finds his way home. Will Sir Topham Hatt's search party ever find Thomas? Find out in this action-packed movie adventure the whole family will enjoy!
DayoftheDieselsAUSiTunesCover.jpg Day of the Diesels 1st September 2011 #06
The Steamies and the Diesels face off in this action-packed movie adventure! There's a fire on Sodor and two new firefighting engines - Flynn and Belle - arrive to help Thomas and Percy save the day! When Thomas starts spending all of his time with Sodor's newest heroes, Percy is drawn to the Dieselworks, where he is made to feel special by the master of mischief himself, Diesel 10! But Percy doesn't know that he is part of Diesel 10's master plan to take over the Steamworks. The Steam Team rallies for sure-fire excitement in this all-new movie from Thomas & Friends!
BlueMountainMysteryAUSiTunesCover.jpg Blue Mountain Mystery 19 September 2012 #07
When trouble strikes at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas is sent to help his narrow gauge engine friends. While shunting and hauling, he discovers a little green engine hiding in the tunnels. Thomas is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery but discovering the truth is harder than he imagined! Will Thomas be able to help his new friend? Or will the little engine be sent away from Sodor forever? Find out in Thomas' greatest adventure yet!
KingoftheRailwayiTunes.png King of the Railway 2 October 2013 #08
Join Thomas & Friends as they embark on a legendary movie adventure! The steam team's quest begins when a special guest arrives on Sodor with a big surprise and important jobs for Thomas, Percy and James. The engines meet new friends and discover suits of armour; coats of arms and legends of long-ago heroes. Then their bravery is put to the test when their new friend Stephen goes missing. Will Thomas find him in time? Will the engines discover the truth about the Island of Sodor's biggest mystery? It's a crusade of knightly proportions for Thomas & Friends in this epic movie!
TaleoftheBraveAUSiTunesCover.jpg Tale of the Brave 1 October 2014 #09
Thomas and his friends face their fears in their boldest adventure yet! After a monstrous storm on the Island of Sodor, a landslide unearths some very unusual footprints. Thomas and Percy are eager to find out what could have made these marks but obstacles and danger seem to appear around every bend in the track. With the help of new friends, a little digging, and a heap of courage, they discover the surprising answer and, along the way, uncover the true meaning of bravery. Join Thomas and Friends in this exciting and inspiring movie adventure.
TheAdventureBeginsAUSiTunesCover.jpg The Adventure Begins 4 November 2015 #10
All Aboard for Thomas’ Very First Adventure! Based on the first two books of the Reverend W Awdry’s classic railway series, The Adventure Begins tells the story of Thomas’ arrival on the Island of Sodor. Escapades abound as Thomas explores his new home and meets some Really Useful new friends. Finding the true meaning of hard work and friendship, Thomas transforms into the Number 1 engine!
Sodor'sLegendoftheLostTreasureAUSiTunescover.jpg Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure 9 August 2015 (Theatrical)
23 September 2015 (DVD)
Shiver me timbers! Surprises await Thomas and his friends as they dig up their most daring adventure yet. Unearthing an old pirate ship, Thomas is on the hunt for Sodor's lost treasure. When Thomas rocks the boat with some new friends, trouble soon rushes in. Will Thomas track down the treasure in time, or will Sailor John set sail with it? Join Thomas & Friends in this explosive movie adventure!
TheGreatRaceiTunes.png The Great Race 20 August 2016 (Theatrical)
7 September 2016 (DVD)
Get ready, get set, GO! When the best engines from around the world gather to compete in The Great Railway Show, Thomas is determined to find a way to represent Sodor. But he's left disappointed as Gordon is chosen to be the new "Shooting Star" for The Great Race. With Gordon and the other engines making the journey to compete, something suddenly goes terribly wrong...and Gordon is in danger! Will Thomas get to the mainland in time to help him save the day? Join Thomas and his new international friends in this high-speed musical adventure where friendship always wins!
JourneyBeyondSodoriTunes.jpeg Journey Beyond Sodor 31 August 2017 (Theatrical)
17 September 2017 (iTunes)
4 October 2017 (DVD)
Determined to prove his importance on Sodor, Thomas takes James' trucks and sets off on a big adventure to the Mainland. On the way he makes friends with the cheerful and helpful "Experimental Engines" but, after a wrong turn, finds himself lost in the steelworks. There, Thomas encounters two mysterious engines who instantly make him feel welcome but who aren’t what they first seem... After Thomas fails to return, James sets off to the mainland but runs into trouble himself and it is up to Thomas and the Experimental Engines to save the day. Join Thomas in a tale of daring escapes, heroic rescues and discover that true friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.
BigWorld!BigAdventures!iTunes.jpeg Big Worlds! Big Adventures! 2 August 2018 (Theatrical)
5 September 2018 (DVD)
When a mischievous little racing car called Ace passes through Sodor on his way around the world, Thomas is inspired to embark on his own ambitious trip. Travelling full steam ahead across five continents, Thomas discovers magnificent new sights and experiences exciting places and cultures.

Along the way, he makes friends with an inspiring and fun Kenyan engine called Nia. With so much for Thomas to learn about the world, will Nia be successful in teaching him a lesson about the true meaning of friendship? Featuring a world of wonder, curiosity and amazing animal friends, join Thomas on an epic adventure, fulfilling his dream of seeing the world!

Music Videos

  1. Thomas Anthem
  2. Let's Have a Race
  3. Gone Fishing
  4. Toby
  5. Don't Judge a Book By its Cover
  6. The Island Song
  7. Really Useful Engine
  8. Night Train
  9. Accidents Will Happen
  10. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
  11. It's Great to be an Engine
  12. The Snow Song
  13. Donald's Duck
  14. Sir Topham Hatt
  15. Come for the Ride
  16. Harold the Helicopter
  17. Percy's Seaside Trip
  18. James the Really Splendid Engine
  19. Little Engines
  20. Down by the Docks
  21. Winter Wonderland
  22. Boo! Boo! Choo-Choo
  23. Never, Never, Never Give Up
  24. Five New Engines in the Shed
  25. The Red Balloon
  26. There Once Was an Engine Who Ran Away
  27. Troublesome Trucks
  28. Salty
  29. The Whistle Song
  30. Sounds
  31. Emily
  32. Surprises
  33. A World Around You
  34. Determination
  35. Patience
  36. Ode to Gordon
  37. Engine Roll Call

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Thomas and Friends was released on VHS and DVD in Australia on ABC for Kids.

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