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Thomas And Stepney is the 94th episode of Thomas and Friends


Thomas has been running his branch line like clockwork and shares his confidence to Percy, who doubtfully agrees, and then finds out that there is an engine with a branch line as famous as his and that the engine is proposing to visit. The engine is named Stepney, who is far away but the Fat Controller says that he will visit the North Western Railway someday.

Meanwhile, Stepney has been running the Bluebell Railway smoothly, which is not very long, much to his disappointment. Later, he sees Rusty, who saved him from scrap. Stepney tells Rusty that he is bored with the railway and is longing for a long journey, while Rusty suggests talking to his driver, who agrees with his engine. Fortunately, in the evening, he is delighted to discover that he has been invited to visit the Fat Controller's railway, in which Stepney heads off the following morning.

By now, the engines have heard the news and begin to talk about Stepney. However, Thomas is a bit jealous about how Stepney's famous branchline is as famous as his own and leaves to fetch his coaches. Percy looks at the passengers at Knapford on track 5 and claims they are stranded with no train, but he is wrong; the signal drops and before long, an engine's whistle is heard from a distance. Douglas tells the engines that Stepney has come. Stepney arrives through the junction, where the engines whistle a big welcome. Edward hopes that Stepney will meet Thomas, as they both have branch lines. Stepney then goes off to work with Duck to shunt coaches in the yard all afternoon.

Later that evening, Thomas sees Stepney and Duck but continues with his final branchline train. But then, the two tank engines hear shouting at the station and a sound of a ringing alarm. The alarm turns out to be the telephone which the signalman answers and finds that one of the trains is a special. Thomas is furious when he finds out that he has to be shunted to let another train pass and is frustrated to find Stepney pulling the special.

Thomas continues to grumble about it next morning, but Stepney explains the situation: he took an important passenger who chartered a special train which Duck let him take, yet when he is unable to finish, Thomas realises he was nervous since he did not know the line. Stepney flatters Thomas by calling him an expert and Thomas, no longer jealous and cross, proceeds to tell Stepney all about his branchline.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Stepney
  • Rusty