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Thomas and the Magic Railroad is 2000 feature film based on the television show Thomas & Friends and its American spin-off Shining Time Station. It was produced by Gullane Entertainment, The Britt Allcroft Company, Isle of Man Film Commission and Destination Films, and was distributed by Icon Productions in the UK, Destination Films in the US and even ABC Films in Australia. It was released on VHS in 2001, and then on DVD in 2004.


Join Thomas the Tank Engine and meet lots of new friends in this enchanting family adventure movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Thomas and his friends live on the Island of Sodor, the land of talking trains which has been a realm of magic and innocence, but Diesel 10 and his sidekicks, Splatter and Dodge, have arrived to cause trouble. Even magical Mr. Conductor, who travels between the train world and the human world of Shining Time, is losing his sparkle. Lily, a resourceful young girl meets him on the way to visit her grandfather and along with Thomas and friends, embarks on an adventure to save the Magic Railroad. Thomas reminds them all that "even little engines can do big things".

Combining live action and innovative animation, packed with songs and adventure and whistles and steam, Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a wonderful journey that can be enjoyed by anyone who is young at heart.


Sir Topham Hatt is away on holiday, leaving Mr. Conductor in charge. Meanwhile, in Shining Time, Mr. Conductor's supply of gold dust is running low and not enough to allow him to travel back from Sodor. Later that day, at Tidmouth Sheds, Diesel 10 arrives and announces his plan to get rid of the steam engines; Thomas leaves to get Mr. Conductor. "The Lost Engine", named Lady, is hidden in a workshop on Muffle Mountain, as done by Burnett Stone after Diesel 10's last attempt to destroy her. Despite having rebuilt Lady, Burnett is unable to steam her despite using different types of coal. At night, Diesel 10 attacks the shed where the steam engines are sleeping, but after his gold dust fails him, Mr. Conductor repels Diesel 10 with sugar.

Lily Stone is being sent from her hometown to visit Burnett, whom she meets while at the railway station, and he puts her on the Rainbow Sun instead of the right train. On arriving at Shining Time, she is taken to Burnett's house. While talking at Knapford, Percy and Thomas conclude there is a secret railway between Sodor and Shining Time. Overhearing them, Diesel 10 goes to the Ironworks to tell Splatter and Dodge of his plans to destroy the lost engine and the other steam engines. Toby rings his bell to distract him, causing Diesel 10's claw to damage the shed roof, which makes the shed crash down on Diesel 10, Splatter, and Dodge. Later, Thomas collects six special coal trucks to help Henry's cold, but one of them accidentally rolls through the buffers.

The next day, Lily meets Patch, who takes her on a horse ride to Shining Time, where she meets Junior again. Junior takes her through the Magic Railroad to Sodor, where they meet Thomas. Thomas is not happy to see Junior, but agrees to help him and Lily and takes the two of them to the Sodor Grain Windmill, where they find Mr. Conductor. Junior climbs onto one of the windmill sails and ends up being thrown onto Diesel 10's roof. Later that night, Percy finds that Splatter and Dodge have located the Sodor entrance to the Magic Railroad and goes to warn Thomas. Thomas agrees to take Lily back home and sets off. While traveling through the Magic Railroad, Thomas discovers the missing coal truck, which he collects and arrives at Muffle Mountain. Lily goes to find Burnett, leaving Thomas stranded on the mountain, but as the wind picks up, Thomas rolls down the mountain and re-enters the Magic Railroad through another secret portal.

Lily finds Burnett in his workshop where he shows her Lady and explains his problem in getting her to steam. Lily suggests using Sodor coal, and when Patch goes back to retrieve the truck, Burnett uses the coal to fire Lady up. Now able to steam, Lady takes Burnett, Lily, Patch and Mutt along the Magic Railroad, regenerating both Lady and the railroad in the process. Thomas then arrives and the two engines return to Sodor, where they meet Mr. Conductor and Junior. Diesel 10 arrives with Splatter and Dodge, who abruptly decide to stop helping him. Thomas and Lady, driven by Burnett, flee from Diesel 10, who chases them towards a crumbling viaduct. Thomas and Lady both make it safely across but Diesel 10 falls off the bridge and lands into a barge filled with sludge.

That evening, Thomas, Lady and Burnett return to the grotto; Lily combines water from a wishing well and shavings from the Magic Railroad to make more gold dust. Junior decides to go to work on Sodor and Mr. Conductor gives him his own cap before sending him to another railway, before leaving himself to welcome Sir Topham Hatt home. Lily, Burnett, Patch and Mutt return to Shining Time, while Thomas happily travels home down the King's Highway into the sunset.


  • Alec Baldwin as Mr. Conductor
  • Peter Fonda as Burnett Stone
  • Mara Wilson as Lily Stone
  • Michael E. Rodgers as Junior: Mr. Conductor's cousin
  • Cody McMains as Patch
  • Didi Conn as Stacy Jones: Matt and Dan's aunt, and the manager of Shining Time
  • Russell Means as Billy Twofeather, the Locomotive Engineer
  • Lori Hallier as Lily's mother
  • Laura Bower as Tasha: Burnett's deceased wife

Voice talents