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Thomas And the Stinky Cheese is the 288th episode overall and the eleventh series finale of Thomas and Friends.


Thomas is shunting at the coaling plant with Diesel, 'Arry and Bert, who are calling steam engines, Thomas in particular, "stinky." Thomas does not like working with diesels and calls them the stinky ones. The Fat Controller gives Thomas the job of going to The Dairy for a delivery. Despite not knowing what it is, Thomas puffs off happily, simply pleased to be away from the diesels. However, when he arrives, he is disgusted to find that his truck is loaded with stinky cheese. The dairy foreman informs Thomas that he must take it to Brendam Docks before the ship leaves. Thomas reluctantly agrees.

On the way, Thomas sees Diesel at a junction, and gets worried he will tell everyone how stinky he is. Not wanting to pass him, he goes a different way, despite a signalman's warning. He thinks nobody will smell him, until he sees 'Arry in a siding. Dismayed, Thomas decides to turn left at a junction. In an attempt to avoid Bert, he turns right at another one. Thomas is dismayed that there are diesels wherever he goes and that he has to go backwards and forwards across the island to avoid them. Eventually, he ends up at the dairy again.

'Arry rumbles towards him, so Thomas reverses as quickly as he can, not realising that Bert is behind him. Thomas and Bert collide, spilling stinky cheese over the three engines. The two diesels rush to the washdown, but Thomas is unable to as the stinky cheese is blocking his track. Luckily, the dairy foreman tells him that another load of cheese is ready at the dairy.

On the way to the docks, James notices Thomas' smell and expresses his disgust. Thomas is embarrassed, but knows he has to make the delivery on time. When he finally arrives at Brendam, Diesel, who is being unloaded, fully believes Thomas is the stinkiest steam engine on Sodor. The Fat Controller and the workmen, however, are proud of Thomas for delivering such stinky cheese. While 'Arry and Bert arrive fresh from the washdown, the Fat Controller assigns the three diesels the task of shunting the cheese while Thomas is sent to the washdown, much to Thomas' delight.