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Thomas And the Tuba is the 202nd episode of Thomas and Friends.


It is Lady Hatt's birthday and a big party is being held. A brass band is going to be playing and Sir Topham Hatt asks Thomas to collect them, much to the annoyance of James and Gordon. When Thomas arrives at Knapford with Annie and Clarabel, he is very excited; so excited that he accidentally leaves the tuba player behind and it is only when he arrives at Maithwaite that the band leader realises this. Thomas goes off to find the tuba player, unaware that the tuba player is at the bus stop under the railway bridge.

Bertie takes the tuba player as far as he can and then Elizabeth gives him a lift. Thomas is in such a rush looking for the tuba player that when he flies through the crossing, he does not see Elizabeth with the tuba player. Elizabeth takes the tuba player to the windmill where Trevor gives him a ride. Once again, Thomas is rushing about and does not see or hear the tuba player aboard Trevor when he passes them.

Thomas is looking around Knapford Yards between trucks and inside coaches when he crashes into Percy and his trucks of bunting. After Harvey arrives and Thomas tells him what happened, Harvey advises him to look and listen. So, taking Harvey's advice, Thomas searches more carefully until he hears the tuba player aboard Trevor and then takes him to Lady Hatt's birthday party.


  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Trevor
  • Elizabeth
  • Percy
  • Harvey