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Trucks is the 86th episode of Thomas and Friends.


While returning from a daily inspection, Harold the helicopter spots a little diesel coming round the mountain. The diesel is Rusty, who has come to help on the Skarloey Railway. Despite his friendliness, Rusty has little time to chat and regards Harold as being cheeky after he says "Well done, cheers, and keep up the good work!" Peter Sam and Sir Handel are glad to see Rusty, but Sir Handel remains his usual grumpy self. The trucks dislike Sir Handel, and repeatedly play tricks on him, making him dislike working with them. One day, Gordon advises Sir Handel, that if he was ill, he could not shunt trucks.

Sir Handel, tired of dealing with trucks, takes the hint from Gordon of lying about being ill, and he readily does so the next day. With no time for examination on Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Rusty are allocated to his trucks. However, Peter Sam does not mind the extra work. They take the trucks to the slate quarry and the incline, a contraption that winches loaded trucks down a steep hill, the leverage pulling empty ones up, ready to be loaded with slate tiles. Peter Sam waits for his full ones at the bottom of the hill. But the loaded trucks mistake him for Sir Handel (despite the empty trucks' warning) and snap their metal chain coupling, zooming down the slope and crashing into Peter Sam. Rusty helps Peter Sam out of his mess, but the damage Peter Sam sustained has cracked his funnel and dented his boiler.

After Sir Handel apologises about the accident, the Fat Controller sternly talks to him for lying about being sick and for not warning Peter Sam to stand well back since trucks do not like him. He then forces Sir Handel to both do his and Peter Sam's work at the same time. Instead of taking responsibility, Sir Handel decides to get revenge on Gordon.

After the wreckage has been cleared away, Rusty heads back home, where he spots Harold again. This time, Rusty mimics Harold from their previous meeting by using his phrase once more, "Well done, cheers, and keep up the good work!"


  • Rusty
  • Peter Sam
  • Sir Handel
  • Gordon
  • Harold
  • The Fat Controller