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I'm here to ask you if there are any references to ABC for Kids Shows in media that's unrelated to ABC for Kids.

Here's the references so far:

To me, I consider a reference an ABC for Kids reference if the show referenced had at least one home video release through ABC Video and under the ABC for Kids brand. Although Paddington Bear was in the ABC for Kids Bumper Collection CD, none of the Australian home video releases were through ABC or Roadshow so I'm not sure if Paddington Bear references should be included except if there is ABC for Kids media referenced in it. There was a page recently added called Curious George and although it was broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Australia, none of the Australian home video releases are through ABC or Roadshow so I don't think Curious George references should be considered ABC for Kids references. Same applies to any show that was broadcast on ABC but not released on home video through ABC Video. And there have lately been articles invovling Schoolhouse Rock but that's American Broadcasting Corporation, not Australian Broadcasting Corporation and there haven't been any Australian home video releases of that show at all. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is considered ABC for Kids as there was a Australian DVD of it released through ABC for Kids. Arthur is considered ABC for Kids so any ABC for Kids references in Arthur go here:

If you know any more references, just leave a comment. Especially if it's media that referenced ABC for Kids shows that have been seldomly referenced like Johnson and Friends, Brum, Budgie the Little Helicopter, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, The Magic Adventures of Mumfie and Widget the World Watcher