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The Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway Brake Vans are a type of goods brake van.

These are added to the back of a goods train and a guard rides in it. Each brake van is equipped with a strong brake to assist with slowing and stopping the train. From here, the guard can keep an eye on the train in case of problems, such as hot axle boxes, or trucks becoming uncoupled while running.


Thomas & Friends

These brake vans are commonly seen on the back of goods and freight trains. It has also been used for the Mail Train a few times.

A brake van was once used for Stanley's train of flatbeds. According a spooky story told Salty, the train mysteriously uncoupled itself from their engine on a hill and, to this day, the train roams the islandwhistling and wailing, looking for an engine to couple up to.

Rocky, once had to lift one of these brake vans back onto the rails, before being quickly shunted away by James.

Technical Details


These brake vans are based on the narrow gauge Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway vans. In the television series, they are scaled up to standard gauge (albeit still carrying narrow gauge "chopper"-type couplings and lacking buffers).

A W&LLR brake van in real life


These brakevans are commonly painted grey, although a maroon variant has been seen in Series 16. A dark green one was also seen in Tale of the Brave.

A grey brake van

A maroon brake van


  • Television Series

Thomas & Friends

  • Series 16 - Percy and the Monster of Brendam, Emily's Winter Party Special, Muddy Matters, Whiff's Wish and Happy Birthday Sir!
  • Series 18 - Flatbeds of Fear, Disappearing Diesels, Toad's Adventure, Duck in the Water, Duck and the Slip Coaches, No Steam Without Coal, Spencer's VIP, Long Lost Friend, Emily Saves the World, Timothy and the Rainbow Truck, Marion and the Dinosaurs and Samson at Your Service
  • Series 19 - Who's Geoffrey?, The Truth About Toby, Henry Spots Trouble, Snow Place Like Home, The Beast of Sodor, Toad and the Whale and Salty All at Sea
  • Series 20 - Sidney Sings, Toby's New Friend, Henry Gets the Express and Henry in the Dark


  • 2014 - Tale of the Brave
  • 2015 - The Adventure Begins
  • 2016 - The Great Race


  • These brake vans have "chopper"-type railway couplings.


Thomas & Friends

CGI Series

A brake van part of The Mail Train

A brake van part of the "Flatbeds of Fear"

A brake van's wheels

A brake van being re-railed by Rocky


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