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The evolution of Wags the Dog (1995 - Present).

Costume 1


1995 - 1997, 1998: The original Wags costume has very dark brown fur, the eyes somewhat resemble snake eyes, and it lacks the letter W on his chest. This costume was made of pieces of furniture and had a slightly protruding belly that would “drag”, as mentioned in his self-titled song.

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Rare Costume


1996: His fur is lighter and his eyes are now more dog-like, but Wags still lacks the letter W on the chest.

Appears In:

  • Late 1996 concerts.

Costume 2


1997 - 1998: The costume is similar to the previous one, but it now has lighter brown fur, even more so than the first one. The head is in a different shape and the tongue is bigger. Wags has now got a W on his chest and the stomach of his does not wobble alot and the nose is smaller.

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Costume 3


1997 - 2001: Wags looks rather different from Costume 3. Now he has a chubbier body and he also has much larger eyelids. His fur is a slightly darker brown in color and his jaw is longer. The eyes are also thinner, allowing the pupils to be bigger.

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Costume 4


1999: This costume resembles the 3rd costume, but with darker fur, bigger pupils, more oval-shaped irises, a rounder and slightly shorter snout, and longer ears. The W is also closer to the center of his stomach.

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Costume 5


2001 - 2006: Wags goes through a complete cartoonish overhaul. He now has a happier face, brighter brown fur, a bigger nose, his eyes are bigger and a bended tail. He now also has eyebrows, similar to Dorothy.

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Version 2 Appears In:

Version 3 Appears In:

Costume 6


2006 - 2016: Wags looks slightly different now. His head is bigger and rounder with a rounder nose, his tail is thicker and ears are also bigger and wider.

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Costume 7


2007 - 2018: This costume is a bit like the previous design, although his tongue is bigger and he has floppier ears. The pupils are also bigger and the color of his fur is also slightly lighter.

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Costume 8

2018 - present


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