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"Wiggle Pop!" is a Wiggles video that was released on November 7th 2018.


  1. H.O.L.I.D.A.Y
  2. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle
  3. Mr Pop
  4. Turkey in the Straw
  5. Shoulder Pop (Australian/New Zealand version only)
  6. Today
  7. The Giraffe
  8. Londonderry Hornpipe
  9. The Dance Of The Scottish Horses
  10. Spotted Cars
  11. Basil the Cat
  12. Australia
  13. Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?
  14. When A Prince Meets A Princess
  15. Dolls And Fairies On Parade
  16. So Many Colours To See
  17. I Love To Go To Mexico
  18. Surfer Bop
  19. Paddy The Piper
  20. Tiptoe Through The Tulips
  21. Super Anto
  22. Play the Bass Guitar
  23. Yalo Yalo
  24. Tribute To Bert Kaempfert
  25. Fruitie In My Hat
  26. Fire Truck Rolling


In April 2018, Paul Field revealed in an interview that The Wiggles will begin production on a new album and video. "Wiggle Pop! will feature original Wiggles words and songs and each song will be a homage to great musical artists from the past."[1] Filming began in mid-May, following Emma's recovery from Endometriosis surgery, and before the American Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle! Tour. Production stills and behind the scenes videos began being posted on The Wiggles' social media accounts, which showcased The Wiggles dressed as artists like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, David Bowie (as Ziggy Stardust), Willie Nelson, Prince and Madonna.

It was thought it would be released in the United States and Canada close to its release in Australia, as Paul Field commented "Our releases are now synced worldwide so that no Wiggle fan across the planet has to wait any longer." While the album was released within weeks of the Australian counterpart, North American fans had to wait 5 months before the video was released.

In the same interview, Paul Field announced the tie-in Wiggle Pop! Big Show tour.

Release Dates

  • Australia/New Zealand - November 7th 2018

Television Airings


  • This is the first Wiggles release to be mostly themed after homaging popular artists.
  • This marks the third time that the Wiggles directly homaged The Beatles, after their appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" were referenced in The Shimmie Shake! music video from You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, and their "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" cover was referenced for Let's Eat!.
  • In the song Australia, Anthony wears his 2007 skivvy to match the footage in the dancing section, taken from It's Always Christmas With You!.
  • Shoulder Pop doesn't appear in the North American version. This removal resulted in a number of other edits:
    • The intro is edited to replace Lachy's photo with one from Fruitie In My Hat.
    • The closing scene is not included (due to it referencing Shoulder Pop), Fire Truck Rolling instead transitions to the title card and then to the end credits.
    • Shoulder Pop is not listed in the credits, and the credits' backgrounds are edited to remove clips of its music video.
  • The 2009-2015 ABC For Kids Logo is used after the rating instead of the ABC DVD Logo.
  • A trailer released on YouTube Movies is actually the intro and music video of H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.
  • The screen effects in the trailer looked exactly similar to the Nursery Rhymes 2 song title cards, just recolored.
  • A promotional video for the USA Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle! Tour was filmed during the production of this video, with Lachy dressed as Uncle Sam, Anthony as Willie Nelson (playing Turkey in the Straw on banjo), and Emma and Simon as turkeys.



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