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"Wiggly Safari + Ready, Set... Go!" is the 8th ABC for Kids Double Feature DVD made by ABCforKidsEnthusiast 2000 EDCP. It was released in September 14th, 2017 and re-released in 2018.

Song List

Wiggly Safari

  1. The Crocodile Hunter (Featuring Steve Irwin)
  2. Australia Zoo
  3. Wobbly Camel
  4. Cocky Want a Cracker
  5. Butterflies Flit
  6. Dorothy Queen of the Roses (From Wiggly Party: Live in Concert)
  7. Swim With Me
  8. Koala La La
  9. Dingo Tango
  10. You Might Like a Pet
  11. Old Man Emu
  12. Feeding Time
  13. Do The Owl (From Wiggly Party: Live in Concert) (Featuring Steve and Terri Irwin)
  14. Kookaburra Choir
  15. Snakes (You Can Look But You Better Not Touch)
  16. We're the Crocodile Band

Ready. Set... Go!

  1. We Are The Hooley Dooleys
  2. Shake Your Body
  3. Russell And Tickle
  4. Aeroplane
  5. Ooga Chuga (In The Jungle)
  6. Pizza
  7. 1,2,3 - A,B,C
  8. Bonjour!
  9. Jump, Jump, Jumping
  10. Train
  11. I'm A Washing Machine
  12. Ready, Set... Go!
  13. In The Sandpit
  14. Walking In The Park
  15. Moonwalk
  16. Swimming In The Pool
  17. Party Song
  18. Walking In The Park (instrumental)
  19. We Are The Hooley Dooleys (reprise)
  20. Ooga Chuga (In The Jungle) (reprise)

Special Features

  • Bonus Episodes
  • Photo Gallery (2017 release only)

DVD Cover Gallery

Original 2017 release

2018 re-release

DVD Menu Gallery

Original 2017 release

2018 re-release


  • This is the first Double Feature DVD to have a trailer at the end (which is Wiggly TV + Rock-A-Bye Bananas, the first ABC for Kids Double Feature DVD to be made and released a month later.)
  • This is the third Hooley Dooleys Double Feature DVD to be released of the series.